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Well aren't YOU special

Aiko: When Sakura gets a bracelete sealed on her wrist, she gets a curse. Now every person of the opposite sex that Sakura meets eye to eye is in love with her! But there is a catch, no matter how understanding the female is, every one of them will hate her!

no real couples.

no, her dad isn't in love with her...eeewww...

"What did you do to me?!" Sakura screamed at the old lady.

"Whatever do you mean, dearie? Now your beloved Sasuke kun loves you," The old lady grinned.

"But now every guy loves me!!!" Sakura screamed.

"Not every guy, the men who are blood related to you are not under your spell," The old lady laughed. "But listen well, my child. Even the most reasonable woman shall hate you now. So if you meet eye to eye with either one, you are doomed."

"Then get this thing off my wrist!!!" Sakura screamed.

"The bracelet shall only be removed if once you find a male who is not in love with you even with the bracelet on and kiss him. You see, that male is the person you are destined to be with," The old Lady said. "That is the true purpose of the bracelet."

"But you just said every guy will fall in love with me!!!!" Sakura screamed again.


Sakura walked along the sides of Konoha, trying to avoid eye contact with anyone possible. How the life was so unfair. When Sakura first got the bracelet she bumped into Shino, who looked at Sakrua. Then he tried to jump her. Scared, she realized Shino was trying to hug her. Bumping into Anko, Sakura looked at the woman. As soon as she did that, Anko took out a kunai and yelled at her clumsiness.

It got worst.

After her visit with the old lady, Sakura concluded it would be much wiser to just stay in her house until night fall, then she would have to look for this 'male that won't love her' and kiss him. Sakura paused. What if that 'male' wasn't in Konoha? No, she would have to spend the rest of her life looking for that male without making direct contact with anyone!


Sakura took out a pair of old sunglasses and put them on. The sunglasses were big and round with a tint of pink.

"So when I see a pink heart on the person's forehead, then therer the male i'm looking for?" Sakura asked. She put on the sunglasses.

"Yes and no. You see, therer are many possibilities of who the male might be. This will only help you see them, for all we know, there could be hundreds of people with pink hearts on their forehead! It really depends on how many people you know." The old lady replied.

Sakura sighed. She didn't know that many guys, but then again, it could be guys she only said hello to once while strolling through Konoha. Looking up, Sakura saw Kiba walking across the street, talking to Hinata. Sakura squinted he had a pink heart on his forehead.

Sakura huffed on her sunglasses and wiped them, yup. Pink heart.

"Crap," Sakura said. "Maybe it would be best to get a disguise on before actually doing this,"

Sakura walked into a womans clothing shop. She would have to get something she wouldn't usually wear. What would she go for? Punk? Gothic? Country? Tomboy? Sakura sighed. Finally she chose some baggy pants and a mesh long sleeve under a tight black short sleeved shirt.

Sakura frowned. Her hair. She would definately have to do something about that. Dying her hair was out of the question, she needed to make sure she would be able to switch up her disguise. Finally, Sakura went and got a black wig and a speprate white wig. Putting on the white wig, Sakura put a beanie on so that the wig would stay in place.

Adjusting her sunglasses Sakura paid, without making eye contact, and left the mall.

About half an hour later, Sakura found Kiba again, who was next to Hinata. The two sat on a bench in the park. Kiba, laughing with Hinata. Well, he was doing most of the laughinf anyways.

Suddenly Sakura went up to Kiba. Sakura never had her first kiss before, but, it still felt so weird. Bending down, behind Kiba, Sakura tapped his shoulder. As soon as Kiba turned his head, Sakura opened her eyes.

"...oh my god...you..ARE SO HOT!!!" Kiba yelled. Sakura screamed. She turned her head, making eye contact with Hinata.

Suddenly Hinata activated her byakugan and and slapped Sakura away from Kiba.

"I don't appreciate girls like you," Hinata said calmly. "Please leave or I will force you."

Sakura gulped.

"Hey! Hinata don't be so cold!! Come on, chickie, what's your name?" Kiba winked.

"I-It's Cherry," Sakura stuttered.

"Cherry? Yum," Kiba said, he licked his lips. Suddenly a kunai was thrown next to Sakura's feet.

"I remember telling you to leave now," Hinata said. She jumped from the bench and hurled herself to Sakura. "I'll have to rid of you myself."

"Crap!" Sakura cursed. Jumping over Hinata, Sakura ran. "There's no way I can beat Hinata...damn! I should've trained more!"

"Come back here!" Hinata yelled. She jumped over the bench and chased Sakura.

"Come on, Akamaru! Let's get to her first!" Kiba yelled, he ran after Hinata.


Sakura turned a corner, making sure to keep her chakra hidden. Suddenly she felt enveloped by a pair of arms. Kiba grinned and leaned into Sakura.


Sakura screamed and tried to turn away. "Get off of me!!!"

"Yes, get off of her." Sakura looked up. There was no way this could get any worst.

"Back off, Shino," Kiba threatened, he let go of Sakura and faced Shino.

Sakura went behind Kiba and jumped upwards, grabbing the roof of the building and bboosting herself up. "I swear..."

"Hey, what are you doing on my roof top?" Came a lazy voice.

Sakura gulped. Adjusting her sunglasses, Sakura slowly turned to Shikamaru, who had a pink heart on his forehead. Suddenly Shikamaru froze.

