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"Cute but psycho. Things even out." -Happy Bunny
Any Yami who's been one for more than a minute realizes the golden rule of Hikari/Yami relationships.

If they're not happy, they'll as sure as hell make sure that you're not happy.

So, as you can see by the two young men, or should I say really lecherous old guys in young bodies…

Oh God. That sounds so wrong.

Moving on from the authoress stabbing her eyes out, as any bimbo could see, by the two Yamis clutching their heads as if some psycho was gleefully pounding their heads with an anvil…they were not happy.

Thus, their enthusiasm to make those girls to shut up was potent.

But how to get to said wailing hikaris? Ah, therein lay the problem.

You see, a wild, enormous forest filled with prickly branches, entangling weeds just waiting to trip you, trees so creepy they looked about to eat you, not to mention so dense that sunlight had to fight for a few measly rays…stood between the two teenaged Egyptians...(who are in fact 5,000 years old and thus this sounds really perverted, but no one cares how naughty this sounds as long as they remain hot and refuse to wear shirts)…and their screaming, underage hikaris. (A/N: My English teacher would cry at this sentence structure)

Now, to all you romantics, who dream of bare-chested, handsome men sweeping you off into the sunset in their tanned, muscled, sexy arms…you don't see any obstacle a wee little forest can be to two Yamis who must save their damsel hikaris in distress.

…You guys need to get a life.

As the two young men (let's just leave it at that) were searching for ways to get through the forest Millennium-Item-less to save their counterparts -okay, okay, Yami was the only one who wanted to save his hikari. Bakura, meanwhile, was reeling from the noise in his head, not caring an iota as to how the brat was doing. He just wanted to find the damn girl…and then murder her slowly.

His nurturing skills should be a role model to all.

Then again, Yami's bright rescue idea involved mind-controlling a nearby squirrel and then launching said squirrelfrom a makeshift tree catapult into the woods. Once, contact had been established between Yami/squirrel and the girls, communication would be attempted.

It was genius.


Yeah, having a screaming girl in your head can cloud your judgment just a tad.

Apparently deciding he didn't want to be in the company of a guy muttering about launching a squirrel, and another albino guy staggering around promising murder, Charlie quickly approached the Yamis to say goodbye.

"I will KILL that damn brat!"

"Well, you all seem to be jolly busy, so I don't want to be a burden-"

"If I launch the squirrel from that palm tree…Oi! Come back here, you hooligan; I neeeed youuuu!"

"I guess I'll be going now then," Charlie hinted, as he tugged impatiently at his long-sleeved, way-too-big jacket. (Odd. It was boiling out here.) No one was paying attention.



Honestly, there's only so much one can take, no matter how easygoing you may seem.

"LISTEN UP, BITCHES," Charlie bellowed, his blue eyes livid with a thunderous anger that didn't seem right on the polite man, let alone any human. The jacket lifted and the Yamis glimpsed a clenched, oddly radiating fist.

This tidbit of Charlie showing a side from I-bake-cookies-for-old-people to I-will-crush-your-soul-and-set-you-ablaze failed to catch Yami and Bakura's attention.

However, being called a 'bitch' totally did.

"What'd you say, boy?" growled Yami in his most chilling voice. The air around him seemed to ripple with darkness as the shadows ached to mind-crush something. Yami, of course, held them back being the noble soul he was.

Nonetheless, he let the air-shimmering substance linger around Charlie's foot, almost seeming to be in a loving embrace. Let that little bastard try to escape.

He was a pharaoh, not a saint, okay?

Bakura, meanwhile, had his eyes narrowed into slits, as his fist was pure white from clenching the hilt of his sword so tightly. His arms twitched, fighting the urge to gut the twit. (It'd be so messy. He'd have to bring the brat with him while he ran off to Mexico due to the 'bond' I-can't-be-too-far-from-you complication)

Plus, he could barely think straight. Nina had a much higher decibel pitch than Carla did.

