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" ARRGH! DAMN IT!!!!!!" Conan yelled.

Haibara looked up from her computer, eyes wide in shock, before settling back to the usual bored and cool mask. " Great to see you again too." She said, rolling her eyes and the typing continued.

" What's wrong?" the Professor asked.

" Ayumi's been bugging me all week, and I don't think I can take it anymore." He said, groaning.

It was true.

She had been at his back all day, dragging him to places he didn't want to go, yelling at him for looking, being, speaking and breathing in the same direction of girls other than her. He had patiently done many things for her, like teaching her about her homework (Although he seriously suspected that she was just trying to spend time with him as she SUDENLY forgot how to add, subtract, divide, and " mileteapli."

Haibara raised her eyebrows.

Something that even Kudo couldn't stand. Must be serious. Conan was one of the most patient people she had ever known, and if he couldn't stand her, nobody could stand her. She stopped her typing but only for a mere second before getting back, her usual smirk back onto her face. Conan lay at the sofa for a moment, calming himself down. Then his eyes opened. There was something in his mind, but he couldn't quite picture it.

This did not often happen to him, as he usually had jolts in his mind and everything came clear and into view. But this time it was a small spark of an idea, and he had to work it out slowly and discreetly. He sat up straight, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. He was so in thought that he didn't even notice the Professor look at him with raised eyebrows, his hand waving up and down at him. Even Haibara turned her spinning chair around to look.

What was Kudo thinking about THIS time? She thought amusingly. He always could think up of ways to shock or surprise her, whether that was a good thing or not. His mind worked like lightning, and she wondered if he could cease to amaze her once more. He smirked.

Then he frowned.

Then he bit his lip.

Then he sighed.

She smirked; amused by the many different facial expressions he showed in just a few seconds, she went back to his work. Conan's mind raced. Then he grinned. The famous smirk of the famous detective. He looked up at Haibara who was typing on the computer.

" Oi, Haibara." He called out.

She turned, eyebrows raised.

' Show me your magic,' she thought, smiling inwardly. ' Kudo-kun.'

" I need your help." He said. " Badly."

" So what else is new?" he said, rolling her eyes.

He didn't retort, which surprise her, and took her caution as the task seemed to be rather bad.

" What do you want?" she asked.

He smirked.


Ayumi bounced on her bed, ready to call Conan, the phone clapped in her hands. It was eight when she fell for him, and both of them were 12 now, and she knew she had the perfect authority to call herself his girl-friend. Sure he didn't seem to be the one least attracted to her, but she was sure that that was just that he was a naturally shy boy, and didn't know how to express his love for her openly.

No girl had the chance to talk to him while she was there, except for her best friend, Haibara. She smiled cheekily to herself as she looked at his poster on the wall. Then she frowned. But she DID think that he was awesomely handsome and charming, and he was all hers to keep.

She dialed the phone number excitedly.



Haibara's face rode from shock, to amusement, to another expressionless mask. ' You're done it again, Kudo-kun.' She thought in amusement. " I don't think so." She replied quite coldly. " I have people that I know, and a reputation at stake."

The Professor laughed.

" Come on, Haibara." He begged. " Please. You just have to pretend to be my girl-friend until the end of the year and that's only four week from now. Then Ayumi would be out of my hair, and you can stop acting already. It's easy! And extremely simple for a brilliant actor like you!"

" Forget it. Go get another girl."

" I don't HAVE another girl!" Conan said hesitantly.

Suddenly the phone rang and a lightning slashed across the dark sky. If the situation were not so dire, he would have laughed.

" I bet that's her right now." She said amusingly.

" Haibara!" he said angrily.

" Yes, Kudo?" she asked in fake innocence.

The Professor was digging his head deeper and deeper into the couch, pillows buried over him, shaking with unsounding laughter.

" Please." He said.

The phone stopped ringing.

" See?" she said, smirking. " She's hung up."

" She never stops ringing until somebody answers," he said, biting his lip tearfully. The phone rang again and he let out an exasperated sigh.

" I TOLD you!" he said. " Haibara, please."

" Go to Hell first." She said, getting back to her computer.

" After you promise to act as my girl-friend." He said.

Her eyes widened.

" You're serious about this." She said.

" Yeah, I am!" he said poutingly.

The phone continued to ring.

She seemed to ponder for a moment before grinning.

" Okay, but only after you do some things for me." She said.

" What?" he asked eagerly.

" One," she said. " You owe me a dress."

" Okay." He said desperately.

" A good one."

" Yes."

" An expensive one."

" YES." He said, expecting the worse.

She grinned.

" And you must say the following."

" She's ringing, Haibara!" he yelled, pointing at the phone.

" She'll continue calling, remember?" she answered, not missing a beat.

He bit his lip.

" Shiho Miyano is the best." She said, looking at the computer.

" Shiho Miyano is the best." He said, rolling his eyes.

" The very best." She said.

" The very best." He repeated.

You see, Haibara Ai or her real identity, was not a person who liked to abuse her authority, and she ABUSED it.

" Shinichi Kudo is an idiot with no kissing experience, locking himself up in his room from day to night, hoping to get cases from people who will end up either dead or gay. He also has few friends while being cooped up by himself with detective books surrounding his unknowingly large head."

Conan would have strangled her if not for the dire consequences.

He looked at the phone.

And sighed.

" Shinichi Kudo is an idiot with no kissing experience, locking himself up in his room from day to night, hoping to get cases from people who will end up either dead or gay. He also has few friends while being cooped up by himself with detective books surrounding his unknowingly large head." He repeated.

She smirked.

" Well done. You have fantastic memory."

" And YOU have fantastic evilness." He said venomously.

She smirked before looking at the phone.

" Go nuts." She said, winking.

He glared at her before picking up.

" Hello." He said wearily.

" Hi honey," Ayumi said, blushing. " Did you know it was me?"

" Yes." He said weakly.

His eyes widened as Haibara walked over, a smirk on her face. She grabbed the phone from him and held it a few centimeters from his ear. She had his bow tie in her hand, a grin playing on her lips. He gasped.

She wouldn't---would she?

" Co-chan," she said, in a voice so sweet that it amazed the professor, his head bobbing out from the pillows. " Who is that?"

" Co-chan?" came Ayumi's voice. " I thought only I could call you that! What's Haibara doing next to you?"

" Keep shut for a second, Ayumi." Haibara said in a tight voice, imitating Conan's voice perfectly. " I know that it would be hard for you, but try for at least three seconds. Hold on, okay?"

" Why are you talking to Ayumi, Co-chan?" Haibara said sweetly, pulling the tie away from her. It was amazing. It was like a one-person performance. " Don't you love me anymore?"

" I do too!" she said, pressing the tie near her.

She left the phone in the air before rubbing her hand nicely on the phone before knocking it on the table before dropping the phone back in its receiver.

" Done." She said.

His mouth was still open wide.

" Amazing, Ai-kun!" The Professor said, clapping.

" How was I?" Haibara asked, winking at Conan.

" As amazing as ever," he said, shivering.

She smirked.


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