Okay so christmas day might be over but christmas season is not! AndI am still in a christmassy spirit so heres a POTC version of Jingle Bells for y'all!

Disclaimer: I own neither jingle bells or POTC. I do however own my crazy mind although it's not actually that much use to me

Warning: Serious insulting of, well practically all the POTC characters really (except, of course, dear mr sparrow) And like all my other storis, poems, songs this is completly and utterly insane, crazy, twisted, nonsensicle (hehe i made up a new word :D:D:D)and if you are a sane personI suggest you click back now

Jingle Bells

Dashing through the sea

Like a scolded flea

The Black pearl made it's way

To where? No one can say

Anamaria drank Jacks rum

This was rather dumb

Jack just couldn't find his sword

So he tossed her over board


Jingle Bells, Turner Smells

Govna Swann is fat

Mr Gibbs, Sleeps with pigs

And Liz's a little brat


Jingle bells, Gillette smells

Port Royal is a dump

From the noose, hung a goose

And Norry has a hump


Barbossa has BO

Elizabeth is a ho

Jack the monkey has fleas

And Will has knobbly knees

Cotton lost his tongue

Norry used to be a nun

The donkey has termites

And Jack's afraid of heights


Jingle bells, Barbossa smells

Will has TFD

Cotton's bird, is quite absurd

And Murtogg is a she


Jingle bells, Mullroy smells

Ragetti's going grey

Jack Sparrow's, strait as an arrow

Though Will is defiantly gay


Jingle bells, everyone smells

Liz gave Will a punch

Guvna's drunk and Jack's a hunk

Oh what a funny bunch!

What didI tell you now? OkayI admitI was mean, rude, crueland horrible to those poor people and it was really uncalled for. Muhahahhahahha. So go flame me for it ;)