The Way Things Were

A Dramatic Tale

This story is going to be written like a story called Of Notes and Bets. I'm sorry if they don't approve of me using their idea, but their is a totally different plot and characters, it's just a cool idea.

Harry Potter

Ronald Weasley

Hermione Granger

Draco Malfoy




Hermione I'm sorry okay! How many times do I have to say it!

Until you mean it.

Harsh. Hermione, you could atleast tell Ron what he did.

If he doesn't know he doesn't deserve to be told. And it's none of your buisness what he did Harry, so keep your oversized head out of this.

In what terms are we speaking of when we say "head."

Not funny Ron. Hermione's really upset.

Don't try and redeem yourself Potter. Any one who even talks to that filthy rat is low in my book.

Hermione! What in the bloody hell did I do!?!

Shove off Ron. Just trust me. This time you wont be forgiven.

I wonder what her problem is...

Ron! You have NO heart. Whatever you did really hurt Hermione and she's pretty upset, you honestly need to be kinder towards her.

It's not my fault everything I say she takes offensively. I have no idea what I'm saying half the time. Oh god.

What? WHAT? RON!

Just look where Hermione is.

Oh she's just with Draco. SHE'S WITH DRACO! This can't be good. She's going to get her heart walked all over like she did last time.

Yes and she'll come running back to you and me crying and asking for forgiveness...and ya no what we'll say? We'll shut her down! Make her feel really low for being so rude without reason! Making her wish she had been kinder during her time of the month!

Ron! How can you say those things? Hermione is a girl! Do you know what happens when girl's are sad and they seek comfort from guys like Draco? They take advantage of them! He's going to be kind just cause he thinks he can get some! And then Hermione's going to feel used and low and all this crap!

You know all that just from who's she's sitting with? Who's shoulder she's sobbing into? Who's hand she's holding? Who's hand is on her....WAIT!! GET YOUR HAND OFF OF HER YOU LOATHSOME PEICE OF

Ron! Breath. She's not yours anymore.

I was going to say poop I swear.

Okay Ron. Whatever you say.


It's okay Hermione. Ron and Potter are worthless and I'm glad you finally saw that. It just pained me to see you with them, the way Ron always taunted you and acted like you were his property. Hermione I would never do that to you. You mean so much to me. I honestly and truly mean that. All those mean things I've done. They were to impress you.

I know Draco. And I could see myself with a guy like you. Handsome, smart, caring. Unlike those pathetic excueses for human beings. I'm just so glad I saw who they really were and who you really are. You are wonderful Draco.That's why I am so glad we're back together. I think I can really be happy with you.

Hermione that means alot to me. I think I can be happy with you forever!


Did you really mean all that gushy shit you said to Hermione, Draco?

Of course not! What do you take me for? Some sort of Fag!

Then why'd you say it?

To get her into bed. God you two are idiotic.

Does it really work?

Well she's meeting me tonight in the astronomy tower alone. What does that say to you?

Do you need a condom?

What kind of question is that you pathetic, illiteral, sex crazed, manac!

It was just a question.

Yeah, well it was a dumb one. Go beat someone up or eat or something.


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