Gonna' Sing Popular

By WittyFae

(AN: the time is now, the place could be anywhere, the people could be COMING TO AN AUDITION NEAR YOU!!!
Based on actual events.)

Now that I've known you for a full five minutes - i'm going to show you my audition piece!

Random stranger on a bench
You really don't have to do that.

I know, that's what makes me so talented!


Whenever there's an audition I can't let it pass me by

'Cause let's face it, when have I let an audition pass me by?

My little heart starts to leap and whirl!

And when I have to sing a show song

There's one song I know can't go wrong

I know, I KNOW, exactly what it'll be.

And no matter what the case

Though I've sung it up and down the place

It's certain, that I'm going to succeed

Get cast as the lead

Oh yes indeed



I'm gonna sing PopUUUlar

I've worn out the show CD

My mom gave to me

And I think I'm good to go.

I'll show them how cute I am

As I take a stand

And sing something they've never heard

I'll sing Popular

I'm gonna sing PopUUUar

I'm gonna belt high D

Till their ear drums bleed

It maybe only heard by dogs.

I'll be fine if they just hear me, and don't ask for a monologue

LA LA LA LA, I'm gonna belt out Pop-u-lar

When I see the other girls here

I'm not nervous and I don't fear

I remind myself of just one fact

That I could

Blow the roof off with one note

And throw them backwards with my throat

Do they have that rare talent? 'Cause if they did-

They'd sing Popular!

Please, they'd kill to sing PopUUUlar

I just have to flaunt

I know what they want

They're not Avante Guard like me.

To sing something from Wicked

Is such originality

Why, I'm not suprised but, look at you. You're trembling

Random Stranger on a bench
I have to go (heads for the hills

You're welcome

And I do confess

Kristen Chenoweth

Was good but she'd agree

That I have got it perfect

And she could use some tips from me


LA LA LA LA - I sing Popular!

And know that when I'm done they will CAST MEEEEE!!!!!