Forgive Me: Chapter 15

While Sango and Inuyasha continued to blissfully sleep, everyone else began to wake up. Kaede was the first to awaken, and she began cooking breakfast, as well as brewing a fresh batch of hot, herbal tea for Sango to drink.

Miroku was the next to stir, but he was too lazy to help Kaede, so he went outside and "meditated" until he was sure the meal was ready. In reality, he was peeking under his squinted eyelids, hoping to catch a glimpse of an unsuspecting lady.

Kagome and Shippo were the last ones to wake up, but they both kept their eyes shut, unwilling to let go of the sleep-induced haze they were feeling. Kagome was lying on her side, and Shippo was curled up against her stomach like a cat, so they were both extremely comfortable, and unwilling to get up. Eventually, it was the smell of food that finally convinced them to drag themselves out of Kagome's sleeping bag.

Once they all gathered around the low table to eat, they managed to have a pleasant meal filled with quiet chatter. At times, they would lapse into silence, but it was never an uncomfortable one. It wasn't until after they had cleaned up that they realized they had forgotten about something.

"Oops," Shippo sweat dropped. "We didn't save any food Inuyasha." Fearfully, he added." You know how cranky he gets when he doesn't get food…"

"It's okay Shippo," Kagome reassured. "I still have one more bowl of Ramen left in my knapsack, we'll feed him that."

Relieved, he said, "That'll make him happy, but what about Sango?"

Shippo was always worried about Sango, mostly because she was always nice to him when she didn't have to be, like that one time when Inuyasha wanted to leave him behind at Kaede's place. Sango had wheedled and threatened and reasoned with him until he finally gave up, and stalked away muttering to himself about "damned annoying runts with their woman protectors". Shippo did mind though, because he had been so happy that he had gotten to go.

Since then, he had always looked up to her and idolized her. It wasn't the same way he idolized Kagome: she was his "makes me feel safe" figure in life. But Sango, she was his "coolest older sister in the whole world that I want to be like when I grow up" figure.

Sometimes, when nobody was watching him, he would sneak off to find Sango, in the hopes that she was honing her taijya skills. If she was, he would sit up in the trees and watch her as she fought imaginary demons. She made it look so easy and graceful when she did it, but he could never duplicate her moves, no matter how hard he concentrated, or how long he practiced.

It made him feel frustrated sometimes, but he kept at it in the hopes that he would one day be able to repay everyone, Inuyasha, Kaede, Miroku, and Sango, for all that they had done for him. Shippo wanted to fight side by side with each of them, and to have them count on him to watch their backs.

But most of all, he wanted them to be able to trust that he could save their lives, and that he wouldn't just cower in the shadows like he normally did. Until that day though, all he could do was bide his time in the very shadows he hated, helping at every chance he could manage, even if it was only in the barest possible way.

Sighing softly, he refocused his eyes and thoughts back onto Kaede. He must have been out of it for a while though, because she was in the middle of saying something, and all he could catch was: "…shall not go hungry."

Confused, he said, "Huh? Sorry, I must have heard something outside… what were you saying?" Just for good measure, he gave her his most endearing smile.

It must have worked, for she merely repeated herself patiently. "I said: 'Do not worry child. I have set aside some food and tea for Sango, she shall not go hungry.'" She paused for a moment before adding, "In fact, I am going to take them to her right now."

"Here Kaede, let me take her breakfast over to her," Kagome offered.

"Are ye sure child?" Kaede asked for the sake of being polite. She was actually quite eager to let the young miko give Sango her meal. She had no problems admitting to herself that she was getting older, and she knew that her body grew more tired with each passing year.

In a few years, if she even managed to live that long without a demon finishing her off, she would leave this world. That fact in itself didn't bother her so much, it was the thought that she would leave her village without a guardian that frightened. Inuyasha would be there to fight off the demons of course, but he wouldn't be around all of the time.

And what if there was an outbreak of sickness? The nearest village was much too far away to be of any help. By the time someone had reached the miko there, there would be little that she could do. This was the main thing that was keeping her from dying: she couldn't leave her village to fend for itself. They were like the children she would never have, and she would not allow them to be lost. At that moment, Kaede vowed that she would not leave this realm of living until she had found a replacement for her.

Realizing that Kagome was looking at her expectantly, she shook her head as if to rid herself of such morbid thoughts and said, "I can take it if ye do not wish to."

Satisfied, Kagome replied, "No Kaede, I can do it." With that, it was agreed that Kagome would take Sango and Inuyasha their food.

Five minutes later

Kagome walked slowly, focusing very hard on not dropping any of the food. Sango's food was in her hands, while Inuyasha's Ramen bowl and Sango's were resting precariously on her forearms, which were held tightly together.

When she had finally made it to the hut that Sango was in, tiny beads of sweat had begun to form on her forehead, and she was biting her lip in concentration. As she reached the doorway she set down all of the food on the ground, and sighed with relief as she stretched her arms at being able to move them freely once again.

Rubbing her neck absently, she bent over to pick up the cup of tea, deciding that Sango would prefer to have that first. Being carefully to avoid the food on the ground, she stepped into the threshold of the hut. What she saw shocked her so much, that she almost dropped the entire cup of tea in her surprise.

Kagome stared with her mouth open in complete shock. There, on the floor, were Inuyasha and Sango. But that wasn't even the most shocking part: they were lying in each other's arms!

Blinking twice to make sure that it was not just her weary eyes playing tricks on her and that the sight she was seeing was real; Kagome couldn't help but feel just the slightest pang of jealousy. It wasn't that she still wanted Inuyasha, she just wanted someone to hold her like that: as if she was the only thing that mattered in the world.

A wave of loneliness swept over her as she stared at her two friends. Somehow, they had managed to wind up lying down, and they seemed to enjoy their position a lot. Inuyasha was leaning against the far wall, with his head tilted far enough forward that nose brushed the top of Sango's head. Said girl was currently sprawled across his chest with one arm snaking around his chest, and the other one lay loosely at her side.

They looked so sweet and at peace, that Kagome did not have the heart to wake them up. In all of the time that she had known Inuyasha, she had never once seen him this at ease with someone. It seemed too cruel to ruin the moment.

"Breakfast can wait a few more hours," Kagome thought decidedly. "For now, I'll let them rest." And with that, she turned and walked away, trying to ignore the anguish that filled her heart at the thought of never being held by the one she loved.

End of Chapter

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