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Mistletoe and Commonrooms

Lily Evans was thinking.

To any and all who didn't know her well, they might assume she was tired, or suspect the stereotypicial "homework ideas". But those who did know her would see the subtle nuance in the way she was sitting, the look of conentration on her face. They would see that she was a tad angry, a tad lost, and mostly confused. And only those who had seen what had happened not minutes before on that cold December day down in the Common Room would know why.

It had been nearly deserted; she, James Potter, and a couple of Second Years were the only people staying in Gryffindor. As she was a Seventh Year, and hated James Potter with every bone of her body, it was really no wonder that she was sitting alone in the corner, working on her Potions Essay.

Until, that is, the boy known as "Hogwarts' Resident Hottie" called over to her. "Hey, Evans!" he shouted.

Huffing, the red-headed girl had attempted to run to the stairs and her Dormitory, but unluckily, though maybe fortunately, James ran and grabbed her by the elbow.

And neither could move.

I say this not in jest; it wasn't one of those "so lost in each other's eyes that they couldn't move, speak, and barely breathe" moments; that didn't come until later. No, they stood as though their feet were stuck to the floor, for thhey were, and looked up to the ceiling; Lily in horror, James, delight.

Because, you see, Headmaster Dumbledore had had the so-called "brilliant" idea of hanging enchanted mistletoe around the school in such a way that when two people stood beneath it, they could not move until they kissed. And not a chaste kiss on the cheek either; a kiss on the mouth, the kind of kiss Lily would frankly rather die than be forced to give to James Potter, and the kind where James would go to Heaven due to receiving from Lily Evans.

But I supose this is rather unimportant- I apologize for interrupting your reading. Back to the story.

Lily bit her lip, and looked as though she were about to cry when she saw the sprig of green hanging, sure enough, on the ceiling above their heads. "Why James Potter?" she wailed. "I would rather kiss the Giant Squid!"

"I dodn't need to know what you do in your spare time, Lily-Flower," James said with his usual smart-aleck retort. His eyes were gleaming. "We could be stuck here all night; all it takes to get loose is one kiss."

As much as Lily hated to say it, James did have a point; she had promised to owl her friend Maria tonight, which she couldn't do if she was stuck in the Common Room. "Oh, fine," said she with a theatrical sigh, "I suppose, if it shall get me loose, I shall have to kiss you." And without further ado, to the shock of the Second Year bystanders, James Potter, and Lily Evans all, she leaned forward and kissed him, with not the slightest bit of fuss, straight on the lips.

She pulled back a moment later, and that was the "so lost in each other's eyes that they couldn't move, speak, and barely breathe" moment that I spoke of before. What Lily saw in James' eyes frightened her, not only in it's intensity, but it's similarity to what she herself was feeling. Shock, happiness, emabarrasement, and, though she hadn't thought James Potter, the arrogant prat himself, could feel it, vulnerability. And she fled. Ignoring
James calls after her, she ran up the stair to her dormitory, where we found her at the beginning of our tale.

And she smiled. Maybe James Potter wasn't as bad as she thought.

But he sure as hell was a good kisser.