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In the cold of space...year 2180

I look up again watching him from the corner of the ship. The corner he likes to sit, the one that I think he sees as the last part of home. The home he had, that is where he hangs his shining warrior helmet. With its red eyes and that powerful heavy frame which blocks out his face a face that most wouldn't want to look at. But then I guess that's why they say beauty is in eye of the beholder. Maybe where he comes from he's very handsome. If I knew where that was but then I don't. I don't know much about him apart from that where stuck abroad this beaten vessel, which belonged to his clan. I think it was a clan still I'll never really know as they are all died. As are the people I once knew. This is all because the marines decided to set of the self destruct, to get rid of everything.

It got rid of everything the black demons and their queen. It got rid of his hunting party and all the friends I knew. Now all that's left after their cleansing operation is us two stow always. I feel sorry for him I really do. Even if he did kick me in to the ships side out of anger, before he realized I was female. I think he just wanted someone to blame and hurt for his misfortune, I mean he's only young, if that crest on his head is anything to go by. The others like him didn't have them. I think he was learning how to hunt those black demons. With their black tails and tongues that have teeth which can go through a man's or woman's head. I saw that with my own eyes and I blame that horrible doctor Utro who was in charge. He was the one testing and playing god with these aliens.

He brought their eggs to the lab, his love of being god meant that men and women died and the hunters came to hunt both us and those horrible black demons! The job I used to have was nice, I liked working in the labs as an electronics scientist on breathing apparatus. It was a nice easy life with a good pay check, but I guess the nice easy lives we choose don't always turn out the way we planned. I know he didn't get any choice ether. He never even killed us he just killed the black nightmares. Now he's all alone his face has two scars on it made by those black alien's claws one running through his crest the other through his opening mandibles, which he keeps clicking because he's frustrated. Even if he keeps sitting in that corner where the rest of his armour is it's the only thing that he has of his own kind. Saying that there's food on this battered little hunter craft, although it's from his kind I don't find it tastes to nice but it's better than nothing. I'd rather not die before I hit twenty-four due to starvation it's his food or no food and I'll take it any day. Even if it gives me stomach aches it's better than nothing I guess it's better to live and have someone. Even if that someone is short tempered and still isn't sure about me.

Not that I'm really sure about him but he was the one who dragged me out of from under the wreckage. Where I was trapped and roared at me. I think he only likes me because I killed one of those black nightmares. With one his fallen races metal spears. Although in my view I just took it and put it through the beast's head because I was terrified and didn't want to die, I'm no marine I'm a coward when everyone else was grabbing plasma rifles from the bays. I was the one trying to hide up the ventilation shaft. I just wanted to live, I didn't care how I could say that I killed one of the black nightmares but then I could also say I pinched his dead races spear. So what he wasn't going to use it he was dead just like everything else other than this young hunter and me, god knows how he survived. I survived because I was trapped in area of the faculty, which was nuke proof. I would love to know where he was hiding because like me he didn't have a burn on him. Although his armour was smouldering from heat it wasn't burning him. Why do I keep calling this hunter him? Oh that's right I don't have a name. He's just the heavy six-foot tall alien who saved my sorry ass. One of the only reasons I can stand this six-foot aliens air is because of the small metal collar around my neck it clamps on to my throat reticulating my air changing his air to oxygen so I can breathe properly. I only put it on because once I got on to the ship I started to feel ill and started to choke horribly. I'm so glad I had one of these things in my white lab coat's pocket. Why can't I get these stupid controls to work damn alien technology!


Emma slowly turned watching as the hunter lifted himself of the floor. "My name is Emma!" She turned back punching the controls again. Watching as the blackness outside obscured her view of the space. She hit the symbol again it was meant to slow them down. But it was proving to be slightly temperamental. Just like everything else on the ship. Which wasn't working or needed a bit of coaxing to work she turned watching as the huge hunter moved his massive hand past hers. Hitting the panel then putting a clawed finger on another symbol then another making a combination. Her gaze turned sharply put not in enough time to feel the vessel slow from hyper speed causing her to hit the ships floor hard on her back. She winced painfully so much for advanced technology the dampening fields where screwed up.

