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"Wake up Hannah, just wake up! Oh my god, this is not happening!" A young looking girl screamed as she was trapped underneath a piece of the plane she had been on. She closed and then opened her eyes, but it just would not go away. She heard people scream around her as someone got caught in the plane's engine, and she called for help.

"Elizabeth, five minutes and you're on!" A girl known as Elizabeth Taylor nodded. She was a famous singer, and was performing live in Australia in just five minutes.

"I can sing too ya know…" a girl sitting by Elizabeth mumbled and she pushed her waist length chocolate brown hair out of her eyes.

"Oh, lighten up sis; you'll have your chance." Elizabeth smiled warmly and the girl, Hannah, gave her sister a fake smile. She stuck her tongue out though, a very immature thing to do for an eighteen-year-old, as her sister walked on stage and cheers could be heard a mile away.

"Hey! You okay?" Hannah was snapped out of her thoughts as someone nearby lifted the small piece of the plane that had fallen on top of her off her body and lifted her up and smiled at her.

"Thanks…" she whispered as she looked into the face of the one who had saved her. He looked quite familiar, but she had no time to consider who he might be as a crash was heard and he grabbed her arm and ran away from the plane. Her eyes widened when she looked back and saw a large part of the plane fall off and land just where she was standing a minute ago. She collapsed to the ground, breathing heavily, and the other sat down next to her, as they were now a safe distance from where the plane had crashed.

"That was so scary." She said in a low voice and the man who had saved her patted her on the back to reassure her. Hannah smiled as she looked up at him again and she gasped. "You – you're Charlie, from the band Drive Shaft aren't you?"

Charlie let a wide grin spread across his face, "Yeah. How did you know though, you're American aren't you?"

Hannah nodded, "Yes but my sister is Elizabeth Taylor so I have been all over the world and have listened to just about everyone. You guys were one of my top five though."

Charlie nodded, "Right so…that's why you were in Australia then?"

"Yes, my sister was on tour and her next concert was in California." Suddenly she grew quite, "She was on the plane too…and my mother…"

"I'm sorry." This was all that Charlie could manage and they sat there for quite some time, not saying much as the sun set on the island and as many people were rescued as could be.

"Hurry up or we'll miss our flight!" Hannah's mom screamed as Hannah closed her suitcase and sighed.

"Oh, can't we just stay a few more days? It's so beautiful here…" Hannah's mom shook her head.

"No, no and no! Your sister is on tour; doesn't that mean anything to you?" Hannah didn't answer that and just lifted her bag and followed her family out the door of their hotel room.

They had finally gotten onto the plane, when Hannah had realized that she was sitting in coach, but yet her sister and mother were in first class. She listened to her CD player throughout most of the flight, until a voice was heard over the intercom telling them to stay calm and the plane began to get bumpy. She gasped when the oxygen masks came down and wondered if the man who had been sitting in front of her but left for the bathroom was okay. She held her oxygen mask to her nose and breath a sigh of relief as the man in front of her (Charlie), returned to his seat.

Hannah screamed as she turned to look behind her and saw that the whole back of the plane had flown off and she clutched onto her purse, digging her nails into it from being nervous. No thoughts ran through her mind as the front of the plane separated from them too; she just closed her eyes and before she knew it, they had crashed and her seat belt snapped. She was thrown out the front of the plane, and something fell on top of her.

It was beginning to get dark and Hannah and Charlie both look up as a man calls out to them.

"Hey, you two over there! I need help with the fire; if it isn't big enough no one will see it."

Charlie nods and stands up, Hannah following uncertainly. "Right, I'm Charlie by the way and this is…" Charlie says as he throws a nearby log of wood into the fire.

Hannah looked suspiciously over at the man who had called them over and wished that Charlie had introduced her instead of her having to do it. She then realized that she had not even told Charlie her name yet, so she sighs and talks in a low voice, not quite trusting the other. "I'm Hannah." was all she said and threw a few pieces of wood into the fire.