'Good. He had their attention.' Almost as if the outburst had never happened, Good Charlie was back with an infuriating polite smile. "It was nice meeting you then," he said, his smile widening so bizarrely after bellowing at the Yamis, that they were caught off guard. Both stared at him with undisguised suspicion as they made sure their eyes didn't move an inch from his for any sign. He continued smiling. Damn him.

"Do me a favor guys, live life to the fullest," Charlie said, his eerily blue eyes almost twinkling. Yami and Bakura said nothing, yet they both glowered at the teenager as if he was a bug they longed to squish. The air around Charlie's leg started to tighten threateningly.

"Only you have the power to make a difference," Charlie said, saying the corniest line ever, and sounding more like Smoky the Bear than a teenaged boy. Yami noticed the corniness, but he furrowed his brows on the way he pronounced 'only' to sound like 'onlew'. Maybe it was his accent- his skin was pretty pale for living in Florida…Where was this kid from? Europe? (For the love of Ra, don't be Egypt!)

Before his good conscience could nag him for being paranoid, Bakura had had enough.

"Stop preaching, kid, and get out of my sight before I-!" Bakura broke off his threat as he bent over in pain, rubbing his temple furiously as the brat's voice rose up to a grating, shrill scream.

Charlie looked alarmed as it became clear Bakura had been looking away in pain during most of Charlie's preach…and seemed to be having a truly bad migraine. The young man fidgeted, looking for once, at a lost at what to do. That is, until Bakura recovered a few moments later.

Bakura's dark eyes were wild and unfocused, as he barked angrily, "I TOLD you to get out of my-"

Charlie seized his chance. "Only you have the power to make a difference," he repeated, mispronouncing 'only' once more.

"Just because I'm not looking at your dumb face, Blondie, doesn't mean I didn't hear it the first time!" Bakura retorted acidly. Yami kept a steady frown, but he mentally chuckled as he saw Charlie blanch at his new pet name.

"I think you should go now, Blondie," Yami said softly, the words a request, but by Yami's hard, garnet eyes, it was an order. After lingering so long on the motivational goodbyes, Charlie finally left with a small polite smile still on his face, his stormy blue eyes glowing in triumph.

Now, that Charlie the weirdo was finally gone, Yami turned to the matter at hand. He had a rescue mission to start.

…If he still had a squirrel to launch. Bugger.

Both spirits continued looking around the area for something –at this point anything– to get them into the forest quickly enough to reach their hikaris before their brains exploded.

You know that phrase 'be careful what you wish for'. Yeah, the Yamis had never heard it. Desperation can do wonders though.

Both caught the sight at around the same time.

Ah. Perfect.

Aaaaalleluia! Even angels came down from the clouds and sung at the sight...until they realized that this was not Bob's Cheesecake Palace. They left, grumbling. Bloody ponies.

Totally missing the angels singing, resplendent in its roly-poly hide and green-saliva-stained teeth, Buttercup the pony idly chewed grass, all tacked up.

Yami glanced at Bakura. Bakura glanced at Yami.

There was a thoughtful pause where the reader contemplates that maybe the Yamis were going to put their differences aside and be mature about the situation.

And then all hell broke loose.

"SEE YA NEVER, PORKY!" Bakura cackled as he grabbed Yami's swim trunks and pulled them to the ground, exposing his buttocks (and more) to the world. He then ran off to an unsuspecting pony.

A furious, blushing Yami retaliated by pulling the shadows under Bakura's legs, effectively hurling Bakura in front of an unconcerned pony. The ex-Thief King then became the happy receiver of green sticky saliva as Buttercup attempted to eat his fluffy hair.

"Beat that, Fluffy," Yami said, smirking while he started walking to Bakura.

"Oh, I already have," Bakura replied to Yami as the Thief King yanked his precious stained hair out of that pony's teeth.

Bakura glanced at Yami's lower body section where Yami still had failed to pick up his trunks. He quaintly raised an eyebrow, "Not only have I seen better, I know I am better,"

Yami's eyes narrowed into crimson slits as he hastily pulled up his trunks, and one can rest assured that a battle would've erupted then and there, screaming girls or not.

Thus, it was best when Buttercup up and went off into the forest without them, leaving them to run after her, letting us know that all was well in the world.

