Purging Purge, 6

Ulala, going on her friends' advice, Ulala decides to try and rescue Purge from... probably a toss-up between the man you'd least expect and the man you'd most expect to show up. I've probably given everything away at that point, too.

Poor, jittery Ulala had to be consoled again, this time by Jaguar and (kinda) Pudding. Jaguar sat with Ulala, who was resting on a bench under a window, while Pudding stood nearby and looked out the window, not really interested. A few members of the station's crew shuffled past them, muttering about how Purge had escaped the station, and had tried to take Ulala with him...

Jaguar held Ulala while she sat, her eyes staring blankly at her feet, her face pale. He rubbed her opposite shoulder, trying to get her to resond. "Ulala, you okay now?"

She had been silent since midnight. The vision of Purge's face as he disappated, that look of pure fury and shock, had burned into her very retinas, and nothing she could do could make it go away. That freak had lied to her, and had followed her to the new years dance and spied on her. Her head was reeling, her skin felt like it was on fire, and her mouth was dry as a desert. It was 12:30 now, and finally she decided to speak. "He's gone..."

"Yep" Pudding agreed, not looking at Ulala. She knew exactly what she was talking about. "Gone-a-roony."

"I thought he was good..." Ulala shook her head and place her hand on her temple, her mind still hazy. "I thought he was a good person, and now he tried to kill me..."

Jaguar's breathing suddenly caught in his throat; it was his equivalent to blushing. Uh oh, Ulala didn't notice who Purge was aiming for! "Um..."

Pudding flipped back her dreadlocks and yawned. Boredom, she cooed in her head, pure unadulterated boooooooooredom... hey, what was that over there? She focused her attention on the dark thing outside while Jaguar continued trying to talk to Ulala. She injected a thought that popped into her vacant head. "Purge was pra-rit-ty ticked."

Jaguar's muscles twitched; Pudding, shut up! She was making it worse!

"He tricked me... He wanted to trick me into liking him."

Jaguar twitched again at the words that came out of Ulala's mouth. "Um, Ulala?"

"He was planning this, I know it! Ulala jumped to her feet, finally feeling something for the first time in half an hour: ANGER. She clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. "He used me, just like Fuse used me, and I LET him!" she wailed.

"Ulala, calm down!" Jaguar counterred, grabbing her shoulders once again. She slapped them away.

"Shut up, Jaguar!"

Pudding suddnely laughed. "You sound like I did when I called Purge on the phone."

Jaguar's breathing stopped again. He jerked around to the blue girl, his teeth clenched in surprise. "Pudding!"

Ulala's anger blew out like a candle in a hurricane, her curiousity coming to the foreground. She turned to Pudding, resting her weight on one hip. "The phone?"

Pudding turned around, her expression, as Ulala's was earlier, blank. "What? Oh, Purge called us on the phone."

Jaguar, for the first time in his life, actually began to turn red. "Pudding, no!"

Ulala held her hand over Jaguar's mouth. "Shut up, I wanna hear this."

"And Purge invited us to the dance thing, and he didn't want you to know." Pudding went back to the window, watching the dark thing she had lost track of earlier and tracing its outline with her finger. "Jaguar said that Purge said it was a surprise."

Jaguar smacked his forehead. "He also said that Ulala wasn't supposed to know..."

Ulala turned on her heel, looking Jaguar straight in the eye. He was starting to get angry again, her foot tapping just like her mother used to do whenever Ulala got in trouble. "And what is that supposed to mean?"

Jaguar sighed. "Purge invited us to the dance. He wanted to surprise you."

"He thought it was nice." Pudding remarked, watching as a pale spot formed on the dark thing outside.

Jaguar took another deep breath; man, if Purge found out he was doing this, he would kill him... "He really likes you, Ulala; I don't know what happened out there, but it wasn't his idea."

"He was kidnapped." Pudding's voice changed pitch suddenly; it was like she couldn't decide whether or not she was excited. She rapidly tapped the window. "See, that's where he went."


Ulala and Jaguar pushed Pudding away from the window and- BOOM! Away flew a small, black spacecraft, Purge's face pulling away from the window!

"He was kidnapped" Ulala's muscles tensed. "Oh man, I've gotta rescue him- Wait."

