Part 7-signing up

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" Come on, Paige why would I ignore you?"Spinner asked.

Paige once again rolled her eyes. " Listen Spinner. I have to get to class and I'm not going to be late. Either you tell me what your problem was earlier or move out of my way because I'm not standing around for these pathetic excuses anymore!"

" I was just in a mood ok." Spinner looked at Cole again. " I love you Paige, you're my honeybee and I don't want to lose you."

Paige smiled. She knew that something was still going on between them, but right now she didn't care. " I love you too."

Spinner smiled and wrapped his arms around her. Cole stood back behind Paige inpatiently. " Lets go find Jimmy." He grabbed her hand and they walked out the door.


Emma stood at her locker grabbing her books for her next class. Craige walked up behind her.

" Hey." he said.

She spun around shocked by the voice who it was.

" Um...hey."

" What's up?" he asked hoping to make some sort of a convo.

" I have to go." she said and turned back to her locker, slammed it shut and walked away. Craig watched her walk away. He couldn't believe what he did to her. He watched the way she walked. The way she swayed her hips and how her legs moved just right. It was like she was the perfect angel that he once used to have. He couldn't believe that he lost all that on account of his temtations with Manny.


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