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Shattered Innocence


Warnings: I'm putting these right here. Please read before you continue any further. In this fic, there will be: rape, abuse, swearing, and plenty of angst.

This will NOT be a yaoi. There are not even any planned pairings - think of it as a friendship/family fic.

This is set mainly in the anime-verse (mostly being that Akito is male), but there are elements that are from the manga. It should not interfere with your reading if you have only seen the anime, but just as a head's up.

EDIT (10/1/14): Hey guys, I am currently re-writing small parts of this fanfic and will be updating hopefully in the near future with some more chapters. To anyone that has read it before, nothing much plot wise has changed, just trying to fix some grammar/spelling, sentence structure and make things flow a little more smoothly. Thanks for sticking with me!

Rain pounded down on the ground, fat, large drops soaking everything in sight. The wind howled through the trees, blowing a cold chill over the unfortunate who happened to be out at this time, adding to their misery. Lightning crackled through the sky, thunder rumbling overhead and seeming to make the very ground tremble in its wake.

A large, leafy sycamore tree stood alone, weathering this storm to the end, branches blowing wildly and the giant swaying from side to side. Beneath the trembling tree, a teenager lay hunched over among the large roots, blue jacket pulled as tight around him as he could make it.

Bright, orange locks of hair were plastered to his face from the raging storm, his body shivering from the cold, slumping in exhaustion. The thin, tan cargo pants he wore were of almost no protection against the icy torrent, the constant drumming of rain on his body adding to his problems.

"What the hell was I thinking?" Kyou growled to himself, wrapping his arms around his knees. "Shigure told me not to go out and what do I do? Stupid, stupid, stupid..."

Flashback to a few hours earlier...

The rain had been pounding incessantly all day. For the Cat of the Zodiac that had been one day too many. He felt overtired and nauseous from the rain, a combination of anger and shame for his loss in his fight with Yuki earlier, which just reminded him of his bet, and sick of all the pity he felt radiating off the Sohma's house guest and his host.

"What is wrong with everyone here?" Kyou finally snarled over dinner, looking at each member in the room with a narrowed gaze."Tohru, you're too frickin' nice sometimes! Why can't you just not care for once?" Tears welled up in Tohru's large blue eyes, as she stared at Kyou. She knew the Cat had trouble controlling his temper, but he hadn't lashed out at her for quite a while now.

"Why can't you all just leave me alone? Every second of the day you're constantly checking up on me. I don't need your pity!"

"That's no reason to yell at Honda-san," Yuki snapped, purple eyes glimmering in anger. "She's been nothing but kind to your sorry ass!"

"Whatever. I'm leaving." Kyou rose from the table and made to stalk to the door that led to the back porch.

"You know you can't leave," Shigure said, moving to stand in front of the door. "It's not good to be out in the rain."

"I'm just going out for a few fucking minutes!," Kyou snarled. When Shigure made no move to budge, the Cat let out a huff and promptly kicked down the ricepaper wall on the other side of the room and stalked out into the main hall and out the door. He didn't even pause to grab his shoes.

"Why is Kyou-kun so angry?" Tohru whispered, looking dejectedly at the floor.

"The weather is just making him short-tempered," Shigure reassured the distraught girl. "Don't worry, he'll come back in a little while and just mope around. He always does feel bad when he snaps at you, don't pay him any mind."

"But shouldn't we go out and look for him?"

"That stupid Cat can take care of himself," Yuki hissed. "Let him die for all I care."

"You don't mean that, do you Yuki-kun?"

"Of course Yuki doesn't," Shigure butted in before the Rat could talk. "He's just upset too. Now let's go have some of those delicious cakes Tohru-kun so kindly made us."

Ushering the two into the kitchen, they all sat down to enjoy a light snack, while the Cat sprinted away, just needing to be alone.

End Flashback

"What's this?" a voice asked, sounding above the pounding rain. Disgust ran in the tone and Kyou jerked his head up, eyes widening at who had graced him with his presence.

