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Fairy cards my ass. If Rebecca can have a dragon deck, so can Shizuka.

Burst Stream is the real name of the Blue Eyes's attack.

Genki is energetic, in a cute way, I think.


It was that card which had gotten her interested in duel monsters.

That beautiful dragon. She'd seen it on the poster outside the shop, and had run in wanting one just like it. The shop owner had laughed and said there were only four in the world.

But she hadn't given up.

And then she'd seen it. Seen… her.

And oh, she was even more beautiful than on the posters.

She loved her Onii-chan, but… she wished she'd taken off her bandages off to this sight.

There couldn't possibly be anything more beautiful.

And it was so beautiful, how the dragon obliterated her opponent… and she would have killed to be Kaiba.

Kaiba was an uncaring bastard who was mean to her brother. He… he…


Her deck… her deck was fairies. Ladies of light, as close as she could get to that beauty, she realized now.

She didn't like other dragons. They were inferior. She couldn't understand why her brother valued the Red Eyes so highly.

There was only one dragon worthy of the name.

Now, she had to duel a member of the big five for her body. She should stick with what she knew, if only a little. Being almost blind, she hadn't been able to play much. The only thing she could always see clearly was the dragon.

She should try to construct her deck around St. Joan.

But when the cards scrolled past her, she tapped the Blue Eyes three times.

And when she drew her first hand, she drew all three of them. And giggling with glee, she selected one as her Deck Master.

Elsewhere, Marik paused in blowing up the underwater base's robots.

The rod was glowing.

On its own.

Just like in the duel with Kaiba.

What the hell?

Seth laughed, unheard except by his sister.

The ex-board member's smile was hidden by the robot get-up. The girl was a real amateur. A young, beautiful girl had appeared beside her as her Deck Master. Probably Unhappy Maiden or Unhappy Girl.

Pretty cards. Girly cards. Weak cards.

With the power to delay battle, not win it.

He graciously allowed her to go first.

Shizuka drew.

--He wantsss you, pure one.—A beautiful voice hissed in her mind. Coming from… behind her?

She turned around.



She blushed. Long, silky white hair, a dream figure, and she knew those eyes were bright, bright blue…

A fangy smile. –Let me dessstroy him.—

-Um…- She blushed. –O-okay.-

She turned back to the robo-guy. "I summon the Blue Eyes White Dragon to the field!" She said giddily.

"Wha… what!" He yelled. "That's a two sacrifice monster!"

"Ssshe doesssnt' have to sssacrifice to call out her Deck Massster." Kisara strode forward, stopping right behind Shizuka and clasping HER treasure to her body. Warm and soft and a little squirm, but she was happy where she was, they both were.


"Y…you aren't a Blue Eyes!"

Kisara laughed. It was a very scary laugh. It was a very inhuman laugh. It was a very, very insane and cruel laugh.

Honda and Otogi were backing away. Otogi because of the scary bitch at nine-o-clock. Honda because he remembered how many times he'd put the moves on Shizuka. He knew a Yami when he saw one. He knew how jealous a Yami got. He knew how sadistic a Yami could get. 'I am so dead…'

Kisara stalked forward. Slinked, rather. She looked rather attractive. Except for the sprouting claws, and the elongating fangs, and the fact her delicate white skin was shedding, and her laugh slowly turning into a roar…

--Help me, Princessssss. Let me dessstroy the filthy man who wanted to sssteal you from yourssself!—

"I activate polymerization, to fuse the three Blue Eyes into the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon! And due to my Deck Master's ability, even though it's the first turn, she can attack right away! Attack!" Shizuka said giddily.

His Deck Master's ability was no use. And he hadn't had even a single turn. There was nothing he could do, as the dragon walked slowly over, bent a neck down and slowly began to chew.

Kisara kept her tail coiled around her treasure. She wasn't letting those filthy men anywhere near her.

Buy the time Jou ran into the room, Shizuka was on Kisara's lap rubbing noses and giggling occasionally. Honda and Otogi were cowering in the opposite corner of the room due to getting growled and blasted at when they got too close. Apparently 10 meters away was too close.

Jou paused. He knew the signs. "Okay… so my little sis is gonna get laid before me, which is bad. On the plus side, it's a chick so I don't have to worry about her getting knocked up, and now that she has a Yami, anybody fool enough ta mess with her is gonna be looking for their soul…" He slowly began to smile.

"Why'd you stop, Jou?" Yugi ran up. Jou pointed down. "Awww… isn't that sweet? Look at that, Yami!"

--I'd rather look at you.—

Kisara began to eat Shizuka's face. Metaphorically!

Honda was staring. 'Damn, that's hot. Two hot chicks kissing like that…I'm gonna die if the dragon lady catches me looking, but it'll probably be worth it… decisions, decisions.'

Kisara looked up. A second later, so did Shizuka. Shizuka blushed. "Um… hi, Onii-chan!" She waved.

"Yo!" He waved down. "Is it safe?"

"Yes! As long as you don't get within… five feet of me!"

"What? I can't hug my sis?" Jou was ticked.

"It's five feet for you. Anyone else, it's ten feet or a Burst Stream." Shizuka blushed excitedly. "Kisara-chan is paranoid!" A pause. "Yes, you are!"

Kisara pouted.

Shizuka glomped her. -Kawaii!-

Anzu and Mana ran in.

"What took you guys so long?" Jou asked.

Twin enthusiastic smiles. "Mana-chan got tired of carrying around the Penguin plushie, so we froze it solid, since the creepy pervert liked cold!"

"And then Anzu-chan smashed it, and the little pieces went everywhere!" Mana chimed in.

Honda cowered. 'Two… genki… friendship girls. Death is starting to look pretty good…'


The cards with souls (Mana, Mahado, and Kisara) are ancient spirits too, so they should be Yamis. Mahado is a brunette… should he be Mokuba's? Ooooh, Kaiba's reaction… and to his dragon being a girl and in love with the Mutt's sister… gotta continue this!

But now, gotta sleep.