He felt the familiar sensations again and landed with a thud. Remembering how it had gotten broken on his last trip, he had been very careful to cushion it between his body and his bundle. Harper looked around. He was lucky this time; he's landed on sand, rather than pavement. He got up and checked carefully. It wasn't broken this time. Now he took in his surroundings. He was on a beach.

Was it the right one? Was she even still in California? He'd aimed for ancient Earth's California, with a time frame of about two years since 1978, the year he'd landed in before. It corresponded to the years that had passed in his own time. So, if all had gone well, he should be in 1980 on the California coast. But, was he?

And even if he was well... O.K. there was only one way to find the answers. He turned away from the ocean, towards the beach houses, looking to see if he could find her house.

Nope. So, in which direction should he go? He had no idea. And the houses spread out as far as he could see in both directions. What if he were wrong? He wished Trance were here to tell him where to go. Well, she wasn't. He'd have to decide on his own.

Or 'Trust in the Divine.' Rev's words came back to him. 'The Divine will guide you again.' "O.K. Divine. Guide me. If I'm really where I'm supposed to be..." O.K. I'm going--left.

He began walking, hoping against hope that he was going in the right direction. Apparently he was because Harper hadn't been walking long when he saw it. The beach house. The one that Kris had lived in; the one that, with any luck, she still did.

He turned towards it and began walking up. Before long, he found himself at her back door. Or what he hoped was still her back door. He was very nervous, all of a sudden. What if this wasn't right? Well, if it wasn't her house any longer, he'd just leave and try to get back home. No sense just standing here.

He put up his hand to knock. And the door opened and he was face to face with--.