And that angels like cheesecake.

"Did you accomplish the task?"

"Of course," A voice replied, smirking. "They were so distracted with Charlie that I was able to do it right under their noses."

"Very good, my pet," A hand was bent down to fondle the second's hair. "Call the others and begin phase two." Then as an afterthought, "Oh, and you can kill the thief. He annoys me."


That pretty much summed up the two Yamis' thoughts as they saw the sight before them in the little clearing by the stream.

They both dropped open their jaws, stupefied. They glibbered. They gupped. They wanted to cry.

NO. No, no, no, no, no!

They couldn't be-! No, it was impossible-!

But there it was.

Yami's eyes were bulging in terror while Bakura fought the urge to sob.

"They're..." Bakura started in horror as he choked on the next word. He continued bravely, nearly wailing the next word, "toddlers!"

"I WANT! I WANT MY MOOOMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYY!" screamed the little four-year-old chibi Nina in confirmation.

"Maybe, they're toddlers that got lost?" Yami asked, hopeful.

"Then why are Nina's and Carla's clothes over them, moron? And why are those exact screams in our heads as well?" Bakura asked tiredly as he peered at the miniature Nina.

Resigned, Yami's shoulders slumped and he walked over to a crying chibi Carla, whose only difference from the older version (beside the obvious one), was that she had shorter hair cut cleanly below the ears…and uh, by the bottom starting to peek out of the now-huge jeans…was stark naked.

"Hey, little one, don't cry," Yami crooned softly as he rubbed the back of the thrashing toddler. "My name is Yami. Do you know what happened, Carla?"

Little Carla raised her head and peered intelligently at Yami, "No...M'not little, Yam," she stated stubbornly. Yami gave a reluctant chuckle as he picked up the toddler, wrapped in her own tank top and jeans like a taco.

"Where mommy?" she asked pitifully as Yami picked up Nina's sketchbook and waved Bakura over, who was still trying to uneasily approach his own hikari.

"Uh…" Yami said distractedly as he started to read the words left on the page.

"WHERE MOMMY?" Carla yelled, panicking.

And that was where she was saved…because her cell phone rang with her mother on caller ID.

Bakura sighed heavily; it was very hard to murder a person if they were just so darn adorable.

He tried to be nice. "Listen, brat, do me a favor and shut up, 'kay?" Nina continued shrieking heedless. Bakura held the bridge of his nose, and started doing that Yoga stuff you're supposed to do in these situations. You know, think positive. Yami falling into a vat of toxic waste…Nina becoming a mute…Him taking over the world with all the Millennium Items…Nina being a pretty blonde with her huge blue eyes and enlarged- (blush) Errr…How did that get there?

For some bizarre reason this method didn't work wither.

Rubbing his knuckles against his forehead, Bakura lowered himself on his stomach so he lay on the grass, while resting his aching head on his arms. He observed the screeching banshee, being suddenly reminded of Amane's reaction when she refused to eat her vegetables. And then when Bakura commented on how childish she had been acting, she flung the bowl of vegetables at his face saying dryly, "I am a child, doofus,"

He didn't realize that the shrieks were subsiding.

Bakura then remembered him chasing her outside while she howled to anyone who passed that her brother was secretly in love with the Vegetable vender lady (who just happened to have passed by). He smiled, shaking his head.

"Hee hee," giggled a sudden musical light voice. Bakura's eyes widened, shocked at the owner. "She funny. What's your name?"

"Bakura," he answered, shaking the small hand, a small rueful smile gracing his face.

"Pwetty smile!" Nina giggled, clapping her hands.

Bakura remembered himself. "Tell anyone and you die!"


Oh drat.

Yami fumbled with the cell phone in Carla's jeans. He wouldn't have answered it if Carla hadn't promised earlier to keep her cell phone with her at all times in exchange to not going shopping with Aunt Marie and Family the next town over. Double drat.


"Is that Mommy?" Carla asked. Yami patted her head in reassurance, wanting to curl himself into the fetal position and ask for his own Mommy.

