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I'm writing this in order to go to sleep. I hate inspiration! As a change from Y/Y and so on, I am writing Yuri. The conventional het pairings with these characters get on my nerves. Worshiping the big strong man my ass.

This is K/S.

Not Kaiba/Serenity.



Despite what everyone seemed to think, she'd never been foolish enough to even think about it.

Love? Please.

Her. A freak. A disgusting outland slave. The carrier of a monster.

Her and the High Priest of Set? The second-most powerful man in the kingdom?

Not that she'd known that at the time.

She was finally going to die, when all those people got together to stone her for being a freak and a whore. In a way, it was a relief. No more drudgery, no more casual rape by bastards turned on by the exotic.

Hauled off by some nobles. Because of her dragon.

She'd known about it for ages. It was her weapon.

She'd first used in on the slave traders who had brought her to Egypt. She already wasn't a virgin, the people who had raided her village had seen to that. So they'd had no reason to be easy on the merchandise.

That kid… she'd looked at his eyes, and there was something missing.


He hadn't wanted her.

He'd wanted to get her out of there.

Wanted her to get back home. Be safe and free.

But it had been so long, she didn't know where home was. As if anyone had survived.

She'd been filled with rage then, on that horse, galloping away. And her rage had taken shape. And she'd barbecued those traders, and she'd gotten revenge. And revenge for the boy as well.

His family was lost now, too. His home had been burnt, by the traders trying to find her. So… she owed him.

She'd used the dragon again and again, once in her life of drudgery. To get her revenge on those who raped her. But for every one she killed…

But now, people had put two and two together. Her freakish pale skin that blistered in the heat, and ice blue eyes.

So like her dragon. And she wasn't the only one in this godforsaken land who commanded monsters.

The cell guards leered at her. She hated them.

And now they were forcing her across a causeway. To where there were MEN. Men with monsters of their own. Leering at her. Undressing her with their eyes.

Her knees trembled. She only was able to call the dragon… after. And these people had monsters of their own. She… she wasn't even going to be able to get her revenge on them.

The priests stripped people of the monsters inside them. To go back to her old life, to never have revenge again…

And one of the priests came forward to defend her.

The boy. It had to be him.

No other male save her long-dead family had ever looked at her without desire. No man since her father had protected her. He'd died protecting her.

Not again.

He even had blue eyes.

And so she fought for him.

And thanks to him, she was the dragon, now.

She'd never be powerless again. She only had to answer to him now. And even though he could command her to human form, he didn't.

But she took it, sometimes. To talk. About family.

About his cousin and lover, who had died? Or perhaps not. Who was not safely in the afterlife, but who knew where.

It made her… she was glad he didn't think of her that way.

It was odd, to think about… that as a good thing. Something… that made people happy. That was a game.

Something to be missed.

On the day he finally, finally broke down and cried, she had held him. And then he held her, while she finally managed to grieve.

Their families, all dead. They were alone. The only ones left.

The only family they had had left.

The last of the Shadow Dynasty and the last of the Moon Clan had sworn an oath to be brother and sister forever.

She'd hated the men who looked at her cards with glee.

She'd hated Seto most of all. Stealing her! She wouldn't forgive him…

And seeing him across the table… a cruel mockery of her brother.

But when he'd acquired three of her… then she'd had a bond, a chance to see…

Her brother. Her brother broken and used, as she had been. A mirror, not the reality, but…

She had to help. She'd promised.

And so she'd fought for him, in battle after battle.

And then one day, he'd had a vision, in a duel.

Sent by her brother's talisman.

She'd sensed her brother's true spirit, inside it. And so, when she was called, she'd looked at her surroundings.

She couldn't see him. But she saw her.


Or a mirror of herself.

The age she'd been, but… innocent. Unbroken. Unhating.

And she'd wanted to tear apart the two who had watched her with hidden lust in their eyes.

She wanted to thank the golden one, praise him to the heavens, for protecting her for so long.

But she should protect her now.

She was HERS. Bright and warm and innocent and pure and unhating… she was going to clasp the young one in her wings and blast any man who dared look at her.

Except her brother and his mirror. Who she had to protect.

So she'd finally attacked and ended the duel.

And snarled in the shadows.

But her brother was near. Soon he would arise. And protect his broken mirror, as she could not, as the mirror could not call her out to rend and tear.

But her brother would call her forth, to claim what was HERS.

Her treasure.

Who would never be stolen away.

She was a dragon now. Perfect for protecting treasure.

And her treasure was the most valuable thing in the universe.

A virgin, a princess. And she'd keep her in a castle that her brother would build them, and they would live happily ever after.

And any pesky knights trying to defeat her and the 'evil sorcerer' were going to get eaten.

Hers. All hers.



In the manga and anime, you can get a powerful ka from hate, rage and pain. Think about the Blue Eyes' attack strength.

Kisara was kidnapped as a kid for use as a sex slave, because to Egyptian eyes she was exotic. I can't see her with a man, with that kind of scarring. Power over her would be a turn-off. Powerful noble…

Seth didn't really see her as an attractive person. She was 'innocent civilian who must be protected'. He wanted to help her, out of duty/kindness, instead of use her. I can see why people would have her fall in love with him, but I think with her, like Seto, people simply underestimate the sheer amount of emotional scarring brought on by that kind of abuse.

Think what it must have been like for her, to have her card be used by any male duelist except Seto. Pegsy. I shudder.

And yes, this is a yami/hikari pairing.

Kisara is very much Marik, born out of pain.