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"Wait! You're not falling in love with me!" Sakura yelled, mostly at Sasuke.

"Wee! Sasuke kun! We're meant to be! Now kiss me so I can take off this-"

Neji sudden bolted out and grabbed Sakura's arm.

"First, explain." Neji ordered.

"But...ah! That's right! You're not in love with me, either!" Sakura screamed in pure horror.

Neji twitched.


"Right, right."


"So, you're saying that Garaa, Hyuuga, and...ahem, me. Are destined to be with you?" Asked Sasuke, who didn't know Garaa's last name.

The three were sitting at Ichiraku, Sakura, with Garaa's head band around her eyes. (She fingered where her food was.)

"Yup!" Sakura said and she slurped some ramen. "Of course, Sasuke kun, you can just kiss me! I'm sure it'll work out!"

"No thanks," Sasuke said, and he grabbed some napkins.

"Well one of you three has to kiss me! I don't wanna fall in love with every guy!" Sakura whined.

Neji pushed away his food, suddenly losing his hunger.

"This is your fault Haruno," Neji decided. "Deal with it."

"I am! You just won't help meeeeee!" Sakura cried.

"It's just a kiss," Garaa said so suddenly.

Sakura gaped. "Ga-Garaa san!"

Garaa slurped some more noodles.

"What's a kiss?"

Sasuke, Neji and Sakura fell out of their seats.

"Oh my God!" Sakura screamed in frustration.

"Uchiha, just kiss her," Neji said. "She knows you better."

"You know her chakara pattern, you can tell if she's doing it right," Sasuke said in defense.

"I don't want to!"

"Just because she's my team mate, does not mean I have to take full responsibility!"

"That's exactly what it means, rookie!"

"Am I..."

Sasuke and Neji stopped, they looked over at Sakura.

Little drops of tears were coming out of the girl's eyes now and she stared at the three boys. Her headband was off her eyes and she was wiping them with her hands.

"Am I really that bad?" Sakura asked and then she bolted out of the ramen shop.

"Now look what've you done," Garaa rose and he darted.

"Wa-wait! You're not going to kiss her, are you!" Sasuke yelled. Who knows what Garaa would do to Sakura?

"He don't even know what a kiss is!" Neji yelled. "He could think it's sex or something, knowing that sister of his..."

Sasuke stared at Neji.

"You're kidding me."

Neji stared at Sasuke with the same look.

"Am I?"

Then the two prodigies ran.


"Alright, Haruno," Neji began.

They were now at the park. Sakura, sitting on the swing, Garaa, on the swing next to her. Neji, squating in front of her, and Sasuke, leaning against the pole.

"You can kiss..."

Sakura waited for the answer, sniffing as she wiped her eyes.

Neji gulped and leaned his head in his arms.

"A one second kiss for all three of us."

Sakura stared until she finally had the voice to speak.

"You're serious?"

Neji whacked his head. "I guess."

And so, Sakura yelped in glee and leaned forward into the nearest person but as their lips were about to touch...

"Uhm, Sakura san? What are you doing?"

Sakura gaped and fell backwards, she looked to her side.

"Hinata?" Sakura asked.

"Yes, Sakura san?" Hinata asked and she walked over to Sakura, helping her up.

"But, but but but but!" Sakura protested. She whacked Hinata's hand and pointed at her, "YOU HATE ME!"

"No I don't, Sakura san," Hinata said.

Sakura looked around her and saw Temari, talking to Garaa, Ten Ten, with Neji, and Ino cooing up to Sasuke. She looked to her other side and saw Anko, who was pondering on something.

"Sakura chan!" Naruto yelled.

Sakura looked behind her and saw all the boys coming.

Kiba and Shino went over to Hinata, Lee and Naruto stayed at Sakura's side.

Kakashi was no where to be seen.

Shikamaru and Chouji were walking around aimlessly.

"What the hell is going on!" Sakura screamed.

"Allow me to explain."


"Shut up, Naruto!"

Tsunade coughed.

"Have some respect for your Hokage, for I know exactly who and what caused this."

Sakura gaped.

"Tsu-Tsunade sama, you're not saying that you had the power of the bracelet too!"

Tsunade smirked and hushed Sakura.

"Just follow me."


"So you see," The old lady began, "The bracelet has a..ahem...time limit..."

Everyone was piled into the old antique shop, and Sakura struggled to keep herself from hurting the old lady.

"You're serious!"

Temari gaped and realized something. She never met her true love, so it could have been true.

The old lady laughed. "Yes, each and every time the time limit gets longer, I'm betting on making the effect last forever!"

Tsunade thought for a while. "Come to think of it, I first had the bracelet when I was eighteen and it only lasted for an hour..."

The old hag coughed. "It's a slow process."

"You old hag! I ran all around Konoha for nothing! I could have stayed home!" Sakura screamed.

"Ah, yes, but you had fun, didn't you?"

"Hell no!"

"Well...quite a predicament. I usually like my customers happy, not murderous..."

"I'll kill you..."

"Did you at least find your true love?"

Garaa, Neji, and Sasuke stiffened.

Sakura screamed.

"Oh my God! I looked into Sasuke kun's eyes after it struck twelve!"

Ino yelped in joy and hugged Sasuke. "Thank God for that!"

Neji exhaled. So he wasn't destined with the wide forehead. The Hyuuga looked at Sakura.

But still...Neji wondered what it would have been like if he did look at her.

Garaa, didn't have any emotions whatsoever.

Naruto and Lee huffed, knowing that they fell in love with Sakura.

Kiba was disgusted.

Chouji was eating.

Shikamaru was...begin lazy. I guess.

Shino was emotionless.

Kakashi was a tad embarrassed and laughed it off.

Sakura...was dead.

Ino and Anko never apologized, but the rest did it for them.

"I guess it was like, training...though, it's all just a blur to me," Kiba said and he rubbed his head.

"Same here!" Ino yelled. "Just what did we do, anyways!"

Tsunade checked her list. "Well, about a hundred people want payment for damage..."


Kiba cursed.

"Have that forehead girl pay for it!"

"Hey, I don't have that much money!" Sakura yelled.

"Sakura san! I'll work twenty years to pay for your debts!" Lee vowed.

"Good, because at your rate, that's what you're doing," Tsunade said.

"Wa-wait! What about my shinobi dreams?"

"Thank you, Lee san!" Sakura thanked.

"Anything for you, Sakura san!" Lee cried.

"Wa-wait! I'll work to pay for damage, too!" Naruto yelled. "Anything for my Sakura chan!"

"Manipulation, just what I expected from my apprentice," Tsunade said and she patted Sakura's head.

Sakura grinned. "I learn from the best, Tsunade sama."

Everyone shuddered.

The old lady looked over the shinobis and smiled.

"By the way, no discount."

And then the building accidentally exploded.


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