Oh Ra. He couldn't believe he was about to do this. "Hey, Mama! What's up?" he said in his girliest voice. He might as well as painted his nails pink and dressed like a Barbie.

"Just came to tell you we're being delayed in the next city…you're going to be on your own for a day…Is that okay?"

"That IS Mommy! Gimme!" Little hands vied for the phone. Yami proceeded to fight with a four-year-old.

"Of course it is, like OMG, Nina and I will be totally okay!" Yami did his impression of a Valley Girl. He could totally pull off his Ex. Not.

"…Are you okay Carlita? Who's that in the background? Your voice sounds like you've been sucking helium and your word choice is atrocious! Maybe you're coming down with something! Ay no! I'll come over right away and-"

Uh-oh. "NO! I'm fine Mama; I've just been talking a lot with Nina! Stop clawing at me Car-Nina! Gotta-go-Nina's-calling-again-Love-ya!" Click.

At least no one other than the chibi had heard.

"Very smooth, Pharaoh," Bakura said, smirking, hearing everything as he balanced a bikini-and-pants-wrapped-burrito-style chibi on his hip. "Like OMG!" he squealed mockingly.

"Shut it," Yami growled. He soothed a sniffling Carla with the nearest truth he could say. "She'll be back tomorrow. 'Till then I'll take care of you, okay?" Giving Yami a look that clearly said 'then why didn't you just say so?', Carla got quiet.

"Did you read the riddle, tomb robber?" Yami asked, trying to be civil for the sake of these innocent hikaris.

"Yup. I'm guessing by your smart-as-" Bakura paused as he saw his wide-eyed chibi drinking in every word. "Smart expression that you know the answer,"

"Correct. Obviously by that 'If you break me/I do not stop working' line and that if it's lost nothing will matter…it's a heart, duh." He said, brows furrowed feeling that something was missing…until he spotted the sugar. "Aunt Marie," he muttered as Carla shuddered in recognition. Anything from Aunt Marie was a clue for trouble.

Aunt Marie's sugar…He remembered the day they were packing…she was talking about finding this sugar while she was looking for the Fountain of Youth-


The clue had been there all along! That sugar WAS the supposed Fountain of Youth!

"The sugar is spelled to give back youth," Yami said, sounding dazed as he looked at the half-empty sugar bag, "And they ate it."

"So the sugar turned them into chibis…What does that have to do with the riddle," Bakura said bored, as Nina gave a tentative wave to Carla. Carla waved back. That made it official; they were now best friends forever.

"I'm assuming by Carla's messy handwriting that she must've heard it or something while she was de-aging. We can both see by the words that it is a last-chance antidote activated by the spell,"

Bakura spoke what was on both their minds. "If you're so sure it's a heart then why didn't it change them back, Porky?"

"I don't know, Fluffy. It has to be a heart though! I know it," Yami answered stubbornly feeling as if there was a valuable part missing to this puzzle. As if in answer to their questioning a strong breeze picked up and tossed up a piece of paper that had been torn from the wind.

As Nina saw it, she gave a shrill scream of terror, clinging to Bakura, crying. Carla whimpered. Even Yami gave an involuntary shudder. Bakura was the only one who grinned as he read the words streaked haphazardly in blood. (He wouldn't be a Yami if he couldn't distinguish his hikari's blood) The brat finally did something useful.

Yami read it quickly so he could get rid of it. "Since I can guess the riddle means Nina by 'little bratty one' by the hint to your nickname for her (and Carla would rather die than be called little)…So what is the final clue, oh great Guardian!" Yami taunted to Bakura, who obviously didn't have a clue.

A proud Bakura took the dare. "…If it implies that a heart was the first clue…Then, the heart is the base. The final clue should relate to it…Let's see, nowadays, hearts stupidly symbolize…l-" Bakura stopped midway in his musings as an annoyingly familiar voice floated down to his conscience.

"Maybe you'll even like her, Bakura" Ra said with a wink.

The guardian holds the final clue.

Put 'em together. Guardian Bakura holds the final clue...of l-?

