Juuni Kokki Fanfiction
Title: Ruler and Taiho
Written by: Enki-sama
Fandom: Juuni Kokki
Pairing: Enou and Enki
Rating: PG
Disclaimers: Juuni Kokki and all its characters belong to Ono Fuyumi. I am merely borrowing them to have some fun.
Summary: It takes a pair of wings to fly... Enou and Enki.

"A long long time ago, when Man and God lived together peacefully on one land, everyone had wings. Big beautiful wings covered with pure white feathers that could take them anywhere," Enou started.

Enki snorted.

"I may not have wings, but I too can fly," he said.

"Shh, baka. I have yet to finish my story."

Enki rolled his eyes.

"Then, Man got greedy and wanted more. Angered, God decided to take away their wings and banish them to Earth."

"So?" Enki asked.

Ignoring him, Enou continued.

"Man regretted their actions and wanted their wings back. God gave in and returned to them half of a pair of wings each. He then told them that they have to look for something to get back the other half."

Enki raised an eyebrow in question.

"But no one ever found what they needed to fly again. The unused wing grew weaker and smaller as the years went by, and eventually disappeared off the backs of Man. People forgot that they once had to ability to soar in the skies."

"And the moral of the story is?"

"What do you think the people needed to fly again?" Enou countered with a question.

"That's easy. Another wing."

"Exactly. Just as it takes two hands to clap, it takes two wings to fly. So where do you think they should go to look for the other wing?"

"On the back of another person." The kirin answered nonchalantly.

"So it is. God had wanted Man to find someone to depend on, to trust, to love. Someone who will fly with them to the skies again. But alas, foolish Man did not understand. They are doubtful of each other, they are afraid, they are lost. And thus, they never got to fly again."

Enou gave Enki a meaningful look.

Enki shook his head and transformed into his kirin form.

"If you wanted a ride, why don't you just say so from the start?" The mythical beast commented, resigned.

"Because it is more fun this way?"

Enki considered stabbing Enou with his horn as the man climbed onto his back and made himself comfortable. Yet, deciding that he would not like blood anywhere near him, much less on his precious horn, the kirin simply made for the nearest open window and leapt out into the clear sky.

After a short moment of silent flight, someone spoke up.

"Have you gained weight? I do not wish to become the first Taiho in history to die because of an overweight Ruler." The kirin complained in mid-flight.

"Maybe I simply am not getting enough 'exercise'..." Said Ruler leered from the kirin's back.

"Do you think I do not dare to throw you down from this height?"

"Murder! Oh my poor soul, how in the world did I ever end up with such a vicious kirin?" Enou clutched his chest dramatically.

"Shut up if you do not want me to throw you down." Enki threatened.

"But it was you..."

So, amidst the bickering, the two spent the rest of the afternoon soaring among the clouds.


A/N: Some En love for the new year. Happy New Year!!!

Completed: 2nd January 2005