I have too much free time, and far too little sanity...

I am in total denial over having just written this. Notice, though, that that doesn't keep me from posting it. I am such an attentionwhore.
Started when I read a comment in the kakairu livejournal comm:

Now, let's see how many times i can bastardize Gai's favorite quotes.... and make myself scream at the excess of exclimation points, for that matter! ;

First Impressions
By: Ivy Adrena

One day, chibi-Gai was walking down the street in Konoha village. He was very sad. No one could give him a proper challenge anymore! Oh, the tragedy.

All of a sudden, chibi-Gai beheld the most amazing sight! There, right outside the bookstore, stood chibi-Kakashi in all his glory. Just at that moment, the sun broke through the clouds that had been hanging in the sky all morning, and shone a single, amazingly bright beam of golden brillance upon chibi-Kakashi. At once, chibi-Gai was entranced, hearts in his eyes. Such sleek, youthful beauty!

But how could chibi-Gai show his love? He was quite unsure. Then, it hit him!

Surely this person, in all his youthful beauty and strength, could be a great rival to chibi-Gai. He would have to challenge chibi-Kakashi to a match in order to show his prowess, and tempt the other chibi-shinobi into a relationship of springtime youth! There was no way chibi-Kakashi could possibly turn him down!

So thought, chibi-Gai approached the target of his affections, struck his "nice guy" pose, Ping!ed, and proceeded to voice his challenge.


Chibi-Kakashi was very miffed. Apparently, the latest book in his favorite series(which was supposed to be out today) had been delayed at the printers, and wouldn't be in stores for another month! Now what was he supposed to do all day? He had so been looking forward to the new reading material.

All of a sudden, he was jumped by a very... unique-looking chibi-shinobi, who posed in front of him in a rather disturbing manner, then proceeded to challenge him.

"What the hell?" chibi-Kakashi thought, "Maybe it'll distract me for a few hours."

And so it began... and never actually ended, for that matter.

Poor, poor chibi-Kakashi.


....this is where I facefault into my leftover mincemeat pie and go draw some yaoi in paintchat.