Location, Earth in Kyoto Japan in one of the ancient temple houses in the mountains.

I can't let them take her away from me! She must not join Oran Corp I don't want my little baby to be drawn in to that monsters grip. That horrible man who calls himself Idorama Afros! A bitter old man who walks around with his little walking stick spewing out crap! I lost two children once because I ran away. One of which is dead now and the other won't speak to me. I won't loose my last child. I know Elizabeth doesn't like it here, she hates the quite, but I can't allow them to find us. I have friends here in Japan who I know thought another company woman who owns a company on another planet. She pointed me here to this safe haven. She told me that it was really important I come because the tides are changing. I never understood her term dogy Christ I never understood anyone's even my husbands before I stupidly ran out on him and then ran in to Oran. I regret sleeping with that bastard hell I'm glad he's died. He was seriously out of his mind and power hungry. I don't regret getting pregnant though and I love my daughter to bits, I've made it my life's work to do good by her where I failed with my other two children.

I just hope they haven't found us, I pray that I covered my tracks well. Oran's grandfather is no better than him I don't want my daughter to end up like that, evil, horrible and power hungry. Hannah turned slowly watching as her daughter looked out at the mountains. The blondes haired sixteen-year old breathed out loudly before turning to look at her. Hannah put a hand on her head. "I know you don't like it here but Machiko said it's very safe." Elizabeth turned looking at one of the blossom trees her blue eyes shifting in annoyance. "Why are we running? It's not funny anymore!"Hannah moved closer to her, her brown hair swaying. "Sweetheart we aren't safe and believe me you don't want to meet Idorama he's as bad as your father." Elizabeth pulled up a cup of green tea drinking it slightly. "Yeah well he's dead just like my step sister and never knew ether off them." Hannah smoothed her business suit down. "You where better off not knowing your father and your sister didn't feel a thing it would have been a quick death believe me." Elizabeth grunted. "Right like being nuked isn't painless!"

Hannah turned sharply. "Well I like to tell myself it was because it helps me get over her death!" Elizabeth lowered her gaze. "I never even met her, and you still won't talk to her brother. Forgive me if I feel just a little angry about this!" She turned throwing the green tea cup watching as it shattered against the wall. "Now I'm stuck in this stupid temple hiding from some old git with a walking stick whose rich!" Hannah turned angrily. "You don't want that money believe me! It's blood money!" Elizabeth snarled aloud. "It's my money the will has my name on it I read it!" Hannah turned moving forward she grabbed the sixteen year old by her arm pulling her up from her kneeling position. "This is serious that money is bad money and it'll come with a price! Everything in Oran's family comes with a price!" She moved closer. "I won't let them take you from me and turn you in to the monster your father was!" She put a hand on her daughters face loosening her grip on her arm. "You are not your father, you are a good child and you don't deserve to have that done to you. I won't let them do those things to you. You're all I've got left, I lost your brother and sister because I was foolish. I won't loose you."

She stopped sharply as she felt a cold point hit the back of her neck. An old voice calmly hit the air. "Well spoken words Hannah but I feel you still need to work on your hiding better." Hannah felt her heart hit her stomach she turned slowly seeing the samurai sword pointing at her throat. An old pair of hands held the weapons hilt. He snarled looking at the old brown eyes and white beard. The old man who was in his late fifties smiled evilly. "I wouldn't try anything Hannah I have so many guns pointed at you right now you wouldn't believe." He looked around laughing. "Your other daughter is as troublesome as you are! Words can't describe how much I'd like to break her in two right now!" Hannah looked up sharply feeling Elizabeth hold her tightly. "My other daughter is dead! She died last year!" Idorama growled aloud his long white beard moving. "Oh no she isn't, believe me! And so far she's cost me hundred of credits of research as well as my son's life!" He moved the sword back pulling up his walking stick, which he leaned on. "We can play this two ways Hannah!"

He looked out at the Japanese's mountains with their huge hills and beautiful houses as well as flowing cherry blossom. "You can ether quit now and we take you and your daughter to my holiday home in Africa or I can have your head blown of in the same way that I had my men shoot Machiko's stupid little protection unit guarding this place!" He looked up slowly. "Believe me I'm not as forthcoming as my son was to you, or as soft around the edges!" Hannah eyed him. "Your son was not forth coming believe me. He was as disgusting as you are!" She stood up straight keeping her daughter behind her. "Plus don't lie about my dead daughter!" Idorama raised an eyebrow. "Unlike my son lying is not something I do!"

