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Chapter 1: Captured

"Iron Reaver Soul Stealer!" Inuyasha cried out. With one simple swipe of his claws, the demon was dead. Shippo cheered from his sideline perch on Kagome's shoulder. Kagome smiled and slowly approached Inuyasha.

"Where's the jewel?" Inuyasha asks, pointing to the dead demon's body.

"Uhmmm... In his forehead." Kagome says then looks up at Inuyasha. Moments of silence passed between the two

"Well, aren't you going to get it?" Inuyasha asks. Kagome cringes.

"Gross! I am not touching that thing!!" Kagome shrieks then hides behind Inuyasha.

"Feh. Scaredy cat." Inuyasha says then takes out the jewel shard. A few sniffs then he unsheathed his Tetsusuaiga.

"What i-is it?" Shippo asks.

"Sesshoumaru..." Inuyasha mutters. "Horrible time for Sango and Miroku to be at Kaede's hut, healing!" Inuyasha says as he looks towards Kagome.

"What?!" Kagome asks as he stares at her.

"You and Shippo hide somewhere...." Inuyasha says then his brother comes down from the dragon, AhUn.

"What do you want, Sesshoumaru?!" Inuyasha asks. Without response, Sesshoumaru walks up to him and grabs the Tetsusuaiga from Inuyasha's hands. Inuyasha takes it back then sheathes it.

"You aren't getting the Tetsusuaiga from my hands unless I decide to hand it over to your clammy hands." Inuyasha says.

"Fine." Sesshoumaru says then walks away, heading to Kagome and Shippo. He picks Kagome up then hits her head, making her knock out instantly.

"Bastard! Leave Kagome out of this!" Inuyasha yells in anger. Sesshoumaru ignores him and leaves with Kagome and Shippo.

Sorry it's so short… I'll make longer chapters next time…