The three continue without speaking for a while until all the wood is in the fire and then sit down on the sand. "I am Sayid, in case you wanted to know." Charlie smiles slightly to be polite and Hannah just continues to stare at the sand, as if something would just come out from it and rescue her right then and there. Suddenly, there is a deep rumble and a roaring noise is heard; even Hannah is brought to attention as everyone begins to stand up and gather near to the jungle.

"That was weird right?" Charlie says, but gets no response as most are too alarmed to speak. The trees begin to shake and some even snap in half.

"Did anybody see that?" A blonde haired lady asked and many answers of "yeah" and similar responses were heard. The noise then gets louder and sounds as if it was closer and many more come rushing over to where many were already gathered.

"Terrific" Charlie mumbled sarcastically, and Hannah just stares blankly into the jungle.

Hannah was sitting in her sister's dressing room listening to Z100 on the computer. She knew her sister didn't like her to use her laptop but seriously, how long could they expect her to live without her New York radio stations? Hannah rolls her eyes as Elizabeth walks in, screaming at someone through the phone.

"I told you, I already have a photo shoot scheduled for tomorrow, is that so hard to remember? No I don't want to reschedule, I'm busy enough as it is so why don't you just tell them that – HEY! Don't you hang up on me, I can have you fired I –" Hannah winced as her sister screamed and threw her phone on the floor. She attempted to run out the door, but was stopped.

"Hannah, what may I ask, are you doing in my room?" Elizabeth says angrily, though lucky for Hannah did not notice the music in the background.

"I ummm…" Hannah began but did not know what to say, so she just gave her sister her best puppy face and ran out of the room.

"Hannah? Hey, Hannah?" Hannah blinks as she sees Charlie's hand waving in front of her face and she snaps out of her trance.

"Yeah?" She questions.

"Nothing. You were just…standing there."

Hannah grins, "Right, sorry." She looks back towards the jungle and shivers as thoughts of what may be lurking inside race through her mind.

"Well, it's getting late, we should rest, though I don't think I'll be getting much sleep with whatever that is lurking around." Charlie says, pointing towards the jungle and Hannah nods.

"I know I won't be sleeping tonight with thoughts of that…thing in my mind." Hannah says. "Hey, if you wouldn't mind, would you stay up with me so we can just talk? You know, to get the monster thing off our minds." She manages a smile and looks up hopefully at Charlie and he nods.

"Alright, sure. Anything for one of my fans." Charlie grins and laughs and the two find a comfortable spot to sit down away from the others and by one of the fires. Although Hannah had mentioned talking, they sat in silence for a while, which seemed to happen often when with Hannah, until Charlie spoke.

"So, if you don't mind me asking, you weren't sitting with your family were you?"

Hannah shook her head, "No. Apparently, there were only two first class seats available, so I got stuck in coach. As horrible as it may sound though, I'm so grateful now that I wasn't the one in first class…God you must think I'm awful…"

Charlie shook his head, "Nah, I can't blame you. I would have thought the same thing probably…." He watches the fire for a minute, and then decides to change the subject. "So…where are you from anyway?"

"Originally, I'm from New Jersey, but since my sister was almost always on tour, I've been all over the world. You know, if we ever get off this island, I will probably move to Australia, I like it the most out of everywhere I have been, even if the plane service isn't that good." Hannah grins slightly and yawns.

"Yeah, I agree." Charlie begins to get a bit fidgety and toys with something in his pocket. He was about to make an excuse to get up, but Hannah lies down on her back and stares at the sky, smiling at Charlie.

"You know, you can see the stars really well from here. I know this might sound strange but it's really nice to just lay here and look at the stars. I mean, with all the traveling to different places, and my sister's busy schedule, I never have time to just relax."

Charlie watches her curiously but then lays down himself and looks up at the sky. He turns to look at Hannah to say something to her, but she had apparently fallen asleep and Charlie smiles at her. He pushes her long brown hair out of her face and he drapes his navy blue hooded sweatshirt over her as she shivers from the cold. He sighs and takes out a small package from his pocket. Stuffing some of it into his mouth now that no one could see, Charlie shakes his head at himself and stays watching the stars Hannah had been so fascinated with until he fell asleep.