He narrowed his gaze. "So tell me what's it going to be Hannah?" He looked up breathing in the air. "I mean as the old warriors used to say it is a good day to die." Hannah turned looking at her terrified daughter who was now clinging her. She'd never felt so helpless in her whole life she knew that this horrible old man wouldn't be bluffing. She looked up slightly she wished right now that her first husband was around to protect her. Like he always had done before she'd run away like a fool and left him. She sighed aloud maybe if she played along and if she held on, she could get them both out of this. Yes she was smart she could do over this old bastard given time. She narrowed her gaze slightly, her child was more important and if it meant she had to do some thing later that she hated then fine. The old git had forgotten that wonderful line that she loved so much. Live to day fight tomorrow. She slowly met his gaze. "I'll go with your fist offer." Idorama smiled slowly. "Good choice Hannah."

He moved forward until he was close to her face. "Frankly I didn't want to kill you, because from you I can learn how your other daughter works. So far it's been sharp learning curve." He tapped his stick. "I do like to learn though." He pulled away slightly. "Please follow me to your new home and don't try anything Hannah, I don't give out second chances." Hannah felt her daughter hold her tightly she slowly met her scared gaze. "It's okay sweetheart, it'll be okay lets just do as he says." She slowly followed the old man feeling her daughter hold her tightly as they walked towards the temple doors. She wasn't going to take this lying down! She'd let the old git think he'd won and soon she'd think of something to get them both out!

Location, Earth court secret office in California America

Michael looked at the screen again, he sighed aloud looking at the report. This was one of the worst incidents he'd had to write up about in years. The big hard asses at the top would never let this stuff go main stream anyway. It would end up with all the other Yautja material in a closed top-secret box that one that was pretending to be an X file. One of these days that box would over load people where getting smart on earth. There where far to many of these Yautja incidents sprouting up and they'd been happen no stop for decades. How much longer could they keep this up? In his view not for long he also knew that the public had caught on that Xeno's where real. Oh yes thanks to the leaking and so many scientists trying to illegally experiment on these ugly things. Ellen Ripley was also to blame for all this, after they'd found her ship in deep space and woken her up. Her and that damaged Bishop android along with a marine named Hicks had spilled it out to the public. Ripley had now vanished to some tropical world with that kid Rebecca Jordan or Newt as she seemed to be nick named.

He sighed aloud in annoyance why did he always get stuck with these assignments. He'd rather be out in the field exploring these events than having an office job. He looked at his report for the last time before picking up his coffee. He'd had enough of writing this stupid thing. He'd spent a week going through the files to write it and watching the videos. He stood up sharply it was time for his lunch break he'd get some other idiot in the office to post it to the hard ass's at the top. He slowly moved towards the doors of the office ignoring that the writing, which was still blaring on his screen. With its long document which he'd was now so sick of looking at. He closed the door ignoring the still on screen as he felt.

Earth Report Dated 2181

Oran Afros…deceased

Oran's company and experiment information confiscated. Company has now brought in Oran's only child to take over and has renamed it's self. it will take the company three of four years to recover due to being seriously fined as well as other issues. High hopes rest on the daughter who's taken over to put things right.

Luther Deago…murdered

Oran's most prized helper made sure everything in the company ran like clockwork and made sure that nothing that Oran was doing was ever found out about. A very rich young man because he tied up loose ends. Came from earth and knew Oran because he worked for his billionaire father Idorama Afros. Oran killed this wounded man in cold blood with a shot to the head…

I know it sounds terrible but its true Oran killed this man, watch the video. It's all very sad and hard to take in. This young man apart from his scams and cover-ups was clean.

Neil Royal…deceased

The Xeno's killed Oran's second man who worked on getting his money. Unlike Luther this man was not clean and has almost fifty changes of criminal activity. He worked in criminal rings on earth; his suit was just hiding his true look, which Oran altered somehow. His real name was David Agro. I'm sure that rings a lot of bells.

Not to be to blunt but the Xeno's did us a favour, a murder and rapist such as this one is better of dead. We'd have just killed him anyway if he had been brought back to earth.

Carlos Ero… deceased

Was the main man who did all Oran's illegal experiments was trying to fund a mars project with the blood money. The normal Xeno queen killed him on the Iron Year. He would have faced criminal charges for breaking the Xeno agreement, if he had lived.

Leo Unisan… deceased

Worked for Oran doing dirty work, was used in thirty different incidents to pose as different people with different jobs. Had no level one, two, or three in science. Also he never studied electronics on Pluto. He was a stow away from the tropical colony of Endoras. He saved Oran from being shot and was made useful.

Julia Ibos… deceased

Was never from the normal science level of Iron Year. Another of Oran's handy people, a clever level three scientist who did his dirty work just like Carlos. Would have faced criminal charges for breaking the Xeno agreement. If she had lived.

