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Finn couldnt sleep that night at all. She tosed and turned in her poster-bed and when she got up in the morning her hair was all in a mass.
"What happened to your hair Finn" Hermine jawned when she saw her "having a nightmere?"
"no its just what Dumbledor told me yesterday it was quiet a shock!" "Can you tell me" "No" so they went down for breakfest.

To Finns and evrybodys surprise Draco was sitting on the Griffynder table! "I had myself resorted" he grinned "my father said I must because of you no idea why but its ok for me to be closer to such beauty!" Finn turned to ice and thought "So his father must know being so close to Voldemord"...
"What are YOU doing here you slimeball!" Harry cried and there wher red blotshes on his pale cheeks he was fuming from inside. "Get back to the Slytherin table!" "I'm in your house now so GET USED TO IT!" Nobdoy could believe it but then Dumbledor came in with Snape on his side and made a speech.


"I have serious news for all of you. Professor Snape will be dieing soon if nobody helps him he was attacked by Voldemord last night when he was eeeeeehhhm on a nighttime stroll near the wood. Ehem. Please see it as your homework to find a solution we all together can maybe save him. Thank you. And Draco Malfoy is a Gryfiinder from now on he wanted it so it happened. Tuck in!"

Everybody turned to Snape and yes, he lookes a bit pal and worn out!
"How can we help him" Hermine whispered to the table occupants "I dont want to anyway" said Harry a bit loud. They started bickering. "Ive got an idea1!" Finn exclamed suddenly and ran away.

Later in the afternoon a knock on Snapes door could be heard and he opemned it weakly. His eyes widened and he almost smiled a little when he saw WHO was at the door! It was Finn and she wore a sparkling silver dress low cut her hair up in a bun. "Why hello professor is this your wand or are you happy to see me?" "It is my wand. Please come in and make yourself comfortable!"
Finn arranged herself on a chaselounge (spelling?) and took a glass of sparkling red wine. "He lickes me" she thought "the way he looks at me" Snape narrowed his eyebows and asked the important question "why are you here?"

"I think I know the answer to your health improvement. I can heal you Professer Snape!"

Meanwhile Harry was sitting on his bed when he saw Draco leaving the room (They had perfect silence when in the sma eroom they HATED each other!). Suddenly he bend over to read a letter on Darcos bedsid table (nosy!).


My dear son and heir!
Here is your father. I have very exiting news for you...
The new student at your school is in fact VOLDEMORDS DAUGHTER I can tell you no details but you must be close to her. I heard she is pretty so please charme her a lot. And the HP-plan (you know what I mean) is still in action so do your best.
Your devoted father L M.
Your mother send her love.

Harry just sat their and was shocked Finn was his enemys daughter!

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