Author's Notes: This little teaser is brought to you from the collective minds of Buffybot76 and MithrylDar aka Rose and Bonnie. It may or may not be continued, depending on the reaction/responses/reviews we get. For now, it shall remain a simple humorous drabble that sprouted from our warped little minds. Hope you enjoy!

Hiei was fighting along side the baka, the fox and the detective, well, ex-detective anyway. For some unknown reason, they kept getting called on by Koenma, asking for these smaller missions, which they agreed to, either for old-times sake, or just to relieve the boredom. This time it was a band of demons that had come into the Ningenkai for a raid to kidnap ningens with intentions of turning them into slaves. Since one of his duties given to him by Mukuro included guiding ningens back to the Human World when they wandered into the Makai, he had been ordered to participate and Koenma had simply agreed.

These had not been particularly skilled demons, however, but they had been numerous. He got occasional glimpses of his teammates. Yusuke, with his slicked back hair, apparently still preferred his human form, even though he was a demon now. The baka, tall, carrot-topped, and slightly more skilled then when they had been the official team Urameshi. Then there was the kitsune. The graceful fox, still using his deadly rose whip with just as deadly accuracy. He had missed working with them.

He was slashing through the demons that had surrounded them quite quickly, attempting to keep track of his teammates, hearing occasional cries of Rose Whip, Rei Gun and Rei Ken informing him of their whereabouts. The demons were blocking their view from each other, however, causing everyone to miss the blue glow that encompassed the red headed kitsune, causing him to pause. Hiei became aware that he no longer heard the kitsune's voice momentarily and worried about him. Making his way over in the direction he'd last heard the fox's voice, he arrived just in time to save his life from one of the few remaining demons who had somehow managed to sneak up behind the redhead and was preparing to deal a deadly blow. After dispatching the demon, Hiei cast a look at the bewildered look on Kurama's face.

"Getting sloppy, Fox." He warned.

He returned to the fight, leaving the red head to stare after him. He swiftly dispatched some of the remaining demons even as, across the clearing, Yusuke and Kuwabara had both finished off their opponents and had managed to witness the last few seconds of Hiei's save. The remaining demons all fell to either a shotgun blast or a swipe of sharp metal, leaving the three ex-members of Team Urameshi free to surround the fourth member with varying expressions on their faces.

As the three standing before him gave mixed looks of curiosity, confusion and suspicion, the dazed and confused red head looked down at his hand noting it held a bizarre form of a barbed, green whip before looking back at those surrounding him. From within the body he had just leapt into, Sam Beckett promptly sweatdropped.

"Oh, boy."

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