Lucy Summers…missing

We are aware that this woman is friends with Emma Wingates. What we still don't know is why she's missing the reports state that she didn't leave with the Sirun when it went back to earth. She was last seen putting supplies on a drop ship with her friend Marcus. She has not been seen or heard from since. The drop ship is missing, as are they. We are still trying to find out why they vanished.

Marcus O Neil…missing

Like Lucy is missing he went with her, some believe they might be a couple but there's nothing to prove it. There is also a report that Oran tried to have them both killed. Maybe they both feared that Oran Corp. might have their heads on a platter, which is why they fled. This is the only shred of anything I've found on these two. I think they just fled because of another reason that I can't pin point.

Isaac Talos…murdered

Murdered by Oni Jui after finding out information on Oran's Hurst… deceased

Samantha Stonewell…deceased

Killed on the Iron Year, died fighting the Yautja, gave her life for service.

Lexington Hurst… deceased

Oran's cyborg killed by Emma Wingates would have been put to death for war crimes, if he had been brought back to earth. More machine than man as the video shows. Should have died in prison where he should've been before Oran brought him out.

Fern Antigo…deceased

Killed on the Iron Year, death being murder or Xeno attack is still unknown gave her life for service.

General Eddy Ida

Given the highest white ribbons of honour for acts of courage and bravery was also given a second medal by the earth governments for uncovering Oran's illegal experiments. The last item given to him was a special one of a kind prototype synthetic, as a gift from Weyland industries. The synthetic is biological and has a fully human set of organs and is female.

It also has a longer life span, which is longer than the bishop model even we believe that Weyland Industries my have used the research on the cyborg project to make this being. This is not proven though. Eddy Ida is now the general of the Ares battle fleet vessel, which ensures that Xeno experiments are not carried out on colonies or on science vessels.

Sergeant Serria Meridian

Made a general of one of the earth fleet vessels called the Agro he was also awarded with two medals for acts of bravery. Now has to calm and stop civil disputes on colonies and other vessels.

Emma Wingates…missing.

Was thought to be dead but video evidence from Iron Year has shown that she is very much alive. Some want to hunt her down and kill her. Because of her actions against Oran. While others have sent gifts to Eros and thank you's to its people. White ribbons of bravery were sent to Ian Wingates so that they could be passed on to Emma if she ever returned home to Eros the dust bath-mining colony.

It's hard to even begin to go in to whether she's a traitor or a hero. The views are so spilt in half on both sides. Some say what she did she did out love for Jeuki. Others would state that she's a murder who should be punished. You can't ignore that she freed the predators along with the one she cared about. Still you can't ignore ether that her message on the Iron Year saved thousands.

Hunter…murder…traitor…scientist…alien lover…savour…hero… the list goes on and I really leave it up to you to decide.

Jeuki (Yautja or Predator)…missing Emma Wingates partner/other half I know how odd that sounds but it's very much a reality. These two are very much a couple, as video evidence has shown. The difference is that this is an odd case and it is hard to even take in due to the video footage. I don't need to say why just look at the damn videos. All information about this strange coupling is to be kept private and no leaking of information period. This may cause big problems if ever leaked to the public problems which we don't need period. I'd like to add that this is not the first time a human woman has been close to these male aliens as the earth report of Alexa Woods from 2004 was a good example. She later vanished in 2005 and was never seen again. Where she went remains a mystery even to this very day. I believe like Emma she went with the Yautja. There is also Machiko Noguchi, I'm sure you all know her. She's a legend when it comes to being around Yautja. Three separate incidents in counting all on different planets. We sent her a private message about finding Emma Wingates and Jeuki. She sent us a short reply saying she won't give out information about the Yautja and told us to go to hell. Typical behaviour from this annoying Japanese woman. She never plays ball when it comes to helping earth when Yautja are involved. She only cares about her company, which even now we never get any info on since she keeps everything she's doing private.

Oni Jui (Yautja Or Predator)…deceased/not fully confirmed.

Appears to have been a traitor to his race and helped Oran do his dirty work so he could hunt the Xeno's from the hybrid Xeno queen experiment. I guess we'll never really know what happened to him.

Live Yautja Experiments…all escaped and are missing

X1 young hunter

X2 young hunter

X3 elder hunter

All these three fled on a hunter vessel with Emma and Jeuki. No ones knows where they are period.

And here I leave this report as you've already got my two other reports on the Xeno experiments and the one on what was done to the Yautja and about their other vessel. The armour Oran made with the super strong metal and such.

My hope is that you'll come to your own conclusion about all of this.

Michael Rio Andro

Private section of Earth government