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Ranma blinked as he processed what he had heard. "I'm sorry, it sounded as if you said that you want me to save the world."

"You heard correct, Ranma Saotome," Bastet said with a smile. "We have chosen you to be our Champion, our avatar on the mortal planes to do our will, as we are forbidden from directly interfering on the Mortal planes. So in order to save this world, we must depend on a chosen warrior to do our work: you."

"Sorry, but aren't you already interfering by bringing me here, testing me, and then talking to me?" Ranma pointed out with a suspicious look on his face.

Bastet shared an amused glance with her friend and fellow Cat Goddess. "I told you he was a sharp one, Sekhmet," Bastet said with a smirk. She turned back to Ranma. "Yes, we have interfered slightly; however, we are allowed a little leeway to get the job done. And if you do not agree to be our Champion, we will simply erase all memories of this meeting from your mind. However, I hope that it will not come to that."

"Hang on a sec," Ranma said as he held up his hand to stop Bastet from going on. "Agree? You mean I have a choice in this? I could say no and just go back to my normal life?"

"If you call that 'normal', yes," Sekhmet scoffed as she glared at Ranma while fingering her spear that Ranma had missed on his first examination of her. "However, as much as it pains me to say this, you are the best person for this mission, and if you refuse, we will have to choose a lesser person who will probably fail, thus dooming your world."

"I'm really that important? Why?" Ranma asked curiously.

"Ranma, you are a very unique person. Unlike other humans, or other creatures of your world, you have nearly unlimited potential. Where others plateau, or level out in power and skill, you will simply keep going. In all my time watching you humans, I have never seen anyone quite like you," Bastet said softly, her eyes never leaving Ranma's. "If given enough time, I can imagine you gaining enough power to take on a full God."

Ranma looked at Bastet suspiciously, his gut telling him that something was off. However, he figured it wouldn't hurt to find out more. "Ok, let's say I believe you. What on earth could I possibly do to save the world?"

"First, you need a history lesson to understand the situation," Bastet said while she motioned for him to sit on a chair that suddenly appeared while she and Sehkmet did the same. When they had all sitten down, Bastet smoothed out her skirt before continuing. "Eons ago, long before this world was even created, a war started between the Gods. Back then, we were numbered beyond all the grains of sand on all the beaches in the world. However, a divide grew with those that wanted to create life on one side, and those that sought to destroy everything that had already been created as well as the rest of us on the other. The Dark Gods, as we came to call them, were led by one of the Elder Gods, one whose powers far exceeded all but the First God. After he turned fully to evil, we came to call him 'The Dark One' for the darkness of his soul knew no bounds."

Bastet looked to Sekhmet, who had laid her hand on Bastet's. Sekhmet looked at Ranma, her eyes shining as she picked up the story. "The battles between us went on for untold millennia, fought on a level that you cannot fathom. Whole galaxies that took ages to create were destroyed in instants when individual worlds were used as battlegrounds, while the Elder Gods waited and planned, creating a plan that would solve the war once and for all."

Bastet waved her hand and a shimmer appeared in the air in front of Ranma, solidifying into a glossing surface where bits and pieces of battles were shown. Ranma watched in awe as the battles played out, sometimes unable to grasp exactly what was going on as the only indication of battle was the annihilation of a galaxy or solar system.

"Finally, after untold time had passed, a stalemate was reached between the two sides. Both sides had suffered unimaginable losses and neither was willing to lose more unless it was worth it. This is what the Elder Gods were waiting for, and they made a challenge to the leader of the Dark Gods: on a backwater planet they would fight a final battle between him and their Champion," Bastet said softly as the screen changed to show a black mass forming on a barren planet with a single God standing before it, an inner light shining forth from his body. The black mass reformed itself into a large figure with no features except two red eyes that burned with malevolence. "The challenge was a trap, as they knew that the Dark One would not go alone and had secretly brought his entire army with him, hidden from their senses with powerful magic. When the time was right, they sprung their trap." On the screen, the Champion God was fighting with skill and bravery, but he was no match for the sheer power of the Dark One and was killed within minutes. However, at the moment of his death, a wave of light exploded from his body and washed over the Dark One and his entire army before being sucked back into the God's body, causing the body to dissolve into a light mist. On the screen, there was no sight of the Dark One and where the God's body had been vegetation started to grow at a rapid rate and water formed in the many craters that had formed from their fight.

"What happened?" Ranma asked as he digested what he had seen.

"The Elder Gods had selected a volunteer that was willing to give their life to end the war once and for all. Within his body they hid a spell that would utilize all the magic and energy used in the fight to seal away the Dark One and his army, releasing it at the moment of his death," Sekhmet replied absently as she polished her claws. "There were many who volunteered, but they chose that one for his fighting prowess as he needed to last long enough for enough energy to be released for the spell to work. I was the second choice to do it."

"Anyway, a problem has come up recently. It appears that the spell did not capture all of the Dark One's forces and they have been slowly working to free their Master," Bastet said as she rolled her eyes at Sekhmet's attitude.

"Let me guess, the Elder Gods foresaw this," Ranma stated as things started to fall into place.

"Indeed they did," Bastet said with a small smile. "The seven strongest of them imbued their essence into seven amulets, to be used on the day that the seal started to weaken to the point that the Dark One could break free. That day is coming soon, and we have been searching for a being that can find and recover all seven amulets. I have watched you for some time now, Ranma Saotome, and I feel that you are our best hope of resealing the barrier for all time." Bastet's smile dropped and she grew more serious. "However, to prevent this from happening again, in which case we have no hope of resealing the barrier, you must first defeat all the remaining forces of the Dark One so that they cannot weaken the seal from this side. And several of the amulets have been found already and moved from the locations in which they were hidden, so these you must track down."

Ranma stood from his spot and started to pace, going over what they were asking of him in his mind, working out the pros and cons. Sir Integra and Walter had taught him to always think about every possibility before making a major decision like this. The two Goddesses waited silently as they let him come to his own decision. However, Sekhmet started to grow impatient, as shown by her tail starting to twitch.

After several minutes, Ranma slowed and dropped his head, reaching up to rub the bridge of his nose in irritation. A soft growl started in the back of his throat before dying down as he turned to face the Goddesses. "Ok, I'll do it," Ranma said at long last as he stood proudly before them.

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