Okay people...here's the deal.

I'm almost afraid to post this.

I have scripted out (meaning outlined) the following
fics to following extent

Marriage Wishes to the end, it has somewhere between
one and three chapters left, it was never meant to a
long lasting fic

Family Trees to the end, it has five more chapters

Hengeyokai, I ONLY have the last scene scripted, what
happens in between is rather vague at the moment.

Ranma Neko, the teaser for four has grown a little, as
you'd see if you checked ff.net, but nothing else

Martial Artists and Mayhem: Third Edition to the end.
there are twelve more chapters and an epilogue planned

Razor's Edge to the end. It has six more chapters in
it. For those of you on the ffml and such that don't
know what Razor's Edge is, that's a Gold Digger fic of
mine centering around Lydia McKracken and Raphiel Rey.
I haven't posted it on FFML yet because I'm not sure
if Gold Digger counts as anime/manga

Lost Innocence has three sequels planned, each will be
"Single Rose", "Lost and Found", "Vengeance and

Ryoko Saotome has two side stories planned "Diplomacy"
and "Joketsuzoku Musk."

Ryoko Saotome also has a sequel outlined "The New
Saotomes" which focuses on the older two of Ryoko and
Ranma's children (Akane and Tenchi at about 23 and 25
respectively, about five years after the epilogue of
Ryoko Saotome). All of it's 18 chapters are outlined
with what I want to have happen in that chapter. It
will have a Gold Digger crossover adding in. (yes, I
like the comic phbt)

Past that there is another Ryoko Saotome sequel
planned, "The Ryoko/Saotome Template" but not
completely outlined that focuses on Tenchi's daughter
(Lina Saotome age 17, minor Slayers fusion here) and
Akane's son (Jason Hibiki age 21) and they're first
cousins so no icky thoughts. I was originally
thinking this would coincide with the Shadow War
building up in Gold Digger, but have since realized
that the Shadow War will happen between "NS: Epilogue"
and the beginning of "Template" so I'll have to find
another collosal threat....considering the amount I'm
gettin inundated with it over here in Korea,
Starcraft's Zerg seem likely...

After that...yes people...there is still more...there
is a Side Story "Freedom" planned that will be VERY
short and happen about eight hundred years after the
epilogue of "Template"

Finally, there will be a last eighten chapter sequel
about two thousand years after "Freedom." "Ryoko of
the Saotome" will focus around a young woman of the
Saotome species that happens to look almost exactly
like one of its two originators, she is a historian
and researcher into the Template theory (see below).
Within the first three chapters she will be
interviewing someone that was recovered and woken up
from an ancient stasis pod.

Neither of the last two are yet outlined though.

Now...I have all this planned....but



Here's the kicker folks...

I also have scripted/outlined 36 chapters (the first
one was around 34 k) and 9 asides (prologues for the
various sections with an epilogue instead of a
prologue for the last section. The first of these was
about 11 k) for an original project that could turn
into at the very LEAST three books...and since I have
found it takes me about a day (well five to six hours
actually, but anyway) to write 34 k fan fics, I figure
I can write a few good chapters of that with the help
of my prereaders on that project (already picked) over
a longer course of time, I would like to focus on
that...and NO I will not post that anywhere, though
people that ask me will probably get to hear a little
about it.