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Draco: "Hello. If you're wondering why I'm being so nice, this crazy woman has given me these muggle beans called 'Happy pills' whatever those are. But I seem to like them a lot."

Me: "Good boy, now do the disclaimer."

Draco: "This woman owns nothing but this plot, my torture, and Professor Snape's torture."

Me: "Thank-you Draco."

Snape: "My torture . . . what is this nonsense you speak of?"

Me: "Well. . ." I tell him my ideas.

Snape: "WHAT! You end this fic right this instant!"

Me: "Sorry no can do."


Character's POV: Switch to new characters situation/thoughts

Italics: Thoughts. When placed after a character speaks, it's the thoughts of that character.

"Blah": dialogue

words: normal text and actions

Draco's POV:

Summer: Freedom from homework. Freedom from teachers. But sadly not freedom from my father and 'those people'. I hate it. Day in and day out, he would talk of how I should act, and most importantly what I should become . . . Draco the Deatheater. Even the kids at school call me that. Foolish man, a deatheater is no more than a gloried slave. I Draco Malfoy bow to no one; You taught me that. So goodbye father and goodbye lifetime of servitude.

Normal POV:

These were the thoughts that happily entered Draco Malfoy's mind as he departed from Hogwarts at the end of his fifth year. His father had been given the Kiss and he was finally free. His mother had written him a letter a few weeks before, telling him the good news. He was in such a good mood that he didn't even bother to make fun of Potter and his band of friends. He just sat in his compartment with his fellow Slytherin.

"Hey Draco, is something wrong?"

"Yeah are you all right? I mean your dad got the Kiss and it's all Potter's fault. Don't you want to go get revenge?" were the types questions he received from his friends.

Ha, what a laugh for them to believe that he actually missed his father. In reality, he was practically jumping for joy. If only they knew. But he couldn't tell them, most were loyal to the Dark Lord and would desert him if he told. Sure some Slytherins weren't supporters but he would never know. No Slytherin was stupid enough to say that they opposed Voldemort, they were too afraid of what the others would do to them. It was best to keep quiet and pretend. But above all, you were supposed to hate, loathe, and detest Harry Potter. However at this very moment, Draco wanted to thank Potter; heck he was so happy he could've danced with the bloke. That would've earned him some stares. But, although it looked good for now, things are never what they seem to be.

Harry's POV:

Strange, Malfoy hasn't come to bother us. Usually by now, he and his cronies are here to cause trouble for us, but he's not here. Not that I want him to, I kinda like the peace, but when I have peace, I think about Sirius and the others attempt to cheer me up. Don't they know I just want to be left alone? Malfoy would sure make a good distraction right now. . .God have I stooped so low as to wish that the ferret come and annoy me. Maybe there is something wrong with me after all. And earlier I could've sworn I saw him smiling. It was beyond weird. Hopefully it was a trick of the light or my glasses were dirty again. I should stop having these thoughts and enjoy the train ride home . . . but I'm going back to the Dursleys. Well at least now they'll leave me alone, seeing as how that they know if they treat me badly, they'll get pulverized by everyone.

Normal POV:

"Hey Harry, isn't it bloody brilliant that Malfoy hasn't bugged us? Probably crying 'bout his daddy" Ron says jokingly.

Being Dumbledore's 'Dream team' they were told certain things the others didn't get to hear, so of course they knew about Lucius' fate.

"That's not a very nice thing to say Ron. Even if Lucius did deserve it, it's not good to rejoice in other people's suffering. And although Malfoy may be a prat, he just lost his father. You should show some common decency by leaving him alone and be glad he's leaving us alone. If you take pleasure at his expense, you're just as bad as he is" said Hermione with a motherly tone.

"Oh chill Hermione, Ron's right for once. I say good riddance" says Ginny.

"Hey! I've been right before" Ron retorts.

"Name one instance of you being correct Ronald Wesley" Hermione replies.

"Well, there was that time. . ." At that moment he pauses and everyone cracks up. "Hey just cause I can't remember right now, doesn't mean it didn't happen before!" This only earned the red head even more laughs as he turns a shade redder than his hair. Shortly after that, the trolley cart came and they all got something to eat. Well Harry bought enough to share with the others and they all had a rather pleasant ride. Eventually, the train stopped and kids ran off to greet their parents.