The sun began to rise on the beach and Charlie awoke. He had not gotten much sleep the night before, as whatever had been making noises that night had continued for what seemed like forever. He yawned and sat up, grinning as he looked to his side to see that Hannah was still asleep. He thought about weather or not to wake her up and decided he should incase anything important happened. He tapped her on the shoulder and shook her arm slightly to get her up and she slowly opened her eyes.

"G'morning, what time is it?" Hannah asked, yawning at sitting up.

"Dunno…breakfast time?" Charlie grinned and Hannah laughed, then standing up, not realizing she was still wearing Charlie's jacket.

"Hey, what's going on over there?" Hannah questioned, pointing at a group of people sitting in a circle on the beach.

Charlie shrugs, "Let's go find out." Hannah nods and they head off to join the small group.

When they get there, a man is heard saying "Whatever it was, it wasn't natural."

Assuming they were talking about the monster, and not really wishing to hear more about that thing, Charlie sits down and decides to change the subject, "Does anyone have any sun block?" he asks and is handed some by a girl not much older than Hannah. They all continue to talk, Hannah staying silent, until another (Jack) comes up to them all.

"I'm gonna go out and look for the cockpit. See if we can find a transceiver to send out a distress signal to help the rescue team. You're gonna need to keep an eye on the wounded." Jack says.

Charlie stands up and looks towards Jack, "I'll come with. I wanna help."

Jack shakes his head, "I don't need any more help."

"No, its cool, I don't really feel like standing still, so…" Charlie begins and Jack sighs and nods slightly.

"Excellent" Jack says sarcastically. Hannah raises an eyebrow. Wherever they were going, she was not going to be left all alone on the island.

"If Charlie's going, I'm coming too." Jack takes a deep breath and places a hand on his head.

"Listen, I really don't need any more people slowing me down. Besides, you're too young."

That was the one thing Hannah could not tolerate, being told she was too young. "Excuse me? You don't even know me, so you're not one to be judging now are you? Besides, I'm eighteen, I can handle myself, I'm not a baby." Hannah looks at Jack sternly and he sighs, turning around.

"Fine, but don't expect us to stop for you."

"I never said I did." Hannah smiles triumphantly and Charlie watches her curiously; she had not seemed to be much of a talker before, she seemed more the quiet type at first.

It was late at night and Hannah, at the time thirteen years old, heard a scream and awoke. Sitting up in her bed and looking around nervously, Hannah slowly got up, curious to see what was going on.

"I got it! I got it! I got the recording contract!" Elizabeth screamed again and Hannah winced; it had sounded like someone was screaming bloody murder!

"Oh honey, that's great!" Hannah heard her mother say as she hugged her sister. It seemed like she was being ignored at the time, and she didn't like being ignored in the least bit. Angrily she walked up to the two and stared them down.

"What's with all the screaming?" Hannah asked, looking quizzically at her mother.

"Hannah, why are you awake? It's nearly midnight, you should be sleeping."

"I WAS sleeping until Elizabeth here started screaming like she just saw a dead body." Hannah glares at her sister; why did she ALWAYS steal the limelight. And what was this business about a recording contract? She had a way better voice than her sister, and everyone knew it. If singing was involved, she should have been the first to know.

"It's okay mom. Brit, I got a recording contract, I was screaming from excitement. I know I didn't tell you, but I didn't want you to get all worked up. I sent a demo to the studio and they sent me a letter asking me to be in Los Angeles in two days since they loved the CD so much!" Hannah rolled her eyes and her mouth dropped in shock. What the hell was going on here? Why wasn't SHE the one who was getting a contract, and why did her sister always have to call her by an abbreviation of her middle name, Hannah was just fine.

"Wait a minute, why the hell didn't anyone tell me anything? If anyone should be singing in Los Angeles, it's me!" Hannah glared at her mother and her sister did the same to Hannah.

"Hannah, you need to understand, you're too young to manage Hollywood."

