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This Story Takes Place After Inu Yasha Decides to Leave Kagome For Kikyo. Kagome And Sota Are Home Alone.


I Tried To Kill The Pain But Only Brought More

Kagome sat there crying on her bed. Inu Yasha had left her. She had nothing more to live for. She went downdtairs to the kitchen and grabbed a knife from the cabinet. She walked upstairs knife in hand. When she reached her room she grabbed a picture of Inu Yasha and stared at it still crying. She took the knife and slit her wrists. Seconds later Sota walked into Kagomes room, screamed, and ran downstairs to dial an ambulance. Minutes later Medics rushed in and took Kagome to a hospital. She survived but now her heart ached even more. Now she could only remember Inu Yasha and Kikyo.

I Lay Dying And I'm Pouring Crimson Regret And Betrayal. I'm Dying Praying, Bleeding and Sreaming. Am I To Lost To Be Saved?

Am I To Lost?

Kagome sat in her room staring at the wall second by second she died a little bit more inside. She only thought of all the things she did wrong to Inu Yasha. What did she do? Her bloodstarted to boil from the hatred she had for Kikyo. Why? She looked around her room for something to help her ....too help Inu Yasha. She sat there screaming to see Inu Yasha.

My God My Tourniquet Return To Me Salvation

My God MyTourniquet Return To Me Salvation

Kagome sat at her computer copying the picture over and over. She hung them up everywhere in her room.Why Inu Yasha? Why?

Do You Remember Me Lost For Long . Will You Be On The Other Side Or Will You Forget Me. I'm Dying And Praying Bleeding And Screaming. Am I To Lost To Be Saved?

Am I To Lost?

She ran out of the house. Her hair stuck to her tear stained face. Does Inu Yasha remember... Does he remember Me? I've been gone so long. Kagome hopped down the well. As she climbed out of the well she looked around. No one was there. No one was there for her. He had forgotten her. Now he only knew Kikyo. She sat in the field screaming but no one came.

My God My Tourniquet Return To Me Salvation

My God My Tourniquet Return To Me Salvation

She walked down to the village, no one was there. Then she heard it laughter from the small temple. She ran to the temple stumbling over herself. As she enter the temple it obviously was a marriage. But who's........? Inu.... Inu Yasha and Kikyo. No one noticed her, No one cared. She had walked in as they kissed. That was it Kagome had finally snapped. Kagome turned around and ran. She ran to Kaede's hut and grabbed an arrow. Then Retreated to the forest.

My Wounds Cry For The Grave

My Soul Cries For Deliverance

Will I Be Denied?

Christ Tourniquet

My Suicide

She ran to the Sacred Tree. Kikyo could have her soul, her warmth, her life. She had no reason to live without Inu Yasha. She found the place on the tree where Inu Yasha was sealed. She grabbed the arrow and pressed it into her heart. "Inu Yasha" was her last word.

Hours Later

Sango walked into the forest. A shriek of terror rang throughout the village. Everyone ran into the forest. Their came cries from everybody as each and every one of them discovered her body.Sango's tears poured like waterfalls. Miroku went over and comforted her.

Her funeral was that very day. Kikyo didn't shead a tear, neither did Inu Yasha. He just stared at her cold lifeless body. Kikyo left the ceremony early. Inu Yasha just stared then started to follow after Kikyo.

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