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If We Met In A Dream

If only...

If only I could feel your warm embrace.


What would it be like?

I long...

Long to feel myself in your arms...

But it can never happen...

If we met in a dream,

Would things be as they seem?

Could I hug you, and hold you tight?

I just want things to feel right.

But you're far away, I can't feel you now.

If we met in a dream,

Could I let my love for you grow?

Could we be together?

I know I'm just being selfish,

I want you all to myself.

If we met in a dream...

Tell me that you love me,

Tell me that you'll try.

I know you cannot get close,

To anyone, its true.

But I really want to be with you.

I wanna feel your warm embrace,

I need you to hold me.

If only you could...but you never can.

If we met in a dream...

I wish we could,

But this is not a dream, this is real.

And you can never hold me.

I still want to be with you,

This 'curse' is making it so hard.

I'll fight through the blinding rain,

Meet me there in the end.

If we met in a dream, would our lives be the same?


this poem is obviously through Tohru's POV about Yuki. She wishes she could hug him and he could hold her but because of the curse he cant. When she says This 'curse' is making it so hard, she means the family curse and the curse that she has. She doesn't have a real curse but she claims that her love for him is cursed cuz it can't progress. Just in case any of ya'll were confused. Hope you liked it!!!!


Fox Kitsune ::Savannah::