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Summary- Shaadi/Usa (AU) One-Shot

Two souls looking for answers, hope to find them within each other.

I do not own these shows.

Wisdom less Knowledge

A golden haired princess, with her blonde wrapped in two circular buns on her head sighed. She leaned from her balcony, her sapphire eyes studying the Earth, and the glow from the moon reflected upon the upturned golden crescent moon on her forehead. Her soft white rippled around her form as the soft winds danced around her. Princess Serenity was enraptured by the blue orb her family guarded over, today she had learned from her Mercurian tutor that her kind was not welcome upon the green Earth. With a mischievous smile spearing across her face she made an impulsive decision. Using light lunar magic, she morphed her looks slightly. Hiding her long silk dress, and crescent moon, she darted toward the transporter room.

Carefully Serenity crept into the room, making sure not to alert the guards. Once in she stepped before the transporter and imputed the code for Earth. Hopping in, the transporter warmed, and rocketed the lunar hime to an unlisted coordinate. After all, Serenity only imputed the Earth's code, she didn't give any defining coordinates.

A turbaned youth stood beside the western Nile, clearly aware of the lurking crocodiles. His father had finished explaining his visions referring to the lunar orb. According to him, Lunarians were standoffish and wanted nothing to do with the orb they were suppose to guard. However, Shaadi had conflicting visions to his father, so he stood beside the Nile, praying for guidance.

A flash interrupted his prayer, and his subconscious kicked in with another vision. As his eyes cleared, he stared beseechingly to the sky. Shaadi searched out the incoming beam that might spare him the answers he sought. He watched as the beam speared down, and noted its path, his face turned grim. "This can't be good." Shaadi murmured and took off for the beam. Its trajectory had it enter the front area of the Pharaoh's palace.

Serenity blinked as she gazed around, her mouth opened in shock. "Sand?" Serenity questioned in surprise. "Where is the water, and the forestry?" Serenity wondered. With a curious shrug her eyes alighted on the Pharaoh's palace, and she smiled. "I wonder if they could tell me where I am?" Serenity piped and head off, or would of if a hand hadn't stopped her.

"Hold, Serenity, do not enter." A male voice informed her from behind. Serenity turned to find a turban youth standing before her.

"How do you know my name?" Serenity asked him, her voice raising an octave, gathering the guards's attention. One strolled over his arms crossed in suspicion.

"Seer Shaadi, is everything alright?" The guard inquired, one hand resting on his sword handle. A nod from Shaadi sent the guard walking back to his post.

"You are a seer?" Serenity questioned amazed at him. Shaadi again nodded, and offered a gentle smile. "Where am I?" She intoned curiously.

"You are in the Upper Kingdom of Egypt." Shaadi informed her. Observing her closely, Shaadi realized the heat was beginning to affect the young princess. "Forgive me, I should invite you to relax in my quarters." Shaadi stated with a bow. Seeing Serenity's affronted glance, he shook his head quickly. "Not like that mi'lady, I mean, so we may talk in leisure." He informed her, and offered her his arm. Serenity meekly wrapped an arm around his and followed him.

"Forgive my misconception, seer." Serenity implored, wishing not to offend the friendly Earthling she had encounter. She didn't wish to encounter some of the rougher types the Mercurian princess had warned her about.

"You are forgiven, no harm." Shaadi stated with a smile. "Please though, call me Shaadi." He insisted kindly.

"Then call me Serena." She instructed, and watched as Shaadi nodded before turning to the doors they stopped at. Entering the room, Shaadi allowed the princess to sit first, offering some fresh grape juice, which she took gratefully. After a few sips, she turned a curious eye to the robed seer. "Shaadi were are all the large bodies of water, the huge plains of grass?" She inquired, and watched as he chuckled at her.

"In Egypt, there is no sustainable large body of water, other then a few important rivers." Shaadi informed her kindly. "Without numerous sources of water, shrubbery cannot flourish here." He taught her. Shaadi observed as the princess nodded with a thoughtful grin.

"Okay, why is it Earthians do not like our kind?" Serenity questioned childishly, and watched as Shaadi blinked in confusion.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"According to our history books, Earth refuses to get along with our kind." Serenity explained. "Why, did we do something wrong?" her voice filled with soft tears. Shaadi shook his head, and thought back to what his father had told him. 'She acts neither distant nor cold, why did he lie for?' He mused silently.

"I know not Serena." Shaadi stated with a shake of his head. "According to our history, the Moon is distant and wants nothing to do with us." He repeated back his teachings. Her saw Serena frown curiously at his remark, wondering why both planets had negative stories.

"Perhaps, there are darker reasons?" Serenity mused. "I love the Earth and all her wonders, I've been wanting to go here since I laid eyes on Earth." Serenity told him sincerely. "I know some Lunarians are envious at your free range of emotions, the many wonders here, and the natural resources available." Serenity intoned recalling many conversations she had heard. Shaadi nodded thoughtfully to her statement.

"Some Earthian's hate the fact that you have longevity, strong mystical powers, and no planetary struggles." Shaadi remarked, recalling court gossip that occasionally flitted through. Serenity shook her head at the statement, a soft sigh escaping her.

"Basically due to some petty jealousies, we cut each other off from one another." Serenity summed up, with a frown.

"Yes, the error of humanity." Shaadi stated, folding a pensive fist under his chin. "We changed it though." He added a bit happier. "After all, we ignored the teachings and found out for ourselves the truth. Serenity smiled a little, and cast a glance at the sun dial, with a quick gasp she stood up.

"I must hurry and return to where I landed, or else I will miss the beam home." Serenity exclaimed lightly. Shaadi also glanced at the sundial with a sigh.

"As do I must return to my lessons." Shaadi murmured sadly. "Come, I will show you way back ." he offered leading her away. As Serenity stepped into the descending beam she thrust a lunar coin in his hand, in exchange he gave her an Egyptian necklace. Then sad smiles lit their faces as they were separated.

On the Moon, Serenity was the strongest avatar in open communications and trade routes with Earth. In time leading up to the marriage contract of a peace treaty between the Earth and Moon. On the Earth, Shaadi relentlessly guided the pharaoh Yami to keep an open mind about the teachings of Lunarians. In time leading up to Shaadi prophesying the descent of nine suited female warriors who would rise to defend the earth in the coming darkness.

Yes, both Kingdoms's ended in tragedy. Their sovereigns's sent into the future by strong magic's. However, if not for the curious venture of a kind, tsuki hime, and the daring of a embolden, seer youth, there would be no calm future. The Earth and Moon would still be torn by false lies, and distrust. Our cradle of peace would lay forgotten in the boughs of commissary war. So hold truth to the wisdom less ones who sought it, and give praise that they did.

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