Ulala shook her head. Why should she? Even if he wasn't still evil, he was still spying on her during the dance. Who knows what else he could've done while she wasn't watching? Ew... she got that Fuse-esque feeling in her stomache again.

"You're not gonna not save him, are you?" Pudding asked.

Ulala paused, then crossed her arms. "No."

"What!" Jaguar screamed.

"He doesn't deserve it." Ulala closed her eyes and stood firmly in place. "I'm not going. If the fate of the galaxy doesn't depend on it, I don't care."

Jaguar and Pudding looked at eachother, both sharing a weird moment of tension. Ulala, all of the sudden, had turned mean. She had good reason, of course, but it still wasn't like her. Pudding glanced at Ulala, then shook her head. "Man, she's turned into him."

The fist of realization punched Ulala in the chest. She snapped out of her stupor and grabbed Pudding by the arms, shaking her. "What did you say!"

Jaguar tugged at his hair stressfully. "Pudding, you're making her worse!"

Pudding, continuing her pattern of behavior, ignored Jaguar and kept talking. "Ulala, you dont' wanna rescue Purge because he was watching you at a dance? Geez, people stalk me all the time, and I don't care! Besides, he was mad at Jaguar, not you."

The blonde one was now so mad, he could barely speak. Ulala mused his thoughts for him. "He... was?"

"Yeah, Purge got all ticked when Jaguar kissed you, he was jealous," Pudding smiled smartly. "Watching jealous boys is a hobby of mine."

Ulala moaned in confusion. Aw, what now? Purge stilled tailed her, but he didn't try to kill her, so he stepped on her trigger tile and was kidnappe-

Woah. Her tile? That meant, if she had stepped there like she was supposed to, she woulda been kidnapped instead... wouldn't she have?

She tightened her headphones, pressing a button that linked her microphone directly to Noize's headset. "Noize, get the ship ready, I'm going after him."

Noize had traced the black spaceship to a large colliseum on Earth, a large white football stadium with an odd outer catwalk encircling the perimeter. As Ulala flew towards it, she marveled at the spectacular colors the catwalk was painted, millions of shades of every bright color imaginable; it was almost like looking at a giant flower. Even the guardrails were horn-like structures that fanned outward, terrible unsafe but very petal-like and pretty, which was why children were never allowed on the outer deck.

Ulala lept from the top of the RoverBoy (or whatever you call that thing) and landed just in front of a door, holding her microphone to her mouth and jutting her hand forward, successfully sending it straight through the door. She jerked her hand back suddenly, then checked the door again; solid.

"Prerendered background," she noted with a tone of disdain. She twisted the nob and walked inside.

"Her every step echoed as she snuck through the dark inside of the colliseum, fully aware..." Ulala paused for a second. "That the author had mistakenly put quotation marks at the beginning of the paragraph, making her descriptions turn into dialogue..."

Realizing her mistake, the author decided that the situation would make a really stupid joke and decided to keep it.

But, getting back to the actual story, the lights flashed on without warning, making Ulala's eyes burn and her throat tight-

Wait, that wasn't the lights. That was Purge wrapping his hands around her neck.

Indeed, the still-cloaked, sunglass-ed boy had Ulala's neck in a vice-grip, not to hurt her, but to hold her down. She tried valiantly to wedge her fingers between his hands to pull them apart, but to no avail. Her feet slipped on the grass of the stadium floor, sending her flying into the ground, Purge still holding on.

Someone else laughed.

Ulala scanned the rising seats of the stadium, and found the voice coming from the exact opposite of where she was: a television monitor on the ceiling. It was huge, pink, and most importantly, IT HAD BLANK'S FACE ON IT!

"Chief Blank!" Ulala gasped.

Blank chuckled from his side of the television, obviously relaxing inside of a desk invisible to Ulala. "Didn't expect to see me, did you?"

"Well, you were kinda last minute-" Ulala's sarcastic remark was cut off by Blank pressing a button, and Purge rudely slamming his knee into Ulala's shin. "YEOW!"

