The Lucy tale

Author's note- im back, hahahaha. Tho none of u prolly read my story, After, I am pleased to say it was highly controversial and although it only had 8 chapters, it got 70 reviews. So, im back to write more about Lucy, the main character of my other story. Strange thing is, I actually despise lucy, but the character is fascinating. Story may go to other characters as it progresses

I am Lucy. Known to my family as weepy, loony, loopy, whiney Lucy. Nobody understands me. I don't even understand myself. But here is my story, the story of how I left the Camdens, how I grew up in spite of them, and left to be on my own. You may judge me, but please, hear me out. So let me begin.

My family was smothering me. They had been smothering me since the day I was born, I just didn't know it. They respected their sons more than their daughters. Matt was valedictorian, pushed and pushed by my parents. My parents pushed Mary and me to be good girlfriends. And we did that quite well. We were obsessed with the opposite sex. When we were in school, we chased boys. When we were out of school, we talked on the phone to boys, or had boys over. When their were no boys around to be had, we sat on our beds and thought of boys. Boys, men, anything male dominated our lives.

I was the make out queen. I would make out with anyone, anywhere. It really was who I was- I had to be better than Mary at something. Mary had sports, I had kissing. I had to be something, so I was the make out queen. Soon making out went further. I never had sex, but before my senior year in high school, I had done everything but. Jordan was the first one, he showed me how things were done. All the girls hated me, called me a slut and such, but by the time I was a senior, most were having sex, so they all stopped. Somehow, even with all the other options, guys kept coming to me. Mary said this was probably because they didn't want to be caught having sex, which again, I never did, because it was too risky. Also, she said it was because I had been doing everything else longer than the other girls, therefore I was better, and I had no conditions. If a guy would pay attention to me, I would do anything. It didn't matter to me. It was easy.

I knew for a fact mom was this way in high school. She was crazy- she did drugs. She probably had sex too, before she met my dad. She was truly worse then I was, but she was popular. And she wanted me to be popular too. And I was popular, very popular. In senior year, when the girls had sex, they didn't hate me anymore. And the guys, well they always loved me. Their were always rumors that I had done older men. Those were false of course, but would have been true if I knew any older guys. I always knew I would marry someone at least several years older than myself. I needed to feel taken care of, in everything I did. I would do anything to be taken care of, this all the boys knew and were happy to oblige. All this talk doesn't mean I never fell in love. I did fall in love. It was the greatest mistake of my life.

The fist boy I was in love with was Andrew. Andrew was different then the rest. He didn't grab at me in the halls, or make lewd comments. He liked me for who I was. he saw me as something I could not even see myself as- a true human being. Eventually, I liked him back, and we fell in love. However, he went to France for the summer. I could not survive without guys, so I dated, and fell back into my normal routine. After what happened to Andrew, I regret that now. That was the only time I regretted doing what I did with guys.

After Andrew, I calmed down, a lot. Then I met Mike, he helped me out. He was like Andrew in a way- he saw me as a person. He loved me, and got me through my senior year. I wish I loved him back. Later on, he set me up with his friend Jeremy.

Jeremy and I got engaged. In hindsight, it was a step back in my attempt to be mature. But, what can you do. We broke up though, his family wasn't good, and even I could admit that it would have been dangerous to get involved. But I loved being away from home, away from my parents, and everyone's expectations. I held on to that feeling for years. It was the only time in my life I felt the way Andrew and Mike saw me; as a real person, as a human being, as something other than a hot chick with dumb comments, and who only cares about herself.