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Summary- Duke Devlin/Usagi (AU) One-Shot

Duke, a charming, pretty boy, player comes across someone who steals his heart with just one look. Usa enamored by Duke's personality, but aware of his player behavior. They take a chance and the dice roll in their favor.

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A Roll of the Dice

A loud sigh, and then an even louder slam of a fist connecting to a desk. The afternoon sun shone through the elegant bay windows highlighting the figure leaning into a wooden chair. Raven stands in a short ponytail, most of his raven crown sweeping up and away to the right. His fringe of raven locks had a group hanging beside his left eye and two jagged bangs falling in his emerald gems of eyes. One last short bang hung in between his eyes, and his hair was situated by a very unusual head band. The backing of the cloth was a red and decorating it was small bands of black diamonds running the length of it. His clothes though simple did speak of wealth. A black form fitting t-shirt covered by an expensive short-sleeved red jacket. Long pants matching the color of his shirt, and black shoes which were propped on the desk. The most catching feature of the youth's accessories was a hanging die earring, showing the character one red dot, and one long black line leading away from his right orb. Leaning even further back the youth's feet shifted knocking something on the desk into the beam of sunlight. The beam hit a name plate, identifying the youth, Duke Devlin. Creative mind behind the next generation game for playing Duel Monsters, Dungeon Dice Monsters. Shifting once more, he let his feet dropped and lean on his elbows bracing on top of the desk.

Another sigh, and the sound of his head slamming onto the desk. "I am so bored." He muttered. His emerald green eyes moving side to side searching for something to do. The roving eyes fell on a picture in a frame, a excited smirk stretched across his face. "Hmm, I think I will pay Yugi-tachi a visit, after all he owes me a rematch." Duke mused as he stretched and stood. Exiting his stifling office, he cast a fleeting glance out the window. "It's a nice day outside, I think I'll walk." He said, his feet shuffling out of his home into the bright sunlight. Before completely leaving, he grabbed a pager and informed one of his servants where he was headed. Then he shut the door behind him and headed in the direction of Yugi's home.

The walk to Yugi's home always brought him by an imposing shrine. Seeing it so many times, he paid no mind to it. Perhaps, if he had, he could of avoided the next event. Something hit his stomach hard, winding him and knocking him to the ground. Glancing up from his position of the ground his eyes caught on sapphire blue eyes staring worriedly into his own. Gorgeous, he thought and let his eyes observe more. Long blonde hair in twin bun-tails on the head, brushing the back of the knee caps. Cute, he remarked and studied the female form in front of him. A supple, curving body, still hinting at the edge of adolescent, lengthy slightly muscled legs. Barely hidden beneath the blue pleaded skirt, topped by a short white sailor shirt with blue cuffed collar wings. White socks, and black shoes, his eyes caught on the jewelry in the crest of the shirt. Interesting broach, he thought, trying to study it closer when an ivory hand slipped into his view.

Using the ground as a brace when he grabbed the hand he was quickly pulled upright. Duke, amazed by the slight beauty was ready to make his opening line. Instead, a mocking voice entered his hearing. "Score one for the Odango-atama." A superiority filled female voice came from the shrine's doorway. He watched as the female's face in front of him, fall and darken. Tears began shimmering in her sapphires, and her world blurred.

"Gomen." She offered the pushed pass him. Duke through one look at the voiced one from the shrine, raven hair, he remark then followed the heartthrob. For, her small form she was quick, almost losing Duke in her straight run. Duke quickly sped up and ran in front of her, recreating the scene they just had. Again they tumbled, except this time, the blonde fell with him. Softening her fall, by bracing her with his arms, he locked her against his chest. Duke, nearly chuckled when he saw the embarrassed pink blush heighten her cheeks. "Gomen again." She said pushing away from him. She was readying to run again when she stood, but Duke easily caught her wrist.

"Now, do I get the name of the pretty lady who crashed into me twice?" He asked. The blonde dropped her head and mumbled something. "Come again?" He inquired. She mumbled it once more. Duke smirked, so she was shy. "Okay, I'll try my name is Devlin, Duke, what is your name?" Duke informed her. The blonde gasped and glanced quickly at him, tugging slightly on her enclosed wrist. Duke sighed, taken with the small blonde, judging from the reaction she knew him and his reputation. Using one slim finger he tilted her head to look in his eyes. "Please?" Duke pleaded. By the angel of sympathy she nodded.

"My name is Tsukino, Usagi." Her voice of chimes rung out. Duke smiled slightly and nodded hello, offering her his hand and releasing her wrist. She grabbed his hand and shook it, a small blush alighting her face.