"I was not last minute! The author wanted me in this thing since the beginning" Blank angrily stood up from behind his invisible desk, the pink swirling background of the television monitor making Ulala both a little dizzy and nostalgic. He took a deep breathe and relaxed again. "But, still, I'm glad you're here. Nothing like utter humiliation from the two men you've bested in your little career."

That reminded Ulala! She turned to Purge, accidentally focusing on the reflection of herself in his sunglasses. "Purge, what are you doing? It's me, remember?"

Purge didn't respond, at all. His hands still kept Ulala pinned to the ground, his cloak forming a bit of a cage around her. Blank spoke.

"He can't hear you, Ulala. I'm afraid I made the mind-control beam a little too strong," the bald one bragged, not sounding apologetic at all. "But still, it wasn't hard to do..."

Blank pressed another button hidden somewhere off screen. Purge threw Ulala literally into the air and onto her hip, where she land somewhere close to the middle of the field after rolling for a couple of times. She drew her laser and aimed at Purge- only to find that he had one too, and in the half-second it had taken her to stand up and aim, he had met her on the field and drawn his. They each had their own laser pointed at the soft part of the neck where it meets the chin, fingers ready on the trigger.

It would've been a great picture, Blank thought.

"Oh, this is priceless! Just like Cowboy Bebop!" Blank pulled a camera out of his coat and snapped the two of them. "I didn't even ask him to pose!"

The thought flitted through Ulala's head: where's Blank if he could take a picture of the two of them? Her thoughts were scattered by Purge jabbing the business end of his laser into Ulala's nerve, but not doing anything else.

"Oh, Ulala, I'm glad that I got Purge instead of you." Blank mentioned. "You see, originally, I was going to kidnap you, and use your Dance Energy to take over the galaxy."

Ulala smiled smarmily. "Villains just need to orate, don't they?"

Blank scowled. "At least when we do, we know you'll listen." He leaned forward it the monitor, the lights glistening off of his shiny head. "Most people like me and Purge are not 'evil', we're just attention deprived. We need someone to pay attention to us. Which is what I was getting to."

Blank leaned back and pressed another button, which made Purge's face contorted and waves of red energy roll from his body. "I listened to Purge. I had him tell me every little thing about you, every thing you told him and everything he learned from watching you. He told me about how you need both lasers to shoot from a distance, or else you can't aim straight."

Blank pushed another button. Purge jumped back and high-kicked Ulala's hand, sending her laser flying into the lights and onto a seat in the stadium walls. She panicked and swiped the other one off of her leg, but she was already shaking from the nervousness caused by that one empty hand she had no idea what to do with. Purge rested back into emergency position, his gun aiming straight and steady at Ulala's breastbone.

"He told me about how your Dance Energy reflex can only be triggered when people are watching you."

Blank pushed another button.

BOOM! Purge shot Ulala's headphones straight off of her head, sending two neatly seperated halves of headphones onto the ground.

Televised Blank chuckled again. "Not so high and mighty without an audience, are you?"

It was true; now that Ulala knew she was truly alone, she had began to panic. Her breathing became laboured, and her knees were shaking so badly she was afraid of falling over. Her stomache turned to wax; she was completely helpless, and to top it off, it was a brainwashed Purge who was going to finish her off.


Ulala flicked the laser to the "Hey" setting. She sneered and lashed around to Televised Blank, who didn't show any signs of worry. "HA! I know how to cancel mind control, Blank! So-" she stuck out her tongue. "Nyah..."

"Actually, I was just getting to that point, as well." Blank (wouldn't you know?) pressed another button, and the red flames of Purge's Anger Energy grew higher. His once-annoyed face morphed into a full-on snarl, and his muscles bulged under his cloak (although Ulala couldn't see them). The air around him flared the bottom of his cloak, and gave his skin a frightening red aura.

And although my crappy description probably doesn't impress you, it sure as all get-out scared Ulala half to death.

Her eyes began to water as Purge's voice creeped through the pure energy; a whimper. He was in pain. He was breathing through his teeth, and every muscle in his face was straining beyond what a normal human could withstand. Ulala's heart felt a punch of pain; Blank was hurting Purge!

She turned her back on the boy and shouted at the screen. "STOP HURTING HIM!"

Blank smiled, despite being a little miffed at Ulala trying to change the subject, and continued with what he was going to say. "Purge's energy comes from within him. He's a bit like a battery, while you... well... you're more of a lightbulb."

