AN: This is my first drabble, if you are a newbie, a drabble is a fanfiction that is exactly 100 words long, not including the title, AN, "the end", etc. Like I was saying, this is my first drabble, also my first Labyrinth fic. I know I said I was putting everything on hold till spring, but I wrote this, re-wrote it, re-wrote again, and then re-wrote it yet again all yesterday, whew and I thought I should post it.

An Unsuspected Return Expectantly Returned.

A Labyrinth Drabble by S.S.E.


He looked down at her, so lovely.

His mismatched eyes appraised her as she slept. Her dark hair fell from her, over the bed.

The silky hairs ran through his fingers like rain while he held them.

Bending till his lips hovered over her forehead, he whispered, "Soon, Sarah, soon."


She started awake, what had awoken her? She jumped; a white flicker caught her attention.

Wrapped in her sheet she peered down the hall. It led her on

She looked, he was fast asleep. But then her breath caught. Gently she lifted the feather. He was back.



Tis Done.

Another Explanation: ((For all you techies out there who know what I mean.))

This drabble is spilt in two. The names Sarah, Toby and Jereth are mentioned once apiece.

Top Half a.k.a. Jereth's half: 50 words
Jereth says three words
In Jereths half, his name is not said. Sarah's is.
Jereth holds something beautiful of Sarahs.

Bottom Half a.k.a. Sarahs half: 50 words.
Sarah says three words.
In Sarahs half, her name is not said, but Jereths and Toby are.
Sarah holds something beautiful of Jereths.

There are more connections in each half. I just have yet to find them.

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