"Too cute." Duke remarked as he saw it, causing the blush to deepen. However, the soft memory was shatter by an annoying beeping. Duke sighed and picked up the pager, seeing Yugi's number, he sighed once more. "Sorry to cut this short Tenshi, but I would like to continue this later, please meet me at the movie theater at seven?" Duke pleaded with her, taking a chance. Usagi sighed, her heart and mind arguing, when her eyes caught on the dice earring. It flashed in the sunlight almost hypnotizing her with a mantra of, 'take a chance.' Usagi nodded, unsure in his direction and turned a little to the side. "Well, that is better then nothing, see you later Tenshi Usa." He parted with he with a heart taking smile. Usagi felt the breath in chest lessen, and her mind screamed in denial at her actions, reminding her heavily at his reputation. Trodden footsteps led her to her home and into her room. She mutely studied the world of her chambers, wondering if taking a chance was such a good thing.

Duke irritated by the interruption with his interaction of his angel. Wait a minute he thought, his angel, he mused, yeah he like the sound of that. His steps were heavy with his anger as he entered Yugi's home and grandfather's shop. Seeing Yugi, he marched up to him. "Alright, what did you call me for?" Duke inquired. Yugi smiled innocently at him.

"Your butler called wondering if you had reached here." Yugi said, pausing in thought. "You only have an hour here, because Pegasus-san will be calling for a phone conference." Yugi informed him. Duke could of screamed, calls with his financier could take hours, he didn't want to harm the angel he found today. If he could of cursed in Yugi's presence, he would of, instead he settled for running a hand through his hair. Gnashing his teeth together, he asked for a rematch in Dungeon Dice Monster, settling for losing his anger in that.

The match was quick, Duke had lost, badly. Yugi, who always seemed darker somehow during battling had said his mind was not in the game. Ingrate, he thought, not angered he lost, slighted by the comment though. Instead losing made him thank Yugi tightly and leave the shop, heading toward his home and office. When he reached his home, he slammed the door and entered his office. Pacing and praying Pegasus was brief in his news. The phone echoed in his office, and the screen attached to the phone flashed. Picking it up, he watched as the silver haired and one blazing deep brown eye of Pegasus was alighted. "Yes, Pegasus-san?" He asked respectfully and a little tightly.

"Well, Devlin-boy, you almost sound like you don't want to chat with your friend." Pegasus remarked over the phone. Duke gave him a blank gaze. 'You don't know how much I want electricity to shock the phone line and end the phone call with a legitimate excuse.' Duke thought. "Any way about the production of Dungeon Dice Monsters." Pegasus started. 'No, not this again last time he said this, he spoke for over five hours.' He reminded himself flicking a small glance at the clock in the corner of the screen as Pegasus drone on unaware of his divided attention. 'I only have two hours, come on get to the point!' He ordered to the silvered crown one in his mind. "So what do you think?" Pegasus's question brought his attention fully on him.

"Fine, it is fine, Pegasus-san." Duke said. Pegasus nodded his one visible eye narrowing.

"Good, I shall expect you in two days time then." Pegasus said hanging up. Duke's eyes widen, 'Darn, what the in the world did I just agree too?' He whined in his mind. Not having time to worry about it, he dashed into his shower and grabbed a change of clothes. Quickly showering and dressing he exited out combing his hair only to have the phone ring.

"What now?" Duke muttered, picking the phone up. "Yes?" He demanded. "What, Anzu, slow down." Duke ordered to Yugi's close girl friend. "What about Yugi's feelings?" He inquired catching part of her statement. "I hurt them with my brash attitude." Duke repeated her statement. Flicking a glance at the wall clock, 'I don't have time for this.' he thought. Watching the short hand creep closer to the seven. "Of course I am listening." Duke responded. 'How could I not, you are yelling right in my ear.' He said in thought. 'Ah, forget this.' He remark in thought. "Look, Anzu, tell him I'm sorry alright, I got to go." He said quickly, slamming the receiver down into the cradle. The last of Anzu's voice calling him rude. 'Whatever.' He thought and grabbed his wallet, jacket, and informing a passing servant of his general where about. When closing his front door he tossed his pager inside, leaving the distraction at home. One glance down at his wristwatch informed him, he better run. He cursed in his mind, his feet quickly pounding the pavement. 'I hope I make it in time.' His last conscious thought as he focus fully on running.