She'd only learnt half this stuff from watching him. Maybe it wasn't the ship being temperamental but more the fact that she couldn't get the combinations right. She watched as he turned looking at her his yellow eyes moving slightly. Maybe in disgust maybe it was some other emotion. Not that she could tell the mandibles really didn't help matters in anyway. She watched as he opened his mouth a low laugh hitting the air. She hated his laugh it was always far too human. Even if his skills of talking in her language were crude at best his laugh was always spot on. She gritted her teeth together in annoyance "Oh that's right laugh it up all you want. I'll make sure to laugh next time you fall over on your big fat ass!"

Jeuki turned looking at the female ooman at his feet. She was cursing again not that he caught all of what she said. But he knew it was aimed him for laughing at her. Why did the soft meat have to so small? That question had been getting him for ages. Such frail skeletons the type he'd seen the elders crush with ease before they had all died. They'd died so quickly. Fire, it had just burnt through them ripping of their flesh right down to bone. Not even the armour had saved them. The ooman weapon spared nothing. What he still couldn't understand was why they had killed their own. He'd seen all of them die the hard meat, the oomans and the Yautja a like. That had angered him so at first and he wanted to kill the first ooman in sight.

This ooman had been the only one left. It would have been so easy just to break its neck. Such an easy kill, a kill to take away the pain of loosing his clan to fire but he'd been interrupted by two hard meat! One of which he'd killed by putting his metal wrist blades through its head. Yet the other had managed to jump on to him. Slamming him in to the ground then it used its tail to knock his mask free. All he felt was agonizing pain as it scratched its sharp claws down his face. Causing him to roar for all he was worth. Then to his surprise he'd seen a spear go through the hard meats head. He'd turned only to see that the ooman was holding it. He still wanted to kill the soft meat but he couldn't bring himself to do it. He had nothing apart from his weapons and armour. A selfish thought maybe but he'd seen that it could be useful.

He also had a code of honour he wouldn't kill something that could kill hard meat like him. Or something that could be an ally where he had none at first he hadn't realized it was female. It was only over the feeling of anger when it had slipped in the mud near the ship and he'd kicked it in to the ships side for showing weakness. Not something he was happy about doing now. It was most dishonourable to hurt the female of a weaker species. Plus he'd harmed one who'd saved his life. His wanting to kill it was just as dishonourable. He was a blooded warrior he should've known better! He was not an outcast a disgusting bad-blooded Yautja. He was better than that and would not sink that low ever again. It was only then he'd seen her upper half better since the white cloth before had covered it.

She'd only taken it off because of the pain in her ribs she had when she'd hit the ships side due to the force of his kick. Then he'd been able to make out the shape and flesh better. Because of the white long clothing coming free and her trying to pull up her piece of clothing under that so she could feel her ribs. Which caused her to cry out somewhat. It wasn't a nice ooman cry. He knew what females on his planet looked like. Just not what females on ooman planets looked like Although the rumour from the full warriors was they that they had breasts and were smaller than the males which he'd though of as odd. Since the females on his planet were bigger than the males. Still it was a joke among his clan but now he had seen that it was true ooman females were smaller.

He looked at her for a moment before picking her up with his clawed hand and putting her upright. Okay she didn't like it much he could tell by the kicking of her feet. Okay she probably didn't like his height he did tower over her. Still the last time he had grabbed her it had been because he'd wanted to kill her and because he'd kicked her. Maybe it was time he started to speak to her properly. They'd been on this ship for over a month floating through space. He'd been looking for others of his kind and no doubt she was looking for the same thing. Home wherever her home was, all he'd ever heard it referred to was the backwater planet which wasn't very helpful. Plus her race had spread over planets since then. On their slow bulky ships which cruised through space.

