I don't own Andromeda or Charlie's Angels. If I did CA would still be on the air and 'Drom would never have gone in it's 'new direction.' But anyway, this story is a sequel to another crossover I did called 'Harper's Excellent Adventure.' Hope people will like.

Seamus Harper was whistling a happy tune as he strolled down the corridors of the Andromeda towards his quarters, carrying his surfboard and his trophy. He'd placed first in the surfing at Infinity Atoll and he was very happy. The whole crew, even Tyr, had gathered to welcome him back and tell him how proud they were. Harper grinned. Especially since this time he hadn't gone AWOL, but had simply gotten the time off from Dylan.

He entered his quarters and the Maria bot put his luggage on his bed. Now he was alone and he began to unpack. Putting his things away he cam across--those clothes tucked away in a corner. The ones Kris had given him during his trip back to Earth's past. And he found himself remembering her as clearly as if it had all happened only yesterday..

Suddenly Holo-Rommie appeared. "Harper, are you all right? You seemed so sad, all of a sudden."

"Oh, I'm O.K. No big deal."

Then she took notice of the clothes. She alone, of the whole crew knew the whole story of Harper's trip back to the past. "Perhaps it's time you told Dylan the whole story."

"What? No! You promised you'd never tell anyone."

"And I won't. But, if you want to get permission to go back to the past to visit her again...."

"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying we defeated the Worldship, in large part because of you, the Commonwealth is coming along nicely, again also due in large part to you. Your infestation was also a huge ordeal for you as well."

"But, Rev and Trance cured me."

"Yes, they did. Who would have thought that ancient Earth laser surgery would be the cure for you."

"Not me."

"Anyway, as I was saying, things are really good now. You should try to find her again. If that's what you want."

"Say I do. Say Dylan let's me and I do. What's the guarantee that I'll be back?"

She smiled at him. "There's no guarantee, Harper but, you're my friend and I want you to find happiness if you can. If it's in the past then...." "I'll be going now." She winked out, leaving Harper with a lot to think about.