Usagi was early to the movie theater, she had paced the length of her room several times. In course had her mother a floor under her to stop pacing heavily and just go. Her hand was twitching to the rhythm of her breathing. Sighing she lean against the movie building's outer wall. Thinking of her new predicament, and the problems that lead up to it. Usagi had long ago come to terms with her two best friends being in love, her supposed 'destined prince,' and her ever fiery best girl friend. Yet, when they had told her they were getting married, she just wasn't ready to hear the news, and was unable to respond. Causing Rei to yell at her and call her selfish, while Mamoru glared at her in disappointment. "What did they want from me, I was in shock." Usagi muttered to the sky. "It's just they are so young, Rei in sophomore year, and Mamoru in his second term in college." She continued explaining to no one. "I mean, I guess they really aren't that young, but still, they lives haven't quite panned out yet." Usagi uttered, and slumped her shoulders. Then the other scouts looked at her in disappointment and a small bit of anger. "What in the world was their problem, they didn't say anything either, excuse me if I didn't dance for joy right away!" Usagi called out tucking her head to her chest. "Forget it, I wonder what time it is?" Usagi said looking at her bunny shaped wrist watch. Her eyes widen a little, it was almost seven.

"I hope he isn't late." Usagi commented. The small hand hit the seven with a feeling of dread. Usagi chuckled ruefully as it became seven-fifteen, the next shows at seven-thirty. "Well, I guess I have just been had." Usagi sorrowfully said, lifting off the wall.

"Talking to yourself, Tenshi?" The man of the hour said behind her. "Sorry I'm late, I had to pick up these." Duke said thrusting a bouquet of white carnations into her hands. Usagi's frown dropped and a small beautiful smile bloomed out. 'Good thing I picked up some flowers in apology.' Duke thought. "Shall we, fair lady?" Duke intoned offering Usagi his arm. A roguish smile playing on his lips. Usagi wobbly curtsied in returned.

"Of course, my kind sir." Usagi said linking her arm with his. She looked at all the movie choices and turned to him. "You can choose." Usagi offered. He raised an eyebrow at her, but shrugged. Usagi wanted to test him to see if he took her into his thoughts when he picked one. Duke softly smiled at her trying to see if he was being real, or playing her. His eyes caught on one movie and cringed. 'Well, she is a girl.' He thought looking at the chick flick. Usagi's eyes followed his when she felt him cringe. Her heart melted when she saw him surrendering to the chick flick. "Its okay, I rather see that with the girls, how about some comedy?" She suggested to him. Duke smiled at her, nodding he slipped his arm from hers and slipped it around her waist. Quickly he gave her a quick hug, before linking their arms together again. Gentleman that he was, he paid for the tickets and snacks, chuckling a little at the girls' appetite. The movie was great and they laughed hearty at it. His baritone blending harmoniously with her bell-like laugh. Still, all good things must come to an end, and to an end it did.

As the relaxed pair left the movie theater, they were confronted by a brunette. Her grey blue eyes flashed in jealously and swam with fire, planting herself right in their path. "Yes, may we help you?" Duke inquired to the one standing in their way.

"Yes, you're late, you were suppose to meet me an hour ago!" She shouted at him. Usagi glanced up shocked at him, pulling from Duke's side. Usagi's gaze fell on the girl, 'Well, she is pretty, prettier then me.' Usagi thought sadly. Pulling completely out of Duke's hold and wrapping her arms around herself in self-consciousness. Duke glanced sorrowfully at her and then angrily at the woman. Said woman was gazing triumphantly at Usagi, 'That's it, the millionaire Duke is mine, I am his number one fan.' She thought evilly glaring at Usagi.

"EXCUSE ME." Duke shouted, catching the woman and Usagi's attention. "I do not know you, how dare you interrupt me when I am with MY angel." Duke declared. Usagi glanced up in shock and curiosity. Weighing his truth, and seeing his eyes clear and truthful. Usagi smiled beautifully, and nestled into his side, having two shock gazes fall on her. One in anger, and one in relief. Duke tucked an arm around her and step forward. "Now, if you please, no not please, will move so we may continue on our way." Duke ordered and elbowed past the brunette.

Looking down at the blonde, he tilted her head up to look at him. "Thank you, you are truly an angel." He said sincerely. Usagi blushed, trying to duck her head, but her chin was caught by Duke's strong hand. "Thank you, for willing to believe in me and my intentions." He said placing a light kiss on her cheek. Usagi sighed in happiness, light fog swimming in her vision. Shaking her head, her hands slipped behind his head bringing his lips to hers. She shared with him a quick kiss, then bowed her head. "Well, that was fairly unexpected, Usagi I want to move at your pace." Duke swore, and Usagi's eyes became were lit with the starlight of her smile. "Now, fair lady Tenshi, let me escort you home." Duke said as they walked into the sunset.

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