"Is the freak all alone? Did your friends abandon you? Poor kitty," mocked the young man, coming to stand in front of Kyou.

"Go to hell, Akito," Kyou hissed, attempting to rise to his feet, only to fall back down with a thump on the ground, his strength having left him from the dreary weather.

"Awww, the freak can't stand," the head of house sneered. Akito knelt down on the ground, catching both of Kyou's hands as he tried to punch the older male, crying out in pain as Akito cruelly twisted them.

"Let go," he growled, struggling weakly in the much stronger grasp. Had Akito always been this strong? Or was he just this weak?

"And let you hit me? I don't think so, Kyou-chan," the man scoffed, suddenly throwing his weight forward and ramming Kyou against the tree. "Aren't you even going to fight back?" Akito chuckled, deep black eyes boring into the red. "Oh wait, I forgot. You're too weak."

"I am not!" the Neko hissed, slamming his knees upward into Akito's stomach. With a surprised gasp, the man released Kyou's wrists and sat back, clutching his stomach.

Scrambling to his feet, Kyou made to get away, but his ankle was grabbed and he fell back to the muddy ground with thud. "Why are you running?" Akito asked, dragging Kyou towards him, the Cat digging his nails in the ground in an attempt to stop. "Are you scared of me?"

"Fucking bastard," the Cat spat, trying now to kick Akito once more, though he was unsuccessful. He was not afraid. He wasn't.

He was terrified.

Anything that had to do with Akito was terrifying. The man wasn't supposed to take any sort of interest in him. And the fact that he did...

Well, it couldn't be good.

"Language," Akito scolded, having dragged the protesting Cat to him and dug a knee into his back. Kyou writhed uselessly on the ground, unable to gain any purchase to throw the man off of him.

"I think you need some lessons," Akito continued, almost pleasantly as rain continued to pound down on both of them. "Let's go back to the main house so I can curb that tongue of yours."

"I'm not going anywhere with you," the Cat snarled, still struggling to break free.

"I'm afraid you don't have a choice in the matter," Akito said, gently wrapping both of his slender hands around Kyou's throat. "I really do wish to speak with you, Kyou-chan. And if you won't come willingly, well..."

Kyou gasped as his air supply was slowly cut off, black spots dancing across his vision. His sluggish movements ceased and his last thought before blackness overwhelmed his vision was he should have just listened to Shigure.


When the Cat awoke, he found his hands and feet bound with a thick, coarse rope and a gag in his mouth. Hissing in anger, the boy struggled to sit up, when a soft, yet hated voice, sounded. "It looks like the kitty finally woke up," Akito smiled, coming out of a dark corner. "I was beginning to wonder how much longer."

Kyou only glared at the man with loathing, eyes burning deep with hatred. "Tell me, Kyou-chan, how does it feel to be nothing?" Akito asked, kneeling in front of Kyou. "To be hated by everyone and despised for what you are? To know that with a simple tug your bracelet will come off and you'll be a monster?"

Kyou watched with bated breath as Akito ran a hand down his arm, gently fingering the Juzu beads. And when the head of house slipped a finger underneath the elastic band, Kyou acted. He pushed forward with a lunge, knocking both of them to the floor and brought his bound hands down as hard as he could towards Akito's head. Screw being head of the house, and screw the later consequences. He was getting out of here now.

He thought he got one good hit in, but Akito didn't seem all that phased by the blow to his head. The man managed to reach up and block Kyou's second hit and then flipped them both around so that Kyou was on the floor. Grabbing the Cat's shoulders, he pulled him up and then smashed him onto the ground.

Kyou's vision went white for a brief second and when he came around Akito was hoisting him up by his hair. Kyou swung his legs out and managed to connect with the man's stomach, causing him to be dropped to the ground. The gag had come loose in the tussle and when Akito bent down to grab him, Kyou sank his teeth into the offending hand.

Akito gave a short scream and twisted the Cat away from him. Pain exploded along Kyou's right arm as he felt something snap under Akito's strong grip.