Blank's hand pulled back on his desk and stayed in position, his muscles slightly straining... he was moving a joystick! Purge slowly walked forward, the energy of his anger billowing around him like a firey cloud of pure crimson. It surrounded him like a shield, and reached out almost as far as Ulala was tall (in her platforms, which made a difference); he barely even touched her with the very edge of his energy barrier, and made her break out into a heated sweat.

Blank laughed once again. "You see? Why base an empire around a dinky little link-in-the-chain like yourself when I hold the ultimate power source under my contro!l" The bald one's face twitched in surprise. "Hey, that's a good point. Let's have some fun while I can."

Televised Blank slammed his finger on the joystick! Purge abandoned his laser a jumped forward, knocking Ulala's gun away with a spin kick and throwing her into the ground with the mere swipe of his arm. She slipped onto her feet quickly, only for Purge to catch her by the stomach and flip her onto her back like a pancake.

It took her a minute to regain her thoughts; her brain was scrambled, and Televised Blank's laughing wasn't helping either. Purge's energy flared to where it looked less like a mist and more like a fire, even while he doubled over in agony. His cloak flapped in the invisible forces of the air, flaring up around his thighs and flashing his purple disco suit underneath. (Like the rating could afford him to flash anything else? (laughs)

The sound of Purge's crying was enough to kick Ulala back into gear. She jumped to her feet and rammed herself full force into his stomach, running HIM onto his back for a change. Despite the fact that her rubber clothes were now sticky and wet, she smiled that she never had before and pinned down Purge's arms, sitting on top of him for extra measure. "HA! Gotcha!"

Purge shook his head, and looked up at Ulala from behind his sunglasses. His face was still snarling, his buckteeth making him look sort of like a rat with rabies...

He blushed.

Ulala blushed too, but she didn't know why.

BOOM! Purge pulled a "Nala" kick to Ulala's gut and knocked her off of him, standing himself up and shaking like a dog. He closed his eyes and began to breathe, his face beginning to relax for the first time since the battle bega-


Blank's warning did no good. Ulala jumped onto Purge's back and began hanging off of his cloak collar. He gagged for a second, then yanked his coat off, leaving Ulala on the ground once more. He jumped into a judo stance, disco suit gleaming in the lights. Televised Blank's screen lowered to the ground, providing Purge with a blinding pink backdrop. Ulala couldn't focus on either Purge or Blank, because doing so caused her eyes to tingle and her head to spin. She shielded her eyes with her hand and covered her body with Purge's discarded cloak.

"You put up more of a fight than I thought..." Televised Blank disappeared in the swirling pink of the television screen. "If you had just put that kind of effort into something useful like... martial arts, like Purge did, you'd stand a fighting chance... no pun intended of course."

Ulala wasn't paying attention. Her eyes had just focused, and she found herself watching Purge (or rather, Purge's sillouette) as Blank's screen made every muscle, every curve and point, jump out at her like a red rose in a dandelion field. She blushed and shuddered; she had gotten lost in his figure for no reason. And she still was lost, she was just now aware of the fact that she was lost, and it irked her.

Blank, she guessed, has pressed another button, because Purge picked her up and clasped her around the waist, holding her tightly to his body (but not hugging her). The Anger energy had subsided a bit, now simply flickering off of his body like Ulala's Dance energy did whenever she danced. Blank chuckled from somewhere in the television; it rose up to halfway between the ceiling and the ground, pointing towards the odd coupling of Ulala and Purge. The monitor bulged out in the middle, forming a dull point that faced Ulala and Purge directly.

"And now, the finale. Using Purge's energy, my hyper-cannon will obliterate you and everything you stand for for."

Ulala wiggled her arms, trying to get them free, but Purge had them jammed underneath his slender arms and wouldn't let go. Ulala looked for help in his eyes, but once again, couldn't find out how to see past the glasses. Unable to do much else, she pushed away from the pale male, but he remained stoic, like he was a freakin' rock or something (as Ulala was thinking at the moment). After a few pushes, she lost her breath, and once again looked up at Purge's face- oh no, the light. It was doing that thing again, that thing that made Purge look REALLY really... something she didn't know a word for. She shuddered and blushed again, her breathe escaping her in a pitiful moan that she which she could take back.

