Previously on LOST:

"You better watch what you say mini-me, because I really don't care that you're 12-years-old, I'll still have no problem kicking your ass."

Ryan glares back, ready to fire back at Sawyer, but Shannon grabs his arm and holds him back, "Don't, he's not worth it." Shannon pulls Ryan back to the ground, and Sawyer smirks, walking off as Ryan glares at his retreating form.

"I have to find Hannah." He says more to himself than anyone else, "The only reason I'm on this damn island in the first place is because of her, and I'm not going to sit around and wait for her to die."


Hannah nervously takes in a deep breath, still not completely sure of what he was going to do, but now getting a better idea. She had never really thought of Boone this way, but now that she was seeing him up close, she realized just how attractive he really was. Before she could think any more though, his lips met hers in a deep kiss, and all thoughts of anything else were erased from Hannah's mind as she pressed deeper into the kiss, grateful more than anything for this moment.

Boone held her close after they kissed a while longer, neither of them saying a word as they layed down on the soft jungle ground to sleep there for the night, Boone's protective arms around her the entire night, not letting anything bad get through to her.

Shannon had convinced Ryan the previous day that even trying to find Hannah at this point was useless. She told him how her brother had gone too, and so she was pretty much in the same boat as Ryan was. At this point he was sitting by himself, staring out at the same ocean Hannah had been staring at just a day before. Until…

"Hey! You! Look out!" Someone shouts from behind Ryan and he turns to see who it was, but before he could, a huge wave comes crashing down over his head. The wave retreats back to the ocean, and Ryan stand up, coughing water as he does so. He was shaking off the water when he looked up and noticed another wave above his head. He ran quickly and just nearly escaped the wave this time.

"Man, that was close!" Ryan says, panting. Everyone then begins to realize that all of their belongings were going to get washed out to sea, and they begin to panic. They scramble to grab all of there personal belonging, everyone else lending a hand.

"Quick, get it before it gets washed out to sea!" Someone yells, racing for a bag.

"Get it! Get it!" Another person yells, racing into the water to get another bag. Waves crash into the fuselage and people are throwing luggage this way and that, trying to get it farther up the store.

"Everything is getting washed out to sea! This can't be normal –" Sayid says to Jack, who had returned to camp with Charlie the night before. Jack and Sayid continue to talk, and Ryan was about to listen in, mainly out of sheer boredom, but also to see if they said anything about Hannah, until Shannon came up to him.

"Hey." She looked him over, wondering why he was soaking wet, "What happened to you?"

Ryan grinned, "Got wet."

Laughing slightly, Shannon nodded, "I can see that."

"I was watching the tide come in when…well, the tide came in all over me."

Shannon laughed fully now, smiling at the younger boy, "Well, the wet look works for you."

Ryan opened his mouth, about to thank Shannon, until he heard something. He held up a finger to his mouth. "Now, Rousseau mentioned that there are…others on the island." Jack could be heard saying. It was the word "others" that caught Ryan's attention, though why he didn't know.

"What's going on?" Shannon asked, watching Ryan curiously.

"Listen." Was all he said, turning back to listen.

"The wind, Jack. It was the wind playing trick." Sayid says, telling Jack that it was the wind, not voices that he has heard in the jungle.

"Okay, then what about the papers that you took from her then? The documents, the maps -- I mean, isn't there anything that –" Jack starts back up ranting once more.

"I'm skilled at mathematics and decryption, but these equations are beyond anything I've ever seen. There are these notes in French accompanying some of the maps and diagram. If I could translate them, I might be able to make sense of it, but...perhaps some things are best left un-translated." Sayid explains.

"Yeah? Maybe you should tell him that." Jack says, pointing towards Charlie who was sitting on the edge of the beach.

"Who's that?" Ryan asked Shannon, pulling himself away from the other conversation and pointing towards Charlie.

"That's Charlie…why?"

"No reason." Ryan shook his head, looking back towards Shannon, but watching Charlie out of the corner of his eye.

"Hey…" Shannon begins, but doesn't continue with what she was about to say. She looked Ryan over quickly, noticing how handsome he was. Yes, he was about 4 years younger than she was, and she knew she shouldn't be finding him attractive but, for some reason, she still did.

Ryan grinned at her, amused, "What?"

Shannon shook herself from her thoughts, "Nothing…I was just wondering if you wanted to take a walk with me. You know, keep your mind off things for a while."

He sighed, looking back over at Charlie. "Look, I'd really like to but…maybe some other time, okay? I've got something to take care of."

She nodded, "Okay…rain check then?" She said, trying to sound optimistic, but still saddened a bit. What could he have to take care of? He just got to their camp a day ago.