"NO. That CAN'T be it. Ra is wrong, the spell is wrong- those BAS-err baskets! I don't even like the brat. WHY DOES IT IMPLY THAT I HOLD THE CLUE!" Bakura ranted, livid.

"Are you trying to say it's love, sweetheart?" Yami said, straight-faced.

"Yes- I mean no, dammit! (Nina: Dammit? Cool, new word!) I mean- STOP LOOKING SO SMUG, YOU, YOU-"

"Basket?" Yami filled in, helpfully. Bakura glowered at him. "Seriously though, I guess a spell could naturally assume that you and the elder Nina were…ahem, together in that sense since you both share a binding Hikari/Yami relationship. Just say it so we can see if it works…"

Bakura: TT

Hell no.

"C'mon…sweetie, don't mind me! I know, deep down, there lies a softer side to you that wears pink and watches Oprah just waiting to come out," Yami said, his voice syrupy.

"You better sleep with your eyes open tonight, sweetie," Bakura growled. But as he glanced at the chibi, obviously in awe of his gravity-defying hair, yanking enthusiastically on his locks of hair, he gave in. "The final clue is love then. L-O-V-E."

Nothing happened.

"Oh, for-" Bakura was saved from teaching Nina a very dirty word, when Yami cut in, "Hmm…so I guess love isn't it. Maybe that was a bit too clichéd? Not to worry, we won't leave until we figure out the clue!"

This dramatic declaration was spoiled by a rumbling tummy. "I'm hunnngrrryyy," Carla whined.

"I'm thirsty!" Nina said as well, getting into the gist of complaining.

"I want real clothes!"

Nina lifted a small fist into the air. "I WANNA GO TO A WATER PARK!"

All: O.O?

"Um…I guess we can use the hikari's money to go to the outlet mall and buy some clothes and lunch…" Yami said.

Nina poked Bakura's chest imperiously. "What?" he barked."Where are we going to find a water park, and who says we'll even go," Nina sucked a huge breath of air, her intentions clear.

"On second thought, I think I saw one on the way here…" Yami said quickly as his hikari followed suit.

"You can't be serious," Bakura said, scoffing. "A water park? How lame is that?"

"DO IT." came the menacing voices of Nina, Carla, and Yami.

Bakura continued, rolling his eyes, "And afterwards, we can skip and hold hands,"


He'd rather kiss a-

2 Hours later on the Lazy River at Orangey's Water Adventure Park...

"I hate you," Bakura muttered in his pink tube as it got gently pushed by the slow current. Nina was perched on his stomach, laughing happily as she held his hand, oblivious to his glares.

"OMG, those two are soooooo cute! Are you like, their brothers?" squealed the only lifeguard as they passed by her.

"No, she's my ex-girlfriend who got magically turned back into a toddler after we broke up," Yami told her as he floated behind Bakura and Nina, lying ontopof a pink tube as well.

"Yeah," Bakura chimed in lazily, enjoying himself. "It gets worse; she used to have boobs,"

Even the best would've freaked out.

"Wow, she runs fast," Carla commented.

And it was nothing compared to the previous hours. The hellions were dressed from their big t-shirts to normal chibi clothing by a bipolar teen named Fran. (Yami: We only need one outfit and two bathing suits…Fran: YOU WILL TAKE TEN…Okey dokey? Yami: Um. Okay.) Afterwards, the chibis stole an umbrella and attempted to jump off the second-story because 'if Mary Poppins can do it then so can I!'…Later, after, the Yamis were recovering from this profound statement, (Bakura: I'll just nip off and shoot myself. Yami: I dunno about that…but cookie dough works for me. Bakura: 'Kay. I'll remember that in hell.), they went out to lunch at the food outlet section. Vying for something that didn't have ketchup put in a smiley face on your bun, Bakura and Yami went to the neighboring Yummy Yummy Chinese.

…Then after the hikaris were left wondering why they were holding their Yamis' hair and why in the world the toilets were different there...the Yamis quaintly re-dubbed the fast food place Yummy Yummy Death.

It was no wonder then that the boys looked half-dead as they floated down the Lazy River.