Okay even this beaten up vessel was better than those ships. Okay it was faulty due to damage. And the hyper drive was only going half speed but it was still faster. He looked at the ooman again. "Name?" He watched as she looked at him for a long moment. He put a clawed hand up pointing at her. "Name?" He clicked his top mandible. Maybe he was saying it wrong. Maybe he needed another word he leaned forward. "Ooman...name?" Emma raised an eyebrow was he asking her name? Okay this was new she put a hand on her chest. Well anything was worth a try. She was sick of the silence. "Emma." She watched as the hunter leaned his head to one side. She eased up her hand slowly. "Emma." Did he even understand? She'd heard him utter human words before but that didn't mean he understood the language.

Jeuki leaned forward, "Emme." He watched the ooman shake her head then pull up her hand again repeating the name. He took a moment to listen hard to the sound. Why was his language so easy, yet hers seemed so strange? It was an odd way of moving his mandibles to get the sound right, he tried again "Em...ma." He knew that was close still worth another go "Emma!" He watched the human nod he put a hand his chest, "Jeuki." He watched as she tried to repeat it but failed on her first attempt, not surprising though. He watched, as she tried again almost getting the sound but not quite. Emma breathed in deeply all she had to do was repeat his name how hard could it be? She took a slow step closer, "Jeuki." She watched as the hunter nodded. Okay it wasn't much but it was a start and better than nothing. I mean if your going to be stuck with someone be they human or alien it helped to understand each other. Okay she wasn't as big or strong as he was or brave but at least she could try to be since they both needed to get home. Wherever home was, she had no idea where she was in space but then she wasn't sure if he knew ether.

Aboard the Sirun battle cruiser...travelling to the Callisto moon colony in the second sector of the galaxy

"Thirteen thousand killed."

Oran looked at the papers. "You're telling me the colony on Callisto is gone?" He watched his associates nod. "Any survivors?" The first man Neil turned slightly. "I'm afraid not the whole colony was blown up sir. We have reports that the marines set of the self-destruct sequence, killing everything there. The place is rubble sir. Even the power generators were destroyed." Oran sat back. "So the good doctor Utro is dead?" The second man Luther slowly stood up. "Yes sir, but you shouldn't fret sir all his notes where sent to the central computer along with samples to the Iron Year research ship which was orbiting the planet." Oran looked up slowly. "So my money wasn't a complete loss then. At least I have that research if nothing else."

He watched as the Neil spoke again. "You have all you need and more, since we've been looking through it we found some very interesting things." Oran threw the papers on the table. "Not that I really care but I'll be happy to look through them... later." Luther turned slightly. "With all due respect sir you should look now. There's something you must see." Oran looked at him before straightening his business suit. "This had better be good, I'm tried of my other two research faculties not getting me anything worthwhile. Callisto was the only one of any worth. I mean what's thirteen thousand deaths if I don't get something out of it? In my opinion it's a wasted venture one I could do without. I'm just glad I got something out of this mess that was worth my while."

He looked out of the window watching the black space go past. "Now people go make your selves useful and tell the government that this was a big accident and that I need funding." He watched as two the men slowly left the room closing the double doors behind them. It was true what was death worth if he got no prize from it. Callisto had done its task he could just build another bigger facility. Callisto had been full of colony bums anyway. They did what they had to and had served their purpose. People would always work for a medium pay. Setting up a new facility, which wouldn't be that, bigger a deal. People worked for anything throw money at them; they become your lap dogs. Doing what ever you wished just like that. Pathetic as this human trait was it could be useful. He slowly put his hand on the button next to his seat. "Set a new course." He turned slightly listening for a reply. "Where to sir?" He smiled. "Oh set it for the second systems outer sector. I wish to meet up with the Iron Year research ship as soon as possible. So please get this rust bucket moving." He smirked listening for the reply. "Yes sir right away sir we'll dock ship with them mid space." He turned his gaze to the ships window looking in to the reaches of space. Out here he was god and no one could defy him.

End of part 1


Authors notes Hope I did a good job of this, the inspiration came from the Book Alien Vs Predator prey and the AVP movie. I found Scars relationship with Alexa fascinating, much like the Relationship Machiko had with Broken Tusk it was about seeing a different side of another species, which is a great concept.