He smiled, "Yeah, sure." He nodded to her and then walked off in Charlie's direction.


Hannah stretched her arms and opened her eyes, studying her surroundings as she blinked sleep from her eyes. As leaves rustled from underneath her, she realized that she was still in the jungle, and that the warmth around her waist was from Boone's arms, which continued to hold on to her. She smiled, remembering the previous night's events, and forgetting the whole reason why she was out here in the jungle in the first place until she hears something bang from slightly further into the jungle.

She jumped slightly, the sound startling her, and tapped Boone on the shoulder, "Boone, wake up." She said, and tapped him again, until he finally woke up.

"Hmmm? What time is it?" He asked, not realizing that they had no way of knowing what time it was since he was so tired.

"I don't know…but listen…shhh." She sits up, and hears the banging sounds once more, "Did you hear that?" She asks Boone, and he sits up as well.

"Yeah, yeah I did." Whatever was making noise bangs again, and Boone looks over at Hannah, "Let's go." He stands up, Hannah following behind shortly, not too sure if they should be investigating this or not. They walk for a while in silence until the reach the spot where they had been the night before with Locke when they decided to head back. Spotting Locke not to far ahead, they can see him banging on something in the dirt, looking puzzled. "Hey! John." Locke looks up at Boone and Hannah who were now running towards him and waits until they reach him and sit down, peering at the object below.

"I though you two headed back to camp." Locke says, but neither of them answered.

"What is that?" Boone asks, not answering Locke.

Locke takes out a knife. He pushes away the dirt and the leaves and taps it with the tips of his knife. From up close, it gave off a sort of hollow clanking sound, and Locke looks up at Boone, "Steel." He says simply, looking back down.

"Could that be part of the plane…part of the wreckage?" He asked. Locke taps it a few more times, each time sounding more and more hollow. Hannah raises an eyebrow and pushes more dirt away from the steel plate. "What is that?" Boone repeats, looking curiously at the glistening object.

"That's what we're gonna find out." Locke says, looking more determined than ever as they continue to push more of the dirt away.


"Hey! Hey you! Charlie!" Ryan shouts, approaching Charlie with much speed. Charlie looked up momentarily from staring out at the ocean, then after look away, looked back again, obviously not recognizing Ryan.

"Do I know you?" Charlie asked as Ryan came over and stood over him.

Ryan grinded his teeth, trying so hard not to attack Charlie right there. He knew he had to at least appear to be nice to him, if only for a while, to get some information out of him. "No. But you do know my girlfriend."

Charlie tilted his head to the side, not quite understanding, "Okay…well, I don't really keep up with the relationships of teenagers, so could you tell me who you're talking about?"

"Oh, you don't? Well sources tell me that you know a girl named Hannah Taylor pretty well, and if I'm correct, she'd 18, making her a teenager."

"Well…yeah but…who are you?" Charlie asked, still confused, and not being able to put two and two together just or even really in the mood for this either.

"That doesn't matter. What matters is that from what I hear, you've been spending a lot of time with my girlfriend, who just happens to be Hannah."

This hit Charlie. Hard. "What? Hannah doesn't have a boyfriend. And besides, I've never even seen you around the island before. So whoever you are, just back off."

"Actually, she does. She just doesn't know I'm here, because I somehow got separated from the rest of the survivors and just got to the campsite yesterday. So if I were you, I'd mind my own business, and stay away from Hannah."

At this, Charlie stood up, getting angered from this boy. "Who are you to be telling me what to do?!"

"Oh, feisty are we? I wouldn't mess with me."

Charlie rolls his eyes, "Oh really? You really think you could take me? What are you, 14? You couldn't even take me with one hand tied behind my back!"

Ryan narrowed his eyes and glared at Charlie, he was done even trying to be nice, "Wanna bet?" He asked, and pounced, knocking Charlie to the ground.


Shannon was sitting on the sand, reading a magazine, when Boone and Hannah walked up to her, the two of the covered in dirt. "I'm glad to see you're doing something productive with your time." Boone said sarcastically, nodding at the magazine.

Shannon just glares back at him, "Where have you been?"

"What do you mean where have I been?"

"Well let's see, you left yesterday afternoon with Locke, and didn't come back until now. Jack and Kate came back last night with Charlie; so obviously, you're not looking for him anymore. What have you been doing out there?" Boone stays silent for a minute and leans down to get something from his bag.

"We're looking for Claire."

"I thought there was no trail anymore, that no one knew where to look."