Dropping Kyou to the floor, Akito placed one foot on the now broken wrist and stomped down, malicious smile turning up at the new scream of pain.

"Do you want to know why you're here?" Akito whispered, dropping down to the floor and letting his breath tickle over Kyou's ear. "Do you want to know why I wanted to talk to the little monster?"


"I'm worried," said Tohru, standing in front of the door, hands clasped. "Kyou-kun's been gone a very long time…and in this weather…" Still, rain was pouring down in a mad torrent, so hard that it was bouncing back up after impacting the earth.

"He has been missing for over three hours," Shigure murmured, coming to stand next to Tohru. "But he's probably just waiting the storm out one of the shops downtown." Deep down though, the Dog was beginning to feel like something was very wrong, and his worry for the Cat was growing every second.

"He'll come back when he wants to," Yuki said softly, smiling at Tohru. "Don't worry about that baka Neko, he'll be fine." Yuki was also slightly concerned over Kyou's disappearance, but he brushed it off rather quickly. He wasn't supposed to care about that stupid idiot.

"Should we go out and look for him?" asked Tohru, already going to get her jacket.

"No," said Shigure, holding out a hand to stop her. "He could be anywhere, and I won't have any of us running around in this weather. You just got over a cold, Tohru-Kun, and I don't want you to get sick again."

"Besides," said Yuki, "the most that'll happen is he'll get a rather bad cold and be on bed rest."

"Something just doesn't feel right," the girl whispered, leaving the door and sitting down on the floor. "I know Kyou-kun was very angry and might not want to return home, but he knows when he's too tired and to come and get rest. He was tired even before he went out... I can't imagine how he must be feeling right now."

"If he isn't back by morning, I'll go looking for him while you two are in school," comforted Shigure, trying to put the girl more at ease. "Don't worry, Kyou will be fine."

The tenseness didn't disappear as the group retired to their rooms, Tohru and Yuki finishing up homework from Friday and Shigure writing some more of his novel, wanting, if possible, to avoid another incident with his editor.

But no ones heart was in their work. Tohru abandoned the book she was supposed to be reading for her literature class and walked over to her desk, picking up the picture of her mother. "Oh mom," she sighed, hugging it to her chest. "I just know something is wrong with Kyou-kun. But I don't know what."

Climbing back into bed, the girl turned off her lamp and curled up, the picture clutched in her arms. Minutes later, she'd fallen asleep, the storm still raging outside.

In the next room over, Yuki was neatly writing the last answer to his science homework in his notebook. Glancing out the window, the rat felt a pang of guilt strike deep in his chest before he shook it off.

He was one of the reasons Kyou had taken off. The Cat had challenged him once more, and had lost as normal. But this time, Yuki had actually laughed in his face, making fun of the Neko before going back inside.

He didn't know why he'd made fun of the Cat, he rarely ever did, but Kyou seemed to have taken the teasing worse that day. Maybe it was because he hadn't even lasted a whole five seconds. Maybe it was because the weather was making him cranky and taking everything the wrong way.

Maybe you wanted him to run away, Yuki's mind whispered. You don't like him being so close to Honda-san, being so happy when he should be miserable. You want him gone.

Thunder rumbled in the sky, a sudden chill filling up the room. A short image of Akito flashed in the Rat's mind and he shuddered, quickly packing up his books. 'Don't think about him,' the Rat scolded himself, changing into pajamas and crawling into bed. 'Don't think about Kyou. You didn't do anything wrong. He shouldn't be so acting so familiar with Tohru-kun and Shigure. He's the cat.'

But sleep didn't come easy for the Rat, as the odd feeling of guilt continued to gnaw at him. He finally made the resolution that if Kyou wasn't back in the morning he'd go look for him himself, and apologize for his actions. It would at least make Honda-san happy, and he'd do anything to bring a smile to her face.

That in mind, Yuki finally drifted off into a restless sleep.