Yami was so relaxed that his bottom and lower stomach were immersed in the river water, leaving Carla to cling to his neck, clutching the Puzzle he gave her to keep busy ("Neat-o Puzzle!"). Ahhh…This felt gooooood.

"Hey, Yami," Carla poked his face. When that didn't work, Carla was left with no choice but to fling the icy cold water at Yami's dry face. Splash.

"WHAT THE-" Yami sprung up and almost capsized the tube.

Ignoring his sputtering, Carla continued calmly, "I haff to pee,"

Yami sighed, exasperated. "Now? We're not done with the river yet,"

Carla crossed her little arms and gave him a glare that was uncannily similar to her older self. Yami felt himself start to cower under the petite toddler's gaze. "Fine, we'll get out here…stupid water was getting cold, anyways."

They didn't see the blue eyes watching the pair, smiling as the rings on his hand glinted. They spelled 'pain'.

It suited.

Meanwhile, Nina had exhausted the wonders of Bakura's hair and his Millennium Ring, and she'd tired of watching the freshwater and seeing if she could find a 'fishie'. She was simply tired of just sitting on Bakura's stomach…she wanted to see some action.

She was bored.

And a bored chibi was a dangerous chibi.

Up ahead, there was a rickety wooden fence blocking the part of the river where the current picked up and got dangerous. The aging fence was littered with cautioning signs such as 'DANGER', 'WATERFALL AND ROCKS AHEAD', 'STRONG CURRENT', and most especially, 'DO NOT ENTER!'.

Good thing Nina couldn't read.

Her azure eyes sparkled as she saw a narrow opening between two panels of the fence. An opening that a small child could just squeeze through.

But one would have to be totally insane to attempt such a stupid feat.

Nina grinned. Fishies!

Or a bored chibi.

Yami and his petite counterpart walked through the natural landscape, rudely interrupted by cement and unnatural water slides.

"I wish they dinnit put it here," Carla said, craning her head up to Yami's face.

"Why?" Yami asked wearily, still a tad annoyed at the chibi.

"Cuz it's too pwetty," Carla replied sadly. Yami, for once, really looked at the little girl. So petite she barely reached his hip. Her small pudgy hands clasped firmly around his. She looked delicate, breakable. But her eyes were bright and intelligent. Fierce.

'She may be young, but she's still Carla'. Yami gave a small smile as he gently squeezed Carla's hand. "You're pretty smart,"

"I know," she said, smiling. "You haff to go now though."

"Why?" Yami thought they were having a bonding moment!

"Um…boys aren't allowed into the girls bathroom, duh."

"Oh," Yami said noticing the odd looks he was getting from mothers scurrying their girls by. "I'll wait outside then," Carla smiled at him as he left.

'He's pwetty dumb…but he's nice.'

Damn. Even four-year-olds didn't appreciate him!

Yami sat in a nearby bench, away from all the park-goers, sulking. He missed the way things were. Carla as his girlfriend. Bakura in hell. Was that so much to ask?

Perhaps it was. Because the next moment Yami found someone gagging his mouth as strong hands grabbed his arms and legs. He tried to conjure the Shadows but somehow these attackers nullified it.


Yami thrashed, kicked, yelled, bit, and spat.

One can only assume this qualified as movement…because the next moment Yami found his brains bashed by a fist.


Bakura was half-asleep when he felt that he was missing something. He began to stir as the nagging feeling grew, making him unable to sleep.

Odd. He had everything. Clothes? Check. Tube? Duh. What the hell was it?

"Hey, brat, can you check and see if I'm missing something?" Bakura said lazily, not bothering to open his eyes.




Bakura became annoyed. "Look, kid, when someone asks you a question-!"

As Bakura heard a faint giggle, he immediately opened his eyes, ready to give that chibi a piece of his mind.


Bakura's eyes nearly popped out of his head. It became all too clear what he was missing.

It was a diabolical toddler waving goodbye as she slipped under a barrier fence…A fence that led to a strong current, a rocky bottom, raging waterfall, and certain death.

Rolling his eyes, Bakura jumped after her without a second thought.

