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"Flight 12, New York to Domino City, has arrived," the young flight attendant stated in a high, peppy voice. "We hope you a nice time! We also hope you fly Kaiba Airlines again soon!"

It was mid-afternoon in Domino City. Two teens, around 20 got off the plane. The man wore a long jacket, which flowed behind him. His hair was a light chocolate color. His face was curious, like he was looking for something.

Beside him, holding his hand tightly was a girl. Her hair was the same color as his, but it fell to her shoulders, with two streaks of pink. She looked scared, but happy to be with the boy.

Around the two were bodyguards, about four of them.

"So far, no reporters," the boy stated, smiling, kissing the girl on the cheek. The teenage girl just nodded. "Tea," the boy said, "what's wrong sweetie?"

"It-t-s just that, I don't know how they'll take it," Tea answered, shivering.

"Take what?"

"Us," Tea answered. "Seto, I didn't tell them we were engaged, or even that we were going out."

A surprised expression filled Seto Kaiba's face.

"I'm so sorry, I should have told them; I should of," she whispered, peering up at Seto Kaiba.

"It's alright Tea." he smirked as he then said, "Wonder how they'll take it."


The gang was at the arcade. They-well, all but Tea- were having a blast. Joey came over to her and said, "What's wrong Tea?"

"You know how Kaiba is taking a 5 year business trip to New York with some of his employees?"

Joey nodded happily.

"My dad's one of them. He started working for Kaiba Corp last month, and is going to New York for 5 years. The-Tea started to cry only thing is-I have to go with him."

"Wha-!" Joey stated.

Tea just cried.


The gang had said goodbye to Tea, as she got on that plane to NY, but she still felt like she never had REALLY never gotten to say goodbye.

It had been 5 years since Kaiba and Tea had left Domino. So much had happened since then. Tea had become a famous dancer, and was regularly mobbed by her (mostly guy) fans.

Kaiba was supplying shops with his merchandise, which turned out to be a big hit. Everyone loved his merchandise.

Kaiba and Tea started dating. Tea lost contact with her friends around then. She was in love with Seto so much. She couldn't risk telling the gang about there dating. But now that they were engaged, she and Kaiba were returning to Domino to get married and tell the rest of the gang.

She didn't tell anyone she was coming…to much of a risk. Reporters traced her and Kaiba's every move. They knew that they were dating, and that they were engaged. Hopefully Tea's friends didn't.

"Come on Tea, here's the limo," said Kaiba, as they got in.

"Where to?"

"The Kame Game Shop, in Domino City," nervously stated Tea, as she looked over at Seto. "I'm scared," she mouthed.

Seto kissed her delicately on the head.


The gang, which now included Ryou, Honda (Tristan), Serenity (Shizuka), Yugi (with Yami), Joey, Duke, Rebecca, and Mai, were playing Duel Monsters. They were having some type of Dueling Tournament. A lot of things have changed for the group. Ryou was still single, thanks to Bakura, Mai and Joey were FINALLY going out. Yugi started dating Rebecca, and Tristan finally got Serenity without Joey freaking out. Well, Duke had too many stalkers to just pick one.

At the moment, Ryou, well, his Yami, was dueling Mai.

"You pathetic mortal, now I will play this card face down and end my turn," sneered Bakura.

"Ya know," Mai said, "You should really treat your opponents better than this. I know Ryou would." She tilted her head.

Bakura just spat.

Ring, Ring, Ring. The phone rang. Ring, Ri-

An elderly man picked it up. He was rather short.

"This is the Kame Game Shop. May I help you?" the man answered.

"Oh! Hi! Is this Grandpa? This is Tea. Is Yugi there?" the voice stated.

"Tea! Glad to here from you. Everyone is here, would you like to be put one speaker phone?" Grandpa stated.


"Somebody on speaker phone for you guys!" Grandpa said, looking into the other room. He turned it on.

Tea's POV

How will they take this? I don't know if I should tell them.


"Hi guys! It's Tea!" I shouted, as Kaiba covered his ears. I mouthed sorry to him.

"Hey Tea!" said Yugi. "You haven't called in a while."

"Err—I've been really busy, that's all," I lied.

"Anyway, guess where I am," I exclaimed.

"Uh…" Joey said "Earth…."

I sighed. "No, I'm in Domino City!" I answered.

"Cool!" everyone said. "Why are you in Domino, you baka girl?" a voice sneered.

"Bakura? Is that you?" I questioned.


"????" I was confused.

"Anyway," I nervously stated, "I'm back in Domino, 'cause, I'm getting married!"

Silence. Total silence.

"Whoa." That was said by Tristan.

"So, I wanted you to eh- meet- my fiancée." I spoke in a calm tone. I was defiantly not calm though.

"That's great Tea!" said the cheerful voice of Yugi. "You can come over now to the shop."

"Okay-see you then!" I stated quickly, as I hung up the phone.

"So…." Kaiba said, wondering how it went.

"We're going." I answered.

"Good," Kaiba said, "because we're here."

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