Mysterious Ways

Author's Note: In my point of view this won't be a great story but that is really for you, the readers, to find out. Go easy on me I'm a newbee. : )

Disclaimer: I ONLY OWN what are MINE and MINE alone.


Chapter 1: Anya Osment

Declan Dunn was having a truly realistic nightmare. Beads of sweat won't stop dripping from his squirming body. Mole woke up and stared at him scared to death. Mole was just creeping closer to his master's bed when all of a sudden Declan wakes up with a jolt, breathing hard.

Completely wet with sweat he touches his nose like someone has stolen it. He then runs to the bathroom and looks at his teeth through the mirror. Not finding what he was looking for oddly made him much better. Just one thing was missing.

"Mole! Where are you boy?" Declan knew that Mole must've gotten scared. "Mole! Everything's all right know! Ah! There you are!" He was hiding under the bed shaking madly. All Declan could do was smile and shake his head.

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

Peggy was staring at Declan's office ceiling when Declan came in.

"I'm rather surprised to see you here, Peg. What brings you forth?" Declan asked with the usual curious look on his face.

Peggy shook her head and looked at the ceiling once more. "I'm waiting for my friend's child, Anya Osment, who happens to be one of your new students. She will be staying with me since her parents left for Australia."

Declan continued to look at her curiously. "This will be really interesting. A teenager will be in your hands for how long. I should bet with Miranda on how long the child would last."

Peggy shot him a disgusted look. "First of all she is 12-years-old. Secondly she is staying with me for 15 days. And lastly Miranda won't be up for a bet like that."

"Hmmm" Because of their argument Declan and Peggy didn't hear Miranda come in the room. "Did I just hear a bet on how long a 12-year-old would last with Peggy? Coz if I did than I'm in."

"Miranda you can't be…" Peggy was cut of when a voice of a serious child interrupted.

"Doctor Fowler, I am ready to depart this school." A brown, straight, haired girl wearing a long, black skirt and a black, long-sleeved shirt was standing right behind Miranda. It was Anya Osment. She looked around the office she was in and the people inside it. Once she saw Declan she shot her hand out like an English gentleman would. "I believe you are Professor Declan Dunn. It's a pleasure to meet my soon to be professor. I'm Anya, Anya Osment."

Declan stared at her like he saw a ghost. Miranda kicked the chair behind her and Declan shook his head out of the trance. Noticing that Declan was bewildered, Anya turned to the door. As soon as she reached the doorway she looked at three of them. "I suppose you won't be speechless in your famous Anthropology Lectures, Professor Dunn. And if I were you I would pay attention to everything and everyone around me than standing still like a moron calculating what next to do. I'm surprised you're a professor. Now if you don't mind I'll be waiting for you, Dr. Fowler, outside in the parking lot. Good day to you all." And with one defiant sweep of her skirt she walked down the hallway, her hair following behind her, her back straight as a log.

Declan was staring at the doorway where Anya just stood and said, "That was the girl in my dream."