The four of them (Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Ginny) got off and split up after exchanging their usual goodbyes and "I will write to you" promises. But as Harry was walking away, he saw Malfoy grab his trunk and say goodbye to the rest of the Slytherins. And this time Harry was sure he saw Malfoy smile. It was scary, he had never smiled before. In fact, Harry didn't think Malfoy knew how to smile.

"Harry did you see that? Malfoy, prince of the Slytherins was Actually Smiling! And the worst part is that it looked so natural on him. A smile shouldn't look good on someone so cold" Hermione says. Strange it never occurred to me that even someone like ferret could smile and it suits him so well. Today has been weird. First he doesn't come and disturb us and then he smiles! What is wrong with him? Hm I see my parents…I don't have time for this…although it is very suspicious, especially given the fact that his father just died …ugh … Chill, Hermione. You need a break after this year. Just put on a smile and go home. She walks off and receives a hug from her parents.

Meanwhile, Draco slips into the shadows and apperates outside of Malfoy Manor. The one good thing about his lousy father was that he was able to convince some people in the Ministry to let Draco take the Apparition test early. He arrives only to find several Ministry cars parked outside his house. Worried, he runs inside to find his mother and get some answers. Instead he sees Officials everywhere, looking, searching, and trashing his home. But the house wasn't important; his mother however was a different story. She had always helped him escape Lucius' wrath and if it wasn't for her, he would've probably died long ago. At last, he found her in the study . . . crying, scared, and surrounded by three Officials, Cornelius Fudge, and Dumbledore. And if that wasn't weird enough, she held a baby in her arms.

"Mother what in Merlin is going on?" he asks as he tries to get near her, only to be stopped by Officials.

"I suggest you move and let me speak to MY mother" he responds in an icy tone with a cold stare to match. However not one of them moved, which only pissed off Draco more and more with each passing second. His temper was boiling and he was ready to explode. How dare they treat his mother like that! How dare they invade his home! And how dare they disregard him completely, as if he were a child.

"I see no harm in letting the boy speak with his own mother. Better she tell him the news, then anyone else" says Dumbledore with a deep sigh. This is going to be one long night. The officials grumble but move out of the way.

Draco walks up to Narcissa and tries to smile but he notices she's puffy-eyed and has a tear-stained face. "Don't cry mother . . . it's not befitting of you. Whatever it is, we'll be fine."

However this does nothing as she continues to sob. Realizing his mother is too upset to speak, he screams "Will someone tell me What's Going On!"

"Draco you are old enough to understand this, and although it may pain you to know, I know from experience that you will be worse off in the long run if we wait to tell you" Dumbledore answers sadly.

"Well out with it then" replies Draco impatiently.

"As you're well aware of, your father Lucius has been given the Kiss." He pauses for a moment to let that sink in but Draco merely mutters "If you can call that a father."

"The Ministry is here looking for evidence to help us catch Voldemort." Draco shudders at the name as the headmaster continues. "We know your father had help in assisting him and we're hoping to find proof to convict other deatheaters. However, your mother did know of his crimes and did not report them. . ." Dumbledore says but is interrupted by one ticked-off Malfoy.

"She couldn't say anything . . . she would've been killed!"

"Draco calm down. Personally, I want to leave her alone but the Ministry has decided to take her into custody."

"WHAT! No way in Fucking Hell are you taking my mother to Azkaban!" he screams.

"Mr. Malfoy you are in no position to tell us what we can and can't do. Your mother will spend the next six months in Azkaban awaiting trial. The date of her trial is November tenth. I'm sure Dumbledore will allow you to miss school if you wish to attend. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a search to conduct" Fudge says in a very business-like manner.

The face of Malfoy began to become paler and paler as time passed. Why did everything go wrong for him? Why was it that when things seemed to be looking up, everything went down the drain and screwed him over once more? He was finally glad to come home for once . . . no Lucius, but this? Nothing could've prepared him for this. And what did he do to deserve this? What extreme wrong could anyone do to deserve this? At taking all of this in, Draco slowly sits down on the sofa.

"Twinks please get me some tea" Draco tells his house elf.

"Yes sir" replies Twinks, as he bows and returns with several cups, a pot of tea, and some mini sandwiches. He picks up a glass and takes several sips form it before he speaks again.

"Could you all leave for a moment while I talk to her alone?" he asks in a softer tone.

"Sure, we'll be right outside the door if you need us." says the aged wizard before he and the officials leave the room.