"Yeah, well, at least I'm doing something. Don't you see the way they look at us around here? They don't take us seriously." He stands up, and looks at Shannon seriously, "We're a joke. I'm trying to contribute something, and you're just -- you're useless." He turns around, grabbing a water bottle and looking at Hannah for a moment before leaving to head back off into the jungle.

Hannah sighed, knowing that obviously he didn't want anyone else to know what happened last night. Though it wasn't like she blamed him, she didn't need to deal with that either. Smiling at Shannon, she sat down next to her. "Hey, how's it going?"

Shannon shrugged, "Okay I guess…oh, someone was looking for you before."

Hannah narrowed her eyes, somewhat confused, "Yeah? Who."

"Some guy named Ryan…he went off in that direction though." She said, pointing, and then gasped, as she saw Ryan and Charlie practically rolling around on the floor.

"Oh my god!" Hannah gasped as well as both her and Shannon ran over to them to separate the two. As they were approaching, neither Ryan or Charlie noticed, and Charlie's fist connected with Ryan's jaw. A cracking noise could be heard, but it didn't phase Ryan as he retaliated with a punch back, hitting right next to Charlie's eye. "STOP!" Hannah yelled, her and Shannon nearing the two, "Both of you just stop!" But either they didn't listen, or they didn't hear her.

Shannon shook her head and, running over to Ryan, she pulled him off the ground, and off of Charlie. Angrily, Hannah lifted Charlie off the ground the same way, but he struggled to get at Ryan. "Let go!" He said, pushing Hannah's hand off his arm, but she grabbed it again, and glared at him.

"What is going on here?!" She yelled, but before anyone could answer, she gasped as she spotted Ryan, "Oh…Oh my god…Ryan? What are you…? How did you…? Oh my god!"

Ryan looked over and smirked at Charlie who just glared back in response. "Hannah, after you left, I realized that I had made the biggest mistake of my life. I went to the airport, bought a ticket, and got on the plane. I meant to stop you from leaving, but the plane took off before I could find you, so I was planning to catch up to you once we reached LA, but then we ended up here and well…you know the rest."

"Oh my god…" Hannah looked at Ryan, then at Charlie who looked angrier than ever, then at Shannon, who for some reason seemed sad, and then at the ground. Her head was spinning from all of this information, and from everything that had been going on lately. "I…I don't know what to say…what I can say…I mean, it's just that so much has happened since you broke up with me –"

Ryan didn't let her continue, "The only reason I broke up with you is because I thought I wouldn't get to see you for who knows how long. But I made a mistake Hannah, and I think that coming after you on a plane would have to count for something. Besides, you're the whole reason I'm stuck on this island now."

Hannah's mouth dropped open…"Look Ryan…I didn't make you come after me. And for that matter, I didn't make you break up with me either. Still, that doesn't explain why you were fighting Charlie."

"Sawyer said –"

"SAWYER?" Charlie said angrily, "That's who you're getting your information from? You've got problems man."

Ryan glared at Charlie once more and, pulling away from Shannon, he walked off, "I can't deal with this."

Ryan tapped his friend on the shoulder and pointed at someone. "There, she's over there." He said, trying his best to whisper. His friend looked, and so did the other two boys standing with them. It was the end of the school day, and the four freshmen were waiting for their bus. A girl with brown hair a little while away from them turned around and rolled her eyes and smiled at them, tapping her blonde haired friend on the shoulder and laughing. The two older girls walked over to the boys and grinned.

"Hey boys..." The brown haired girl said, "…Ryan."

"Hey Hannah, how's it going?" Ryan asked, smirking at his friends.

"The same as it was two hours ago when you practically flagged me down in the hallway." Her blonde friend laughed and Hannah nudged her, "Lilly, shhh." She whispered, and turned back to the boys, "Anyway, do you want something?"

Ryan smirked, "Baby, you know what I want."

Hannah looked at him with disgust, "Do you always have to be so perverted?" She said, and walked away.

"Yeah, like you'd have any chance with her anyway, freshman." Lilly said, smirking and followed after Hannah.

Ryan turned to his friends and grinned, "Yeah, she wants me." His friends laughed and they all continued to joke around. Though Ryan seemed confident, a sad look spread across his face as he watched Hannah and her friend get into his step-brother Hayden's car. Maybe she didn't want him, but he sure wanted her.


A million thoughts were racing through Hannah's head as she trudged through the jungle. She didn't know what to think any more. Charlie and Claire disappearing. Joining the search party. Finding out Boone likes her and kissing him. Charlie coming back. The mysterious appearance of her old boyfriend. The odd sad look Shannon had on her face. And that strange, steel, whatever-it-was in the jungle. This was all too much for Hannah.

She sighed, making her way towards where she remembered Locke would be in the jungle, hopefully with Boone.

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