Something dropped out of the bottom of the television, landing softly on the ground... THE REAL BLANK!

"Bye bye..." Blank held up what looked like the stick part of an Atari joystick, his thumb hovering over the button.

"WAIT!" Ulala gasped and struggled in Purge's grasp. "NO! Don't fire that thing, you'll destroy Purge!"

She felt Purge's arms twitch, but ignored it for now. "What happened to your 'rule the galaxy with my ultimate power source' ramble?"

Blank snickered. "Stored enough power from him to run a million mind-control rays. Besides, this is the only way to keep you standing still..."

And, without any other word, he pressed the button.

But nothing happened. He stared at the trigger switch, shook it, and pressed it again... nope.

(Purge fangirls everywhere are breathing a collective sigh of relief.)

Ulala looked around, trying to notice anything different. Blank was screaming and jumping on his button thingy ("I knew I shouldn't have used the censored Dollar censored Store batteries!"), Purge had let go of her, and the TV monitor had fallen and nearly crushed the defenseless Blank, who ran and hid underneath a bench on the sidelines.

Also, she had stopped sweating. In fact, Purge didn't even look angry anymore. His body returned to its normal, slim, muscular sel- woah. Ulala mentally shook herself. Where did that come from?

Purge took off his sunglasses; his eyes looked dewey and wet. He looked into Ulala's eyes, and it was strange, because Ulala felt... trapped. Like she couldn't look away.

"You... were worried about me." Purge blushed, not looking away. He rubbed the back of his head in a nervous way.

Ulala blushed too, flicking back a lock of her hair. "I know, but... I couldn't just let you be kidnapped. I mean, you're my best friend, I can't let anything happen to you."

Purge's entire face lit up at the mention of the words "best friend". His fists clenched, and his breath caught in his throat. It was enough to make Ulala giggle; he was the mouse again. The happy mouse, the "just-found-a-piece-of-cheese" mouse, although something about his obvious satisfaction made it feel a bit deeper than just that.

"Really?" Purge asked, stepping forward slightly.

Ulala's cheeks were starting to get sore from her grinning. She placed her hand on Purge's arm, shaking him lightly. "Really."

Oh, I wish I could DESCRIBE the look on Purge's face. Truly, he was feeling wonderful! He was practically living out his dream: first, he had met Ulala, who he had practically worshipped since Blank's first attempt at the universe, lived with her, made friends with her, and was now having his life saved by her (although it didn't sound right in his head, he enjoyed it just the same). Not only that, but he was her best friend now... he couldn't ask for anything better.

He launched forward. He just wanted to pick her up, hold her in his arms, let her know how grateful he was. His arms grappled Ulala's shoulders-


"OW!" The two friends both jerked backwards, each of them holding their foreheads in surprise and pain. Blank rushed between the both of them, picked up his trigger-switch (which weighed a LOT more than it looked like it should, and was really hard to throw), and swung himself around, smacking Ulala across her chest. He raised his hand to smack her again with the weighted switch, until Purge chopped it out of his hand and flipped the huge man onto the ground. Blank tried to get up, but Ulala slammed her big, platformed foot down onto his chest.

He looked up at the odd pair of humans. There was Ulala, who was keeping her eyes on Blank's face while Purge passed her one of her forgotten lasers. Happily smirking over her former boss, dressed rather impulsively in her damaged retro gear (she thought it was one of her more "macho" girl outfits), her expression said everything; I rock, you don't, so there.

Purge, on the other hand, was standing just as proudly, but behind Ulala. Typical teenaged arrogance, slyly surpressed by a sense of shyness and duty to the one in charge, Ulala. He shifted his weight to one hip, letting loose a weak, but all the more triumphant (not to mention cute-sounding) giggle. His suit still shimmered in the lights of the stadium.

"I don't think anyone'll mind if I turn Blank in unconscious." Ulala kicked her laser back onto the "chu" setting. "Do you?"

"Mm mm..." Purge shook his head no. "Not at all..."

Blank coughed, the weight on his chest imparing his breathing. Ulala tapped her toe onto his breastbone, pointing the laser at his head. "Anything else"

"Yes." Blank smiled. "You're an idiot."