Across the hall, Shigure continued to stare at a blank piece of paper, pen idly in hand. No matter how hard he tried to write his novel, the young Cat's face kept appearing on the page, looking worried or upset.

"He survived four months in the mountains," Shigure said to himself, "He'll be fine for one day in this weather. But… why do I have this bad feeling?"

Abandoning the paper, Shigure went to stand in front of his window, looking for any sign of Kyou coming up the front driveway. But flashes of lightning were all he saw, the rain pouring down faster.

"I can see I'm not going to get any work done," the Dog muttered, turning off his light and changing into his yukata, leaving the blank page open on his desk. "I left the front door open, so if Kyou does come back he'll be able to get in… Not that he uses the doors," he muttered as an afterthought, thinking of his kitchen wall.

Minutes passed, and Shigure fell into a light sleep, his worry for Kyou still growing.


Kyou didn't say a word, tears gathering in his eyes as Akito crouched on his broken wrist, his fingers digging into the boy's back. "…y-yes," he choked out after a few seconds.

"I'll tell you then," Akito said, not releasing his grip any. "You may be the Cat, despised by most, but you aren't disliked by all. That bitch, Tohru, certainly seems to care a lot about you."

"Don't you dare harm Tohru," Kyou growled, anger flashing in his red orbs. The quick burst of strength he'd felt upon the subtle thread faded as Akito ground his foot into his broken arm again and he let out a breathy sob.

"I won't touch her, don't you worry," Akito reassured. "My business is with you. But even Shigure cares somewhat for you. And let's not forget the lovely Kagura. How she could ever like you, much less love you is beyond me. Maybe she needs to be taught a lesson as well."

"But no," he mused, stroking a hand through Kyou's hair. "It will be punishment enough when they see what I've done to you. That will be their warning. That they should be showing me their affections, not some monster like you."

Fear gripped the Cat's heart. He could survive a beating, or insults. Hell, he was beaten by Yuki almost everyday, bruises didn't bother him any longer. And when he'd been small, he'd become accustomed to the jeers and taunting. So what did Akito have up his sleeve?

"I know in just about a year I'll have you locked up in that little room, and you'll never come out. But that isn't enough. I want you to suffer like I do," Akito said. "You are cursed by the Cat, but yet you can still live a normal life. As for me… I am constantly plagued by illness, having the burden of this family on me. And what do I get for all of my pain and suffering?"

He paused for a moment, as if expecting Kyou to answer, but then continued. "I do not have a pleasant life, Kyou-chan. But you do. And I really don't think that it's fair, do you? Since I cannot seem to have the love you have so readily been given, I shall have fear. And to do that... well, it's time to break apart this little kitty and make him realize he will never be better than me."

"You sick freak," Kyou snarled, thrashing once more to try and get away, but Akito's grip was too strong. "Let me go!" .

"That spirit you have," Akito breathed, once more running his hands through Kyou's hair, "will not be with you after this. I'm going to strip away your life, piece by piece, until you're too shattered to be put back together. So, why don't we begin?"

Author's Notes:

Edit: 10/1/14: I am going through and re-writing parts of previously published chapters to make them more concise, clear and have better flow, as well as removing my past obsession I seemed to have with "...". Stay tuned for hopefully more updates soon!


This is my first Fruits Basket fic, so I hope I did all right.

As you can see, Akito is male. This fanfic is mostly based off of the anime world, not the manga, hence the gender change. I don't believe there are too many other changes, but if I spot any I will let you all know.

Anyways, some of you are probably wondering about the nickname of Kyou-chan I gave to Kyou. If anyone has ever watched Rurouni Kenshin, I'm sure they'll understand this. In that anime, Yahiko is teased and called Yahiko-chan as a degrading term since all he wants to do is seem strong. So I had Akito call Kyou, Kyou-chan, because I thought I needed a new name besides freak and kitty, and just calling him Kyou didn't make it seem like he was making fun of him.

Reviews would be wonderfully appreciated! I'd like to see how much attention this fic has caught. So leave a comment, if you feel like it. Happy reading!