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Bianca gulped down the potion in one quick gulp. "Ugh, nasty little booger."

She transfigured one of the couch cushions into a blanket and looked over at Natalie. "Bet you're hungry. Just give me second to unbutton this shirt..." She stops as she gasps for air. The potion works almost immediately and as nursing mother's breasts swell so had Bianca's. Her bra was now too tight.

She reaches being her back and pops it off. "Whew…damn it I forgot about that. Sheesh are they supposed to get big? I'm at least a full cup size bigger." She says grabbing them and examining them.

Severus simply stood there, unsure of how to proceed. She's topless…and she's grabbing herself. What have I gotten myself into?

His cheeks had tinged a light pink and he had turned around. He coughed to let her know he was still in the room. The response he got was not what he hoped for. She either hadn't gotten the message or didn't care.

"You sick? Go take some pepper-up potion. And what did you do to me? They shouldn't get this big should they? I mean look at them; they're huge!" She exclaims, jumping right in front of him.

Gathering up all his wits, Severus managed to maintain his composure "They are fine. Just feed the baby." Woman has no concept of propriety. I must simply not look or think about them…Why not? They look soft and squeezable. Because if I think of her in that way, I could find myself in a less than desirable position. I'm sure she could think of some very desirable positions. That is lewd thinking. It's your thinking. …

Bianca knew what she was doing to Snape. But she needed a laugh. They were about to deal with a lot of crap; any available humor was greatly appreciated. Besides they did have a relationship in school and although it ended badly maybe a second chance was in order.

We had so much fun is school and up until the incident, we were so very close. He was my first…and it's difficult to forget that. Besides the reason I ran from him is dead. Hopefully he's gotten over Lily completely. I will not be second best. And what if he is still hung up on her? What will you do then? We can be friends but nothing more if that's the case.

She went over and picked up Natalie, cradling her in the blanket, as she began to feed her. Feels weird…hehe, I'm a moo cow. At the sound of suckling noises, Snape turns around to see Bianca sitting in a chair, quietly feeding Natalie.

She could almost pass for a mother…but that hair.

"So what are we going to do? Tomorrow it bound to hit the papers that I'm now Draco's legal guardian, with you sharing joint custody. I wonder who will show up and harass us?"

"Draco's relatives, Fudge, and all the auroras who want a crack at you. At that's being modest."

She notices that Natalie's eyes had become heavy, so she began to rock her back and forth to lull her to sleep. "We should keep the children out of this as much as possible. Draco isn't that tough and he's a bit impulsive. Not to mention he's still so young. Maybe I'll toughen him up a bit..."

It gets quiet after that as the two contemplate what needs to be done. So much effort into thwarting the Dark Lord whilst still managing to keep Severus position as a spy. Natalie finishes her meal and settles her head down onto Bianca shoulder for a nap.

"Hey I'm kind of hungry myself. Could you summon a house elf? I don't want to move and wake her up"

Severus nods and calls for a house elf. "Hello Sir. What is requested of Twinks?"

"Twinks, Bianca and I are now the legal guardians of the Malfoy children. As such, follow both of our orders as you have the Malfoy's. Now go get up some dinner."

"Yes sir. Any preference sir?"

"Some stew sounds delicious." Bianca replied.

"I will return shortly with your meal." Twinks then disappeared with a pop.

Bianca lazily pointed her wand at a small table and transfigured it into a bassinet. Slowly rising, she set Natalie down and covered her with a blanket.

"Well now. I'll be teaching at Hogwarts to keep a close eye on these kids and you'll be a few doors down….can you handle it Batman?"

"…Stop calming me that! And you need to learn to behave yourself. You will now be in charge of young minds; do not corrupt them."

"As if the yelling you do is productive…hypocrite. Besides behaving is no fun. And if you keep up with that stick up my ass attitude, I'll call you Batman in front of the students."

Snape's tone became dangerously low as he practically whispered "You wouldn't dare."

