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Time's Change Ruefully

Chap 2:

The rest of that day was casually spent gorging themselves heavily on the delicious foods that Mira had prepared for the picnic, pushing one another around playfully, and of course reminiscing on the good old days…oh, and all the girls ogling over the new and improved Rue. His personality hadn't changed much. He was still calm, accepting, aint-like Rue. However, he'd grown into extreme good looks…to think Mint though him handsome before. Now he made the gods envious.

So the day had come and passed with many a flirtatious remark from Elena, Maya, Mint, and even a few from Belle. We can say Rue was certainly adequately freaked out. And now they lounged in various positions around Klaus's office, where Klaus had earlier assembled them, mumbling something incoherent about having something important to tell them.

Rue sat comfortable on Klaus's desk, the girls all as near as they could be while still remaining inconspicuous. Mint actually sitting next to him, her legs swinging back and forth in boredom. Duke was starting to dislike Rue's newfound popularity, Rod thought it the funniest thing he'd ever witnessed, and Prima was still blissfully unaware.

"Do you know what the important thing your father wants to speak with us about Elena?" Belle questioned curiously, making sure her tone was cheery as to not scare the young enthusiastic girl off.

"I can't tell you!" Elena stated happily. "It's a secret!" Elena nodded merrily; casually side glancing at Rue when given the chance. And neither through bribery nor threats she would not say anymore than: "It's daddies special surprise." By the fifth time Elena's answer remained the same everyone's eyes rolled. But finally, through endless patience, Klaus climbed down the stairs slowly.

"Hello." Klaus beamed joyfully, only receiving flares from most the rooms occupants.

"You know, Klaus. When you call a conference, it isn't smart to keep the conferencee's waiting…" Belle scowled.

"Yea…it makes em wanna hurt you…" Mint added, her heels swinging into the desk she sat upon with small thuds.

"Badly…" Belle agreed.

"Oh, well…about that." Klaus rubbed the back of his head. "I had something important to do. Hope you didn't mind the wait." Klaus dropped his hand. Everyone muttering a polite, "not at all."

"So then, why did you call us down here?" Belle questioned impatiently, anxious to get down to business.

"Well," Klaus began, pulling the artifact he was earlier picking at from within his pocket. It now shined a bright golden.

"Wow…it's so…so…" Elena stuttered, at a total loss for words, "so…shiny…" A few people gave Elena sarcastic glares, of which she either didn't notice, or chose to calmly ignore.

"I've been researching this Relic to the north." Klaus grinned proudly. "IT appears this is a key artifact in acquiring it."

"And you want us to help you get it?" Rod guessed.

"Hell yea!" Mint exclaimed, jumping up with a twirl. "Count me in, the world is as good as mine, right?"

"Sounds good to me." Belle shrugged.

"If Milady's in, so an I." The ever-theatrical Duke announced.

" Johnny Wolf and I are always up for an adventure." Rod explained.

"Yay! Everyone's back together!" Prima exclaimed, jumping up and down.

"It'll be sooooo fun!" Elena yelled, dancing around childishly with Prima. Klaus looked to Rue, who hadn't yet spoken. Everyone's eyes fell to Rue actually, realizing he hadn't spoken.

"C'mon, wouldn't be no fun without you, Rue!" Mint pouted, giving him a playful punch to the shoulder.

"I dunno…" Rue hesitated, thinking. "I have people to watch after."

"You can send her a letter." Mira suggested as she came down the stairs. Rue was about to protest but Mira interrupted. "She'll be fine Rue."

"Yea!" Maya agreed. "Ruenis will take care of her!" Mint watched Rue's walls tumble as he gave in.

"Fine…" Rue sighed.

"Alright then, we leave tomorrow." Klaus announced.

"This is so awesome!" Maya exclaimed as Mint walked her to where her room at the Inn was.

"Yea…" Mint agreed. It was pretty cool. If it weren't for the fact her sister was tagging along, it'd be perfect.

Mint ushered her little sister to her room, then decided to go and visit Rue. So Mint made her way to his room, her strides confident and proud. Mint didn't bother to knock, just allowing herself to barge into Rue's room un-welcomed. Mint's gaze searched the room. No Rue. Mint assumed he must have lagged behind to write that letter. Mint closed the door behind her quietly.

Mint let her fingers glide across the bedspread casually before plopping down on it. His bags were laying on the bed next to her, she gave them a double-take. Mint told herself not to, hell she pleaded with herself. But…she failed. Mint emptied the bags contents, looking for something of interest. Nothing out of the ordinary. Some extra clothes…hehe, boxers…other needed items…nothing juicy. Mint sighed, beginning to put it all back. Mint's snapped her head up from reorganizing everything into the bag correctly when she heard footsteps leading to the room. Mint hurriedly threw the contents back into the bag, closing it, looking for an escape. And when she found none she dropped onto her stomach and rolled under the bed.

The door opened and Mint watched as Rue's shoes walked inside, the door closing softly behind him. Rue kicked off his shoes with a bit of trouble, almost killing himself at the task. Making it hard for Mint not to give herself away by laughing. Mint heard Rue yawn, probably stretching, the way she'd seen him do so many times. Mint felt the bed shift under his weight, the bag being tossed to the ground at her eye level. Rue sighed deeply, then fell backwards, propping his head up with his hands. Mint heard Rue shift again, then some un-comfortable looking armor dropped to the ground, followed by a shirt. Mint gulped. It seemed a little odd that Rue was so reckless in this manner. He seemed like the kinda person who'd carefully place all his clothes in one spot. Mint almost laughed, but stopped herself. Rue was always full of surprises. They always popped up when you thought you had him all figured out too.

Mint could hear Rue shifting again. Mint hoped he was getting comfortable to go to sleep. She definitely didn't want to spend the night beneath his bed. Mint decided let this be her punishment for sneaking in someone's else's room and going through their stuff.

Forgive me lord for I have sinned…

Mint sighed, waiting a few minutes. Then finally she rolled from beneath the bed, hoping Rue was asleep. Continuing to roll Mint rolled all the way to the door, bumping into it a little, then began carefully standing up, trying not to make enough noise to awake him. Mint knew Rue was a light sleeper.

"Mint?" Rue questioned. Just as Mint was congratulating herself for her ever-sly 007 style escape. Mint gulped, turning around with a grin, realizing he'd probably watched her roll her way to freedom.

"I was inspecting your room for…" Mint paused, trying to think of something. "Stuff that uh…shouldn't be here." Mint nodded. Mentally kicking herself. Her mind had just froze up. She could see Rue's skeptically confused eyes gazing back at her. Mint laughed mechanically, then left. Closing the door behind her hurriedly.

Mint took a few steps down the hallways before sinking to her knees.

"Dang, that was lame…"


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