"Mother we'll get through this somehow, you'll be fine."

"Draco I'd . . . sob. . . like you to. . . sob. . . meet your baby sister. . .sob. . . Natalie Jane Malfoy." she says in between sobs.

It takes a few seconds for Draco to realize what happened. Narcissa hated Lucius, they had an arranged marriage, and when he wanted an heir, he raped her and thus Draco was born. His mother's feelings towards his father hadn't changed meaning he raped her again to have Natalie. Father had raped mother before but with the exception of my birth, he always used a charm to prevent her from getting pregnant. So why have a baby now? "Mother I'm so sorry but why? Why did he want you to have another child?"

"He wanted to have two Malfoys take his place as Lord Voldemort's head servants. Voldemort wanted to take her and raise her to be completely devoted to him. Draco you must not let that happen. Please, I know you are only sixteen, but you must protect her" she cries. Be brave as I could not, for me, for your sister, and for yourself.

Draco walks up to her and hugs her while she continues to cry. Then he looks into the eyes of his sister. "Hey, I'm going to be taking care of you. I might not be as good as mom but I'll try." He said with a small smile and Narcissa hands him Natalie. The baby only giggles and blows a spit bubble.

"I knew she'd like you" she said and wipes the tears from her eyes.

Shortly after, the headmaster and the minister reenter the room. "Mister Malfoy, I know this will be hard for you but seeing as our search is complete, we are now leaving and will be taking your mother with us. We've arranged for you and your sister to stay with some members of your family until her return, since you not of age yet. This manor will remain in the care of the Ministry for out auroas to search. Seeing as though it was in your father's name, without a will, we will keep it until your mom is freed or until you are of age, whichever comes first. His fortune will be split among your relatives in a month" exclaims Fudge in a somber tone.

"That won't be necessary. If anything you should want to keep them and me separate. My entire family is composed of nothing but deatheaters. The only good I've learned by having Lucius as a father is to not trust anyone. In my forth year he wrote a will, just in case, leaving everything to me. Since he's gone, this manor is mine and I'm not going anywhere" he replies and retrieves some papers from a desk. "This is my father's official will. Read it and you'll see that what I said has been true." Dumbledore and Fudge take the paper and read it aloud.

I, Lucius Stephen Malfoy, leave everything I own:

the manor, all the money in my various bank accounts, and all my

possessions, to my son Draco Lucius Malfoy, in the event of my

untimely death. Regardless of his age, everything is his and he

may do with it as he pleases. If his mother, Narcissa Jane Malfoy,

is dead or incapable of doing so, I would like Professor Serveus

Snape, Draco's Godfather, to watch over Draco until he is of age.

If Snape for some reason can't take care of him, Draco may appoint

anyone he deems appropriate. They will be paid for their services



Lucius Stephen Malfoy

Approved by the Department of Records March15, 2003

"So I guess that I'm staying here with either Snape or anyone I choose. It doesn't matter to me because I know how to fend for myself. I always have. I refuse to go live with any of my relatives . . . they'll treat me the same way as Lucius did and I am not going back to that. I'm free and will be no one's fool anymore. So if you don't have anything to say, I suggest you get out of MY house" he said icily.

"I'm sorry Fudge but the boy has it in writing . . . he gets to stay. Draco may I use your fireplace to get hold of Professor Snape?" Perfect this way someone I trust can look after the boy. We don't need another supporter of the Dark Lord on our hands.

"Fine by me" he answers dryly. They have no clue I know Snape works for Dumbledore. Voldemort doesn't know but I figured it out. I'll be safe with him here and can keep up the illusion I support the Dark Lord for now. Because if I don't the Slytherins won't trust me and the other houses would never trust me. This is perfect.

Dumbledore walks to the fireplace and calls Snape. In a few moments, Snape's head appears in the fireplace. "What it is Dumbledore? I was in the middle of something." he said in a bored tone.

"Ah Serveus, so good to see you. As you know, Lucius is gone and has named you as Draco's godfather. I think in the interest of all that you agree" says Dumbledore.

Snape easily catches on and mutters "Fine. I'll be there in a second." A minute later, he had apparated right next to Dumbledore. "Let's get this over with" Snape said lazily before sitting down on the sofa.

"So what do you think? And I made up the middle names of all the Malfoy's. If any of you are Yu Yu Hakusho fans check out my first fic please. Bye.