"Oh really? Just look at the Olsen twins, Hilary Duff, and practically half of the celebrities today! I deserve this more than she does! She hasn't worked for anything and I've been taking voice lessons since I could speak and have been the lead in every single school play since Kindergarten! And what has she done no answer? That's exactly right; she's done nothing, absolutely nothing to deserve this! This is so unfair!"

"Look Hannah, I already said no, you're not going to Hollywood and that's final!"

"WHAT? I can't even GO? You have got to be kidding me!"

"Hannah Brittany Taylor! Do not speak to me in that tone of voice. You are going to stay here with your father, and I've already made up my mind, you're much too young for that kind of hectic life."

"Hey, you coming or what?" Charlie tapped Hannah on the shoulder and waved his hand in front of her face. "You seemed all hyped up about going before, and now you're just standing here, what's with the mood swings?"

"I'm NOT having mood swings, okay Charlie." Hannah rolled her eyes, "And yeah, I'm coming." Charlie's eyes widened, but he just shrugged and followed behind Hannah.

Before long, Hannah, Charlie, Kate, and Jack had all walked a fair distance without talking even once, and were now in a grassy area. Hannah was walking next to Charlie, still neither of them talking until Kate dropped behind and smiled at Charlie.

"Can I ask you something?" she questioned Charlie, and Hannah raised her eyebrows, keeping a close eye on Kate.

"Me? I'll be thrilled. I've been waiting." Charlie answered, Hannah turning her gaze to her, now slightly annoyed.

"Have we ever met, anywhere?" Kate tilts her head to the side slightly and now both hers and Hannah's eyes were on Charlie.

"No. That would be unlikely. I look familiar though, right?"

Kate nods, "Yeah."

"I think I know." Charlie grins and begins to sing. "You all everybody. You all everybody. You know, Driveshaft, the band."

"You were in Driveshaft?"

"I AM in Driveshaft. Look, the ring. Second tour of Finland."

Jack turns around and Kate grins at him. "You ever heard of Driveshaft?" Charlie begins to sing again, but Jack just shakes his head.

"We gotta keep moving." Jack walks ahead of the others and Kate looks back towards Charlie.

"You were good."

"They are still good. They're in the middle of a comeback, right Charlie." Hannah gives Kate a fake smile, speaking for the first time in a while, and blushes as Charlie gives her a big goofy-looking grin.

"Yeah. We're still together. We just took a little break." Kate nods and, sensing the potential tension between her and Hannah, walks faster, going ahead of the two and catching up with Jack.

After that no one said much once more until the weather changed from bright and sunny to pouring rain. "Guys, is this normal? Kinda day turning into night, you know… End of the world type weather just… guys?" Charlie questions as Kate and Jack just continue to walk forward, not saying anything. He then looks towards Hannah and she just shrugs, biting her lip as she notices that the rain has made her shirt see through. It was a white, almost sheer to begin with, tube top with silk for sleeves that were too long for trekking through the jungle. She quickly grabbed the edges of Charlie's jacket and closed it over her top with her hands, just then realizing that she was indeed still wearing his jacket.

"Oh, uhm…sorry. I didn't know I was wearing your jacket. I assume you want it back?" Hannah looks over at Charlie, but he shakes his head.

"Nah, it's okay, you need it more than I do."

Hannah tilts her head, "But aren't you cold too?"

"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine…As long as you're warm so am I." Hannah blushed again from him and smiled, though looking up and gasping as they stop short in front of the wrecked part of the plane. They stare at it, all exhausted and wondering what to do next.

"Well, let's do this." Jack says as they make their way to the bottom of the wreck, proceeding to climb.

"Let's get this transceiver thing, or whatever you call it, and get out." Nodding, they continue upwards, Jack in the lead, followed by Kate, Hannah, and Charlie in that order. Jack reaches the cockpit first, banging a fire extinguisher against the door. It opens, and the body of one of the pilot's flies out, hitting Hannah's arm and making her slip and barely missing Charlie. Hannah screams and looses grip on the plane, falling quickly after the body. Acting quickly, Charlie grabbed her waist with his right arm, clinging to one of the seats with his left, ignoring Kate and Jack's conversation, barely noticing them entering the cockpit.