For a few moments all Yami could see were red spots. He felt something sticky at the back of his head and realized that whoever had whacked him with his or her fist wore many rings…Bloody hell, that hurt.

Still, he held no regrets; he felt immense satisfaction in hearing a groan of pain as his foot had connected with something soft and fleshy.

But that turned to horror as he heard a somewhat familiar voice whisper mockingly in his ear, "Such a shame really. She's a pretty little thing,"

The world was distorted from the pain, but he could still make out a small figure exiting the bathroom. A small figure who had a Millennium Puzzle, and was asking for a 'Yami'.


"Don hu hur her!" Yami cried out against the gag, uselessly.

"Then don't make any trouble," a polite voice answered.Yami felt sickened as his insides turned to ice at the thought of those brutes touching her.

"Yami?" Carla asked quietly, looking around. Yami felt torn knowing he was only a few feet in front of her, trapped in the bushes. He saw a blurred figure approach her.

"HRLA! HUN!" he tried to cry out, futilely. He felt his disgust only increase as he recognized the voice who approached her. He should've known.

"Why, hello, sweetie," the female said.

"Hi." Carla said, totally oblivious. "Where Yami?"

"Yami just told me to take care of you. Come with me," the youngwoman held out a hand and a lollipop, and Carla, being the innocent fool she was, thought nothing suspicious.

"He be back soon, right?" Carla asked, sucking on a lollipop.

The woman looked directly at the bush where furious crimson eyes met stormy blue. "He might be a little held up," The woman made a stabbing motion with her hand behind Carla's back. That was the last straw for Yami.

Yami spat out the remains of the bitten gag in front of a male he now recognized, howling, "GO TO HELL, YOU TWO-TIMING BITCH!"

Two pairs of fists came into view. A familiar male voice spoke gruffly. "Did we mention that slandering our sister really upsets us? I'm afraid your only option left is eternal damnation and pain. I hope that's alright with you,"

Yami was unconscious before he even hit the ground.

'Remind me never to have kids,' Bakura noted to himself as his foot caught yet another rock when he swam after the oblivious chibi. At least the brat had buoys attached to her bathing suit to keep afloat.

He picked up the pace as he started to hear the roar of the waterfall up ahead. "Try to grab one of those rocks to hold onto! You're about to go over a waterfall, nitwit!" Bakura yelled. Nina gave a smile as the current twirled her around.

"Whazzat?" was her only response.

Bakura wanted to strangle her. He only had a few precious moments left before the current would get too strong. "Let me make it simple. YOU ARE GOING TO DIE- What the?" A fishing net caught the chibi in midtwirl and fished her out. A young man was on the receiving end of the net as he pulled the chibi out of the net.

"I was told it would only take one person, but still, I expected more of a fight," the man pouted. "Kitchy coo, little Nina," he gushedwhile he tickled under her chin. Nina immediately trusted him. Bakura tried to stay in one place but found that it was too late at this point; the current was too strong.

"Who the hell are you!" Bakura barked before getting water up his nose.

Surprisingly, he complied. "My name is Ivan. And unfortunately for you, you're not liked enough to be kept alive. So you're going to die." He said this very calmly, inspecting his nails with one hand as he held Nina with the other.

Ivan tossed the fishing net, now useless, into the water. He held up one of Nina's little hands, "Wave bye, bye!"

"Bye, bye, 'Kura! Have fun!" Nina waved clueless, as her Yami was swept off by the current.

"Don't worry, she won't be harmed by me," Ivan said, stroking Nina's hair like she was an adored pet. Bakura began to disappear as the waterfall loomed. Ivan gave a final small smile as Bakura's death seemed imminent…There was something about that smile, that monstrous smile, so familiar…Bakura's eyes widened in horrified recognition. It was his own. The one he used before he murdered his victims. Damn, damn, damn. That hikari was screwed.

"YOU TOLD ME YOU WOULDN'T HURT HER, YOU MOTHER-" Bakura was interrupted as he fell into the foggy abyss, his last sight, a giggling hikari while a smiling Ivan mouthed, 'I lied,'.

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