"Try me. So what our cover story? Dumbledore thinks you lack the ability to nurture a baby and so he called in blood relative who isn't a deatheater, i.e. me. And with me in the picture the Dark Lord cannot get them and you get to still keep up the ruse of being his servant. If you didn't have that damn dark mark, we could just ignore him and bollocks to Dumbledore and his spy business. "

"I owe Dumbledore my life. I am his spy by choice."

"And how long till you repay this debt? Till you die because of it? Because if that's the case, he didn't give you back your life, he simply changed its direction. And down a harder course I might add. "

"It was the right thing to do." He growled.

"Yeah like you make the best decisions in the world. And when did you get morals?"

Snape simply glared at her for her cheeky remark. She sighed, "But we're stuck like this so no sense in complaining about it."

Twinks then reappeared with their dinner. "Will that be all Master and Mistress?"

"Yes, this is good." Severus relied as Twinks disappeared.

"Oh, I'm a Mistress. Shall I call you Master Severus?" she giggles out.

"Woman your lack of tact never ceases to amaze me."

"I amaze Severus Snape? I'm flattered." She teases, as she beings to eat her meal.

"Umm, this stew is awesome. When I finish, I'm going to put up some protective spells around the house. Damn ministry. Then, I'm hitting the sack. You should probably stay here too. No telling how long we have till unwanted people start popping up."

"There are guest bedrooms on the second floor in the west corridor. You take Natalie with you and I'll inform Draco of the situation."

She nods, as Snape leaves the room to go find his godson. When she finished her meal, she reached into her pocket and took out vial of red liquid. After uncorking the bottle, she dipped her wand into it. She then began muttered a chant.

It's a good ward spell, but it will take half an hour of chanting…well it will be worth it. Too many people don't like me and I can't afford to go to sleep unprotected. It's kinda boring as far as dark spells go but it will have to do.

Natalie is still asleep and all that can be heard is her light breathing and Bianca's muttering. After an exhausting thirty minute chant, Bianca sighs. She points her wand at the bassinet and levitates it behind her, careful not to wake Natalie. Bianca then leaves to find a bedroom.

Entering the first room in the West corridor, she the bassinet next to the bed and crashes on the bed.

Delicious sleep. That kid better sleep through the night. She thought as she passed out.

Meanwhile with Draco:

After going to his room, Draco decided to take a long shower to ease his nerves. Mom always said it was the best way to relax. Filling the bath with warm water and bubbles, Draco eases himself in and stretches.

I have just gained two new family members in one night. And my mother is being treated like a common criminal…the ministry will pay dearly for this. I wonder if what Bianca told me was true. It is logical---the ministry has had a poor approval rate as of yet; killing off father would have eased the minds of all those idiots on Potter's side…

I wonder what more I don't know…

Meanwhile with Snape:

Snape walked over to Draco's room. Knocking on the door, he enters when Draco grunts "It's open."

The boy was lying on his back in his bed starring up at the ceiling. Thinking presumably.

"Tomorrow will be a test of your willpower Draco. Word will get out of what happened and people will swarm the manor. Partly because of what has happened to your mother and partly because of Bianca's presence. She's been off the radar for quite some time. Sure she makes the occasional appearance here in England but she has been mostly out of the limelight for about ten years now. Auroas with a grudge and new ones looking to prove themselves will be here for her. But having her here protects you and Natalie, so you must simply bear with it."

"You're not good at cheering up people, so don't try. It's kind of creepy when you do."

"Very well. I'll be in my usual guest room. Bianca will be in one of the rooms as well with your sister.

"She is strange…"

"Yes she is. Get some sleep."

"Yes godfather."

Snape leaves and walks to his room. It was two doors down from Bianca's. After getting ready for bed, he realized that he couldn't sleep. Too much on his mind…Bianca, his godson, his goddaughter, Dumbledore, auroas, and the Dark Lord…life was about to get complicated. Tossing and turning for several hours, he finally dozes off only to be rudely be woken up shortly after by explosions…

It will get exciting in the next chapter.