Blank grabbed Ulala by the calve and threw her off of him! He jumped to his feet and tried to run, but instead met a shower of sparks and beads of glass, his vision blinded by waves of red. Purge snapped his hand around Blank's neck, lifting him off of the ground. His eyes tore through Blank's vision, the red energy slicing through his very bones; Blank knew, right at that second, what it left like to be a roast.

"You leave Ulala alone."

Texas stumbled away from the door to the stadium, holding her shoulder and her head at the same time. Pine sighed and steaded her sister with an outstretched hand, the other one cradling her forehead. "Texas, that's not how you break down a door..." Pine stepped forward. "Watch."

Pine leaned back on her foot, aiming her boot right for the spot above the doorknob-

BOOM! Blank shot through the door, taking Pine and Texas with him into the curb.


Blank, despite just being thrown through a door, hurriedly began to run away at top speed. "THE GUY'S A MANIAC!"

"Who the" Pine and Texas shook themselves out of their trance just in time to see Purge fixing the door back together. "PURGE!"



Purge held his back against the door, Ulala jumping to the handle and "chu"ing it into a melted, impassible heap of metal.


"We know you're in their, Purge!"

"We've got enough to arrest you this time!"

It was practically impossible to tell which sister was screaming, but it wasn't important. Ulala yelled VERY LOUDLY, "Hurry, Purge, we'll go around back!"

"Let's head them off!"


Pine and Texas each ran away from the door, leaving Purge and Ulala to finally breathe again. Ulala took Purge's arm. "Come on, we can sneak you back to the station if we hurry."

Purge began to step forward... but he stopped, and shook his head. "No."

"No!" Ulala began to panic, and pulled Purge closer to her. "Look, I'm not letting you get arrested!"

"And neither am I! I'm not doing time for beating up someone who deserved it." Purge sighed and rubbed his head. "World's not ready for me yet, Ulala... maybe I can head somewhere else, hide out for a while-"

Ulala's throat and chest twitched. Hide? "Purge, no!"

She threw her arms around him, jerking herself back quickly as her stomache suddenly stung like a thousand wasps were attacking her. Quick as she did it, Purge plucked off the top of his suit (it came apart at the waist relatively easy) and threw it away. "Metal had melted. Sorry about that. Did it burn you?"

Ulala's eyes got wiiiiide.


Purge blushed as Ulala reached out a finger and stroked one of his ab muscles. Ulala mentally traced every line, every ab, in her mind; Purge's muscles were... oh, there was that word she couldn't find again. They weren't cut into him, but they protuded enough to where she could look at them and shudder, watch them ripple as he breathed, maybe even touc-


The pink-haired one shook herself, smacking her forehead with her palm. "Sorry, I... sorry..."

She finally dared to look at Purge, making sure her eyes went straight to his face. He was looking at her with a cocked eyebrow, slightly confused but... happy? He smiled "Ehm... yeah, hi. You okay, Ulala?"

Ulala pushed back her hair. "I just, uh... huh?" She noticed a dark spot underneath Purge's arm. "What's that?"

Pine and Texas rattled the other door, but to no avail.

"Man, did they trick us?" Pine asked herself.

"To the other door!" Texas cried.

Black. His entire back, covered neck to pantline in a twisitng, coiled web of a black dragon with wild yellow eyes. Two clawed arms stretched out past his sides and framed his ribs; his lower back was painted up with wild flames of yellow and red. Once again, Ulala couldn't keep herself still as she traced the pattern of Purge's enormous tatoo with her fingers.

"It's so... dark..." She LOVED tatoos. She'd never had the guts to get one herself, for she had heard that they hurt, but the concept of someone else having one, especially a guy, drove her wild. The bigger it was, the better, and now that she knew Purge had one, she could barely contain herself. She poured herself over him, standing close enough to where Purge could feel her breath on his neck. Every now and then, she would run her fingers down his sides, just to watch him shiver, because him shivering made the scales on the salamander dragon (the tatoo's name) slink like a snake across his back, which made her stomach feel like it was slinking like a snake, and she LOVED it!

