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Ah – well, something about this fanfic then – It's a Hermione/Lucius fanfiction! Don't like that? Well what are you doing here? You should be off to read some ickly-sweetie Hermione/Harry fanfiction or something like that – maybe a Hermione/Ron fic.

Something about the whole idea:

Why? I like Lucius – I like Hermione… I like dangerous pairings, when SS/HG got boring I'd just had to find something new. Too bad there's so few LM/HG's out there in the fanfiction-world… but while waiting for more I just have to stick to DM/HG, if you can't have the father – take the son!
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I DID remind you that it's a Rated R story right? Not? Well it is and if you're too young don't read if you don't think you can handle it… In this chapter there's no violence but I plan to include that in future chapters – so be ware – cause what's a LM/HG without sex? Uhm… eh… did I say that?

Alright ladies and gent's (If there's any around) now I proudly present my only fanfiction in English: The rose that bleed, and my first chapter: In the Darkness!

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In the darkness

Why am I here now?
What have I done?
Running on empty - I got nowhere to run

Can't get an answer
Can't get it right
Just try to make it
'till the end of the night

The girl in the window, we all know her – Hermione Jane Granger, unsurpassed bookworm and know-it-all, friend of the boy who lived. A deep sigh escapes her lips, for at least the fifth time she glances through the window – and the only thing she's able to see is her own reflection.

Outside the rain is rattling on the windowpanes, it's a dark and stormy night in the middle of January, the once beautiful white snow on the ground has turned into sleet, the snowflakes have turned into heavy raindrops - the world around Hogwarts School of witchcrafts and wizardry is solemn and depressive.

"Meeeoow?" A large ginger cat accompanies the depressed girl in the window, his fur is tussled and all wet, and he's probably been outside, chasing rats.

"Oh Crooks… look at you, you're all wet!" Hermione petted her cat in disdain.

Crookshanks studied his mistress with large, orange eyes. She's been so busy lately and the large kneazle-relative cat was slightly worried for her – what's she been doing lately? Why didn't she tell him anything when he saw in her eyes that she needed someone to speak with? The ginger cat laid his massive head in Hermione's lap, the girl continued to pet him and at the same time stare through the window frame – she sighed once again.

"It's been a long time now Crooks – almost a year"

Ah! So that's what is bothering her? Crookshanks gave her a sympathizing stare. She stroked his head and let out a huge yawn.

"This is the day that Ron was hit by that spell – remember Crooks?" She asked calmly, her cat nodded slowly.

This was the day when her friend Ronald Weasley was hit by the Cruciatus curse, over, over, over and over again, he survived but was never ever the same person as before. Hermione threw one last glance through the window and smiled weakly:

"Oh come on Crooks – we should be off to perfect duty" Her cat yawned and stretched on the windowsill: "It's the dungeons today… maybe you'll find a tasty rat hm?"

The ginger cat fixed her with a stare that clearly told the girl that: 'I'm satisfied thank you'

"Well then, I'll see you later… I know you don't like the dungeons… and I'll tell you this, neither do I."

Is there a way to avoid doing wrong?
Lead me away from the darkness
Light up my day show me where I belong
Please don't leave me all alone in the darkness

Hermione watched her cat as he strode off to their common room. She smoothed her wrinkled skirt and fixed her glittering perfect bandage. This year, her seventh, she'd finally been made head girl, an honour she'd been hoping for since her first day at Hogwarts.

She made her way through the hallway and further down to the staircase that led the way down to the cold tomb-like place. She hated this area in the otherwise comfortable and charming castle, she hated the way that shadows thrown by her became grotesque and creepy because of the strange reflecting light those old-fashioned torches threw. The air chilled her to the bones, she could hear the dripping sound of water that splashed against the floor and crept along the walls.

Far in the distance
There is night, there is day
Sounds are waving nets of dismay
Sometimes I'm stuck in a shocking delay
Like in a slow motion movie

I'm reaching out for something to hold
Life slips away in the cold - in the cold
My heart is so cold - my heart is so cold

Suddenly she heard footsteps; creepy, heavy footsteps. She swallowed against her suddenly dry throat. This was Slytherin area and she was their blood enemy, a muggle-born witch whom was
part-responsible for the fall of the dark lord, whom in the raging battles of last year killed many of their friends. She held a tight grip around her wand, prepared for the worst but no-one was in sight, not a living, breathing soul.

She let out a sigh of relief; just her imagination. Somehow it had become worse after the war. Was it some kind of schizophrenia? Hermione had no clue, but often she felt like someone watched her, followed her. She wasn't alone, she knew – many victims of the war suffered under psychological syndromes – most of them turned inwards and refused to associate with the world around them. One of those that seemed to walk in the darkness forever was Ron, her best friend amongst others, her sweet Ron – her fabulous Ron. He rested now at St. Mungo's together with others with his injures, she went there once but couldn't stand the pain – it was too much for her.

Hermione let the wand fall, she scanned the corridor, it lingered in darkness and she felt no urge to walk in to that darkness – if there were students in this corridor they would most likely be Slytherins and she didn't fancy meeting a bunch of seventh years here, all alone in the darkness.

Why was I turned down?
What's going on?
I wish there was something that could have been done

How can I get there?
Where is the light
How can I make it?
'till the end of the night

She spun on her heel, tonight she would skip her duty as head girl, who would care anyway? If these small Slytherin brats fancied a walk in these god forsaken tombs then she was not the one to stop them. She retreated towards the stairs, to safety in the head girls chambers, but she stopped dead in her tracks when someone drawled her name:

"Miss Granger? Fancy meeting you here… all alone"

How can I turn darkness to light?
Leaving my fear in the darkness
Is there a way how can I overcome?
My restless nights and my fear - and my fear

In the darkness - in the darkness - in the darkness

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