Hannah gasps and breaths heavily, clearly terrified and exhausted. Charlie looks over at her sympathetically and smiles. "Are you feeling okay?"

Hannah shakes her head slightly, but smiles slightly anyway. "I'm feeling better now." Hannah turns her head slightly, her breathing now lighter as the fact that Charlie was still holding her came into her realization. She smiled wide as her whole body felt warm, a nice change from the freezing cold she was feeling before.

"That's good." Charlie replies, grinning, and he helped Hannah into a sitting position. "Hey, you wouldn't mind if I got up for a minute would you?" Hannah shook her head, though slightly disappointed he had removed his hand from her waist.

"No, I'm okay now…thanks." Charlie nodded and got up, grabbing onto the edges of the seats, wincing at the sight of the decaying bodies in them as he made his way to the plane bathroom.

Kate appears from inside the cockpit a few minutes later and though Hannah did not particularly like her, she was comforted to see someone there other that corpses. "Charlie?" she heard Kate ask and Charlie came out from the bathroom behind her, making her jump. "What were you doing in the bathroom?"

"What?" Charlie answered her with another question, giving her a confused look. Suddenly the whole plane begins to shake and the thing from the night before is heard, along with another scream from Hannah as she just barely grips onto one of the seats, her feet dangling in the air a brief moment before she was able to pull herself up and make her way over to where the others were.

Piling into the cockpit, the four look nervously out the clouded window as the sound gets closer. They could hear footsteps and the sound was louder than ever now, and shadowy figure passing just above them. Suddenly, the half-conscious pilot is lifted into the air and out the window, blood splattering on the neighboring window.

"What the hell was that?" Charlie yelled, the plane shaking more violently now, Jack quickly grabbing the transceiver as they all rush out. They all began to run, as whatever had attacked the pilot was now following them, none looking behind until Charlie falls, tripping on a tree root. Hearing Charlie scream, Hannah runs back, slightly ahead of Jack and bends down, pulling on Charlie's leg.

"It won't budge!" She yells.

"Hannah go!" she shook her head but Charlie wouldn't take no for an answer. As Jack approached, he looked angrily over at Hannah and sighed, "Hannah, get the hell out of here! Whatever is out there, it's gonna get you. GO!" He screams and pushes her forward. Hannah stands up, a few tears forming in her eyes, and Jack came to the two, pushing Hannah out of the way.

"Go, I'll help Charlie, just go!" Hannah takes one last glance back at Charlie and ran, still crying slightly. Running into Kate and falling to the ground, Kate barely notices, calling out for Jack.

Looking angrily at Kate for not even bothering to help her up, Hannah pushes herself onto her feet and glares. "He can't hear you; he's back there somewhere helping Charlie." Kate was about to say something when Charlie came running up, also knocking into Kate.

"Where's Jack?" she asked angrily. "Did you see him, where is he!" now a more frantic tone in her voice, Kate questions Charlie.

"I don't know, he helped me up, we got separated, I don't know where he is. That thing it-"

"We have to go back for him" Kate interrupts.

"Go back? There? Kate, there's a certain gargantuan quality about this thing."

"Then don't come." Kate heads off, Charlie reluctantly follows and Hannah follows Charlie, running up to him, hugging him tightly.

"Charlie, thank god you're alive!" Charlie smiles and hugs her back, putting an arm around her shoulders afterwards. Coming up to where Jack is, Kate runs over to him, Charlie picking up a pilot's pin from the ground, seeing the reflection of a body in the water.

"What the-?" Hannah asks."

"It's the pilot." Jack responds, Kate chiming in.

"Did you see it?"

"No. It was right behind me, but I dove into the bushes"

"Guys," Charlie asks, looking up, the others following his gaze, "How does something like that happen?" He was referring to the body of the pilot up in a tree, covered in bloody and ripped to pieces. Jack's eyes widened, Kate gasped, and Hannah wanted to say something but all that came out was a whimper. Charlie held her close and she turned around, hiding her face in his chest away from the horrible sight of the destroyed pilot.

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