"Uhm, hello?" Sakura asked. But then she was met with Shikamaru's face, his breath slowly breathing on hers.


"Crap," Sakura said. Backing away, Sakura felt Shikamaru grab her.

Ino banged open the window that reached the rooftop. "Shikamaru! Why aren't you at-"

Sakura looked at Ino, frightened as Shikamaru was an inch from her mouth. "Oh no."

Ino leaped on the roof top with fire in her eyes. "GET AWAY FROM HIM, YOU WHORE!"

"Out of all the females!!" Sakura cursed. She pushed Shikamaru away from her and jumped over to the other building.

"AND DON'T COME BACK!!!" Ino screamed.

"Ino, just tell Asuma I'll be late," Shikmaru said. Getting up, he dusted himself, "I'm going after her."

"Oh no you don't!!!" Ino yelled.

"Yeah! Cause i'm going after Cherry!" Kiba screamed from down below.

"Come back here, Kiba!" Shino yelled.

Shikamaru suddenly dissapeared in a puff of smoke.

"Good grief!" Ino said.

"Excuse me, Ino," Hinata said as she appeared next to Ino.

"You pissed off too?" Ino asked, she took out a kunai.

Hinata smiled. "Let us go, then."


Sakura leaned on her knees as she inhaled, exhaled. "I..hate..this."

Sakura looked around her, before deciding the coast was clear. Running across the street, Sakura ran into her house. Quietly, she shut the door behind her.

"Sakura, dear! Is that you?" Sakura's mother yelled out.

Taking off her wig, Sakura made her way towards the stairs. "Yeah!"

Ruslting her hair, Sakura reached out for her doorknob.

"Your teamates are here to pick you up! I sent them in your room!!!"

Sakura stopped. "Great, just great,"

"Sakura chan!!!" Naruto yelled, he opened the door. "Great to see you...here..."

Sakura stared. Pink heart.

"Hehehehe...I like your new outfit..." Naruto grinned. Suddenly Sakura shut the door on him, locking herself out of the room.

"Wait a second, Naruto acts the same, how do I know if he's in love or not?" Sakura asked herself.

"Woah!!! Did you see Sakura chan, Sasuke!? She looks hotter than usual!!!" Naruto voice rang through the door.

"Nevermind," Sakura said, "Does Sasuke kun have a pink heart? Well, either way, he'll love me-"

"CHERRY!!!" Kiba yelled. He ran up the stairs. "I followed your scent here!!!

"Ack!" Sakura ran down the hallway and into the bathroom.

"Excuse me, but whose house is this?" Shino asked Sakura's mom.

"This is the Haruno residence," Sakura's mother said, "Are you here to see Sakura?"

"Yes." Shino replied and he walked up the stairs. "Maybe I should tell Kiba tha 'Cherry' is Sakura...oh well ."

Kiba began banging on the bathroom door. "CHERRY!!!"

"Hey, Kiba!! Get out of Sakura chan's house!" Naruto yelled. He ran down the hallway.

"Sakura? Now I recongnize her scent!!!" Kiba smiled.

"Naruto, get back here," Kakashi said as he poked his head out of Sakura's room.

"Dope," Sasuke muttered.

"Kiba!!! Leave right now!!!" Naruto yelled as he tugged on Kiba's jacket.

"No way! You got a hot chick stuck in this bathroom!!" Kiba yelled. He proceeded to ram the door.

"My, my. Little Sakura chan is becoming quite popular," Sakura's mother laughed.


Sakura adjusted her black wig. She had to change it. Sakura inwardly cursed, she didn't have anything to change into. Stuffing her hat on her head, Sakura decided it was good anough and escaped through the small window in her bathroom.

"I thought so."

Sakura gulped as she landed on her feet. Shikamaru smiled and grabbed Sakura's wig. "You look cuter with pink hair."

"Shikamaru, leave me alone," Sakura said. Turning Sakura tried to jump but she felt herself being frozen in place. "Shadow jutsu?"

Shikamaru grinned, "Your dealing with a chuunin, Sakura, don't think I wouldn't use this jutsu."

Taking a step, Shikamaru walked until he was face to face with Sakura. Just one more step until...

"So it was you!!!!" Ino yelled.

"Sakura, how dare you betray our friendship," Hinata said. The two got out of the bushes.

"Hey!!! What are you doing to Sakura chan?!" Naruto yelled. His head popped out of the window.

Kiba, just rammed through the wall. "Get away from her, Shikamaru!"

Shino appeared from behind Shikamaru, "Release your jutsu."

"You got all these guys loving you!? You are so getting it!!!" Ino yelled.

"Let us finish her off, Ino." Hinata said. She got into taijutsu mode.

"My pleasure," Ino agreed and she got ready to fight.

"Hey!!! No beating up Haruno without me!!!" Anko yelled. She jumped down from Sakura's rooftop.

"What is going on, here?" Kakashi asked, coming around a corner.

"Kakashi sensei!" Naruto yelled.

"I'm warning you, Shikamaru, get away from her!!!" Kiba yelled again.

"I like it right here, too troublesome to move, now," Shikamaru remarked.

Sakura could feel herself stiffen. "Like today could get any worst."

Suddenlly Kakashi appeared right between Shikamaru and Sakura. "Sakura, your looking unusually pretty, today."

Sakura nearly fell over if it wasn't for Shikamaru's jutsu.

"Why me?"

Aiko: I hoped you enjoyed this first chapter!!! :D I love this concept.