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Lost and Found.

Chapter 1 – Two too many!

It was a warm summer evening and the air in Grimmauld Place was thick and still. The sun had not long gone down behind the stone, Muggle houses, as the days grew longer. They certainly felt longer for one person in particular.

Nymphadora Tonks dragged her feet up the dry steps of Number 12 Grimmauld Place and stumbled in through the door with her usual grace. Miraculously missing the troll-leg umbrella stand, she immediately headed for the basement kitchen of the old manor house. As she reached the top step she heard Molly Weasley's voice.

"Kingsley, she here."

Kingsley Shacklebolt turned his bald, black head so fast it made his gold earring shake. He rose from the long wooden table abruptly.

"Where have you been Tonks?" His normally cool voice filled with concern. Tonks jolted down the final steps and threw herself onto the wooden bench opposite Kingsley. She banged her head down on the table and groaned as a result.

"Where the hell have you been?" Kingsley repeated, his voice louder this time.

"Out. Nowhere." Tonks slurred to the table. She hiccoughed and giggled to herself. Molly looked at her disapprovingly.

"Are you drunk, Nymphadora?"

"I may have had one or two . . . too many."

Molly's lips formed a tight line. She fetched the young witch a glass of water and placed it in front of her.

"You were supposed to be back here five hours ago, Tonks," said Kingsley, who also wore a disapproving look. "Harry's been sick with worry, we all have."

"Harry?" Tonks whispered, frowning. "Harry's here?"

"Yes, in bed," replied Mrs Weasley. "You were supposed to be going with Kingsley to fetch him but he went alone. Don't you think Harry's had enough to think about these past two weeks, without you adding to his worry? You'd better hope Dumbledore doesn't find-."

"Oh, just drop it Molly, ok?" Tonks ended with a sob. Mrs Weasley's face softened as she crossed the kitchen and placed an arm around the young woman.

"I went to see my mum again today," she sniffed as a way of explanation. A tear dropped from her lowered face, landing on the table audibly for Molly to hear in the echoing kitchen. "She won't stop crying, Molly, I just sat there and watched her for hours. I didn't know what to say." She gulped for breath and continued. "The look in her eyes, I just, I felt so . . ." She sighed as Molly rubbed her back comfortingly. Kingsley rose from the table and walked over to the sideboard to find Tonks a tissue.

"She said, she said that I was a bad Auror and that if we, I, had done my job properly then things would have been different." She trembled with sobbing. "And the thing is, she's right!" There was a silence in the kitchen. Kingsley looked at Molly gravely.

"Tonks, you have to get a grip. Come on, it's late and your drunk. We'll talk more in the morning, ok?" her Auror partner found her lime green eyes under the mess of black, tear-sodden fringe. Tonks looked at the clock.

"What . . . is it . . . it's 11:30pm, what are you guys doing here?"

"Waiting for you to come home safe." Molly smiled weakly. She kissed the top of her head. "Sleep, and we'll be back in the morning, ok?"

Tonks nodded, rubbing her eyes, and with that her fellow Order members disapperated home.

Tonks took a few deep breaths, each one coming out shuddered. She picked up her glass of water, sniffed it and groaned, realising it would not bring comfort.

"Looks like it's just us two," said a voice from the corner. Tonks turned her head with a frown to see Remus Lupin sat in the comfy chair Tonks liked to think of as 'Ginny's Chair'.

"Lupin," she slurred in surprise, "I didn't . . . have you been there the whole time?" The man nodded slightly, and then continued to stare at his hands. Tonks rose from her seat and went to the cupboards.

"Where's the Firewhiskey?" she muttered angrily.

"Ahh," came Lupin's response as he held the bottleneck between his thumb and index finger, rocking it gently. She smiled and moved to sit on the floor by his chair as he poured them both a glass, most of which spilt on the table by his side. Tonks suspected that Lupin might have also had one or two too many.

"I'm sorry you had to see that," Tonks said after a while, to break the silence that had settled around them. "You must think I'm so selfish and pathetic, thinking about my own feelings at a time like this."

"Not at all, I think now is a very appropriate time to be pathetic." Lupin's reply came after a pause. Tonks gave a little laugh and rested her pounding head on Lupin's knee.

"We've not spoken much, have we, since . . ."

"No, I don't suppose we have," Lupin replied into his glass as he downed his drink. He poured himself another and offered Tonks the bottle. She shook her head, declining.

"Do you want to talk, Remus?" Not Lupin, Remus.

"No," he said shortly, downing his newly poured drink. He reached again for the bottle but paused, finally bringing back his shaking hand to cup his empty glass with his other. "I'm sorry. It's just I can't."

"It's ok," Tonks said quietly, lifting her head to look at him but not quite managing it. Another silence fell and lingered, though it wasn't unpleasant.

"Have you seen Harry?" Tonks asked.

"No, I . . . well to be honest, I was avoiding him. He wants to see you though."

"Well I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to talk tomorrow, all alone in this depressing hole together." She hiccoughed again. "I really should go to bed." She scrambled up from the floor and placed her empty glass on the table with a dull thud.

She reached the bottom step and stopped.

"Do you want to stay tonight?" When no reply came she laughed nervously and ran a hand over her face. "I'm sorry, that was very forward of me, I only meant-."

"I know, and thank you but no." She looked across at him, still avoiding his eyes.

"You look ill, Remus," she said quietly, as if in some hope that he wouldn't hear.

"I'm fine. Go to bed Nymphadora. I'll see myself out."