Purge couldn't exactly say that he wasn't enjoying it, either. Every touch of her hand made him shiver, every breathe made him swoon. He had had some fun explaining how he had gotten it; it was a birthday present. 16th birthday, actually, and his two older brothers had paid for it. The Towlow side of his family had always gotten tatoos on their 16th birthday, male and female, and he had decided on the salamander dragon simply because it consisted of his three favorite colors, black, red, and yellow.


"Dang it, it's still stuck!"

"PURGE! You're in there somewhere!"

They two of them jumped and clung to eachother, their shivering finally quelled by sheer fear. Purge and Ulala exchanged one last glance, gulped, and kissed eachother simultaneous on their opposite cheeks. There was a moment where neither of them moved, each one frozen with their lips on the other's cheekbone, before they were finally able to speak again.

"Wait, so you?"

"Yeah, exact same."

"No way..."




In the half-second it had taken for Ulala to turn around, Purge was gone, vanishing into thin air as Pine and Texas burst through the door.


Ulala got back to the station to find she had been moved into a different room, one that was big enough to fit a widescreen TV, an oak dresser, her old changing tube, an actual nightstand, a DOUBLE bed, and a bookshelf, all with room to spare. She still had a private bathroom, and a walk-in closet so she could look at each outfit without trying them on, which she loved. She spent a week of her built-up vacation time simply getting used to her room, soaking in the double bed and learning how to get everywhere from her new room.

Last day of her vacation, two things happened that made her day: Blank was suddenly and mysteriously fired, and Purge sent her a postcard. Inside, Purge had written saying that while he was hiding, he didn't have a specific place that he was hiding. He also said to look for him whenever she got back to work. A lip print was placed on the stamp block (there was no stamp); Ulala kissed it sweetly and giggled.

While back at work, Ulala would hear a noise behind her. Turn around, and there was Purge, although he woud disappear into the shadows as soon as she spotted him. She would hear the familiar Morolian secret "ding-dong", and her ratings shot up by about 30 every time. Purge had apparently achieved Elvis-like spottable quality among all of the tv viewers. It kept Ulala in the top-ten list, which she appreciated, but was terribly pained by how she had no way to pay it back.

Purge, on the other hand, was having a blast. He likened himself to the crew of the Cowboy Bebop, drifting to wherever the space-currents took him. Twice he had stopped by at his old house (once because his younger brother had hit 16, and he had to pay for his tatoo (Papa Smurf and Smurfette), once in orbit around the Space Channel 5 (he left Ulala his card), twice to the New West Edmunton Mall (where he could pay for his ridiculously expensive hotel room with ease, for his family was LOADED), and a couple of times to any other place he felt like. He kept a close eye on Ulala, as close as he could without scaring her. It was fun, popping in on her reports; just long enough to be seen, short enough to where he didn't do anything stupid.

Well, there was one time where he tripped over a tree root, but Ulala covered him up pretty well by "accidentally" shooting the camera.

Yep, life was good. Wouldn't have it any other way. And on particularly boring nights, he would remember Ulala stroking his back and gushing over his tatoo, and how the two of them kissed eachother exactly the same way at exactly the same time. Although, he reminded himself often, it wasn't her cheek he was aiming for...

Good times, man.


MAN, did I cut the the battle scene with Blank DOWN! I originally had them having this big climactic battle, and there was more about how Purge's anger turns into energy and fries electric things and junk, but IT JUST WOULDN'T FIT! It's a whole lot shorter than I thought it would be. But it works.

More Pine and Texas. They're just fun to work with, despite the fact that I hate them. They're just REALLY fun to, like, smash into curbs and junk.

Sorry, distracted by bad Inu-yasha dubbing.

I told you I'd make Purge topless somehow. It's amazing how much I had to cut back to make this thing G-rated though. But I'm sure that you people will have tons of fun filling it in yourselves.

Something went wrong with the formatting during this story, and some of the puncutation got deleted. If you see an instance where this happened, and I didn't fix it, alert me in an ANONYMOUS review so I can fix the problem and delete the review later.

And I now have border formatting for seperating scenes, because refused to let me use my old system of three ampersands... grrr. This website is getting less and less user friendly...

Okay, I'm done. Story's finished, write your own. Later.