poem After every girl, catching every smile. Except, of course, hers. 'Kiss them and leaving them wondering. Kiss them and leave me to cry.' SM

Inspired after watching half of 'Kiss the Girls', which was creepy. Casanova is 'great lover' in Italian. He was an amorous (lol) adventurer and writer, 1725-98. So says my dictionary.

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha, and all that jazz! Gonna rouge my knees, and pull my stockings down... or not...

Hands flitting,
reaching up,
reaching to someone, anyone.
Whomever will take them.

I scorn, eyes cast away from it all.
I scowl, at his hopeless antics.
But inside I am breaking.
It's a good thing I'm such a great actress.

His lips talk silver,
and reep in gold.
His lips kiss women,
yet never me.
Kiss them, and leave them wondering.
Kiss them, and leave me to cry.

But of course!
It is only expected of my Casanova.
That's who he is after all!
I can do nothing to change it.
It is as fate decides.

Any body that will open
with a little persuasion.
There he goes again.

Any pretty face,
attached to a pretty figure.
Here we go again.

Hands flitting,
reaching around,
reaching down,
and my heart seethes.
Violence seems a cure.
Violence seems to help.

Red on his face,
not blood, but pain.
Touch me without feeling.
But you smile anyways.
Goddamnit you smile!

I live half a lie,
I live only to die.
I live to hurt.
And I live to watch him,
wander away.

I live to be lonely and heartless.

I've always wondered,
my Casanova,
what it would be like
for you to love me.

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