Rock 'n Roll Lifestyle

Arashi watched with mild interest as a glass of water shook off of the table and shattered on the linoleum floor, along with its companions: a tray with half-finished pudding, three bottles of meds, and Sorata's battered school tie.

"Again?" Sorata murmured, rolling over her, a self-conscious effort to cover her. "How many does that make it? Five?"

"It's normal for there to be aftershocks," Arashi said over the sound of books thudding onto the ground, spilling their insides out onto the ground. Even the bed rocked on its unsteady legs. Sorata chuckled against her throat, a deep rumbling against her skin that caused her to shiver all the way down to her toes and back up again.

"When the sixth rolls around, then we'll go, okay?" he said with a teasing glint in his eyes. Arashi merely smacked him soundly on the head. He laughed again.

The bed began to rock ominously.

"Hmm, this feels familiar," Sorata said, chuckling even further. Arashi flushed, and tried to push Sorata's face away from her throat.

"I'm going to get dressed," she said. "Kamui-san will need our help."

"No" he whined. "A little longer. We'll wait until it's done."

She glared at him as the TV, on its spindly cart that the nurse had kindly brought in, rolled across the floor and crashed heavily into the wall.


"Fine, fine, I got it," he said, pouting. He lifted himself away from her and slid off of the bed. "You're such a workaholic.

Arashi stared as he pulled his jeans on, her eyes fixated on the tightly wound bandages on his thighs and chest.


He looked up, grinning in his foolish way again. "What? Another round?"

She threw a book at him.

"Oooww, Nee-chan is so cruel"

"Stay here," Arashi commanded. "You are in no state to leave."

"I'd say about the same for you," Sorata said immediately, struggling to lift his shirt over his head. He tried not to wince in pain. "Besides, I'm supposed to be protecting you."

"Idiot," she hissed, wrapping the sheets around herself as she got out of the bed. "When will you learn?"

Sorata hmmed with amusement. "Maybe until I'm dead."

She glared at him. "Why? Why do you do such things?"

"Mm, well Nee-chan is the woman I love. Aren't men obligated to protect their loved ones?"

Arashi looked up at Sorata, a look of despair and pleading in her eyes. "Let me protect you."

The resounding crack of the window. The bed rolled, on its impossibly tiny wheels, away from the wall.

Another foolish grin. He really was senseless. "You aren't obligated to do anything."

Arashi felt exasperation creeping up on her. "I don't want you hurt. I don't want you to die."

His eyes didn't reach his smile. "Those are pretty words."

The books showered onto the floor. The rumbling in the background grew louder.

"You won't leave… if I stay here, right?" Arashi said. Sorata made no comment. He merely paused in the process of tying his shoes. Seeing this as a sign, she ran back into the bed and leapt onto it, ignoring its endless shaking.

Sorata stared, his mouth, for once, not in a smile.

"Kamui needs our help."

"Kamui can handle it himself."

A smile. A crash. A flicker of hope.

A thousand little cracks.

"Nee-chan is really stubborn."