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No Capes!


The alarm in the completely inconspicuous giant metal letter T sounded.

"It's Slade!" Beastboy announced. Robin tapped him on the shoulder, "What?"

"What are you doing? You know I'm the only one allowed to say his name,"

"What?" Beastboy questioned. Robin rolled his eyes.

"I say his name the coolest, therefore, only I am allowed to announce his presence," Robin informed, then as though the alarm had just sounded he ran toward the computer.

"It's Slade," He announced, looking so cool with his angry narrowed eyes and the cool way the word "Slade" rolled off his tongue, with the long 'sl' and hard quick 'ade'.

"You're right, you say it way cooler…" Beastboy said in awe.

"Told you,"

"What shall we proceed and commence to inaugurate at this present moment in the space time continuum?" Starfire questioned with un- necessarily obscure words that were gratuitously supplemented.

"Mary-Sue! What do we do?!" Beastboy questioned frantically.

"Yes sister! What's our course of action," Robin added.

"I still hate you," Raven commented.

"Yes! I concur with friend Raven!" Starfire announced.


A buzzing went off and soon a catchy cell phone ring rang through the air. Mary-Sue reached into her sparking designer purse and pulled out the most expensive, fancy cell phone money could buy.

"Hello," She announced in her perfect voice, "Yes Mr. President… Yes… I understand… Yes the Prime Minister will be in good hands… Yes, you too… I'm on my way!" Mary-Sue then gracefully hung up the phone.

"I am sorry fellow Titans, but duty calls elsewhere. I must rescue the Prime Minister again,"

The male Titans burst into manly sobs.

"Sister…" Robin cried.

"Really hot chick…" Beastboy sobbed.

"Nooo!!! You can't leave!!" Cyborg came running into the room, as he was missing but he still somehow heard the horrible, horrible news,

"Without you I am nothing!!" He cried pathetically, "As an original character you are my only hope for getting a girlfriend that isn't my car!! Nooooo!!!"

Cyborg cried hanging onto Mary-Sue until she teleported away in a splash of falling glitter and confetti that fell on him.

"Who's that guy?" Robin whispered.

Everyone else shrugged.

"Oh, wait, isn't he that single guy? The metal one that lives with us and eats meat?" Beastboy answered.

"Oh yeah…" Everyone else said.

"Wait! His name is Cyborg is it not? The one madly in love with Jynx our nemesis!" Starfire exclaimed.

"That rings a bell," Raven scratched her chin.

Cyborg groaned.

"For the last time!! It was just a crush!!" Cyborg defended growling, he fell to his knees crying to the heavens, "Damn you Bumblebee! Damn yoouuuuu!!!!!"

"I know you ain't talkin' like that about me! I will walk up and down yo' ass!!" Bumblebee shouted from somewhere to the East.

Cyborg hit his head.

"Well anyway," Robin picked up, "Titan's, and you too single metal guy, GO!!"

And with that the Titan's and that one single metal guy, who may or may not have had a part in the Wizard of Oz, ran out the door to fight!

Insert Cheesy music and Swirling Teen Titans Logo.

Cinderblock, who may or may not have had a previous part in Hercules, was currently randomly smashing stuff and doing other illegal criminal activities, such as stepping on grass, with signs that clearly stated, "Keep off grass,"

The Titan's then appeared on a shining hill, Robin in the front looking so cool, with his flowing cape and smirk.


"You!!" The Titans turned to see a small Asian woman with large coke bottle glasses approaching.

"No Capes!!" She cried, ripping off Robin's oh so cool cape, and proceeded to take off Ravens.


"That is all, good luck dah-links!" The woman, who may or may not have appeared in an incredible movie about a dysfunctional super family responded, walking away with Robin and Raven's capes.

"Okay…" Was all Raven had to say feeling bare in her leotard. "I suppose a cloak would count as a cape…"

"Leotards are hot…" Beastboy drooled staring at Raven. Raven slapped him. "OW! Dude, who said anything about you? I was talkin' about your stupid leo—" Slap, "OW!!! RAVEN!!"

"Ahem! Titans!" The now cape-less Robin announced. "And you too metal guy," Robin nodded.

"This is whack," Cyborg put his head in his hands, "I have a name!!"

Robin ignored him and pointed to the city which was being destroyed.

"Despite the fact I am now missing my sexy cape thanks to that short chick who's name may or may not have been Edna Mode, We must fight!" He held a finger triumphantly in the air.

Cinderblock stopped destroying the city momentarily to allow Robin to say his mandatory witty pun.

Time stopped as Robin stood on the hill finger raised in the air, the sun gleaming brilliantly in the backround for dramatic effect.

"Uhh…" Robin scratched his head, muttering under his breath… "Erm…"

"Dude, your mega witty line that is usually just as corny as my jokes but no one ever gives you any flack for it, is supposed to be said now." Beastboy whispered.

"Er right…" Robin cleared his throat. "Cinderblock!" Robin pointed at him, "You—um… oh damn… Yeah I've got nothin'…" Robin muttered.

"Oh no! The cape must have been Robin's source of superior wit! What shall we do?!"

"Actually Star, I really just can't think of anything…" Robin shrugged, "I mean, what can you say to a giant rock that's—GASP!" Robin gasped as a lightbulb shown brilliantly above his head.

"Ha!" Robin pointed dramatically at Cinderblock, "We will rock you! You…big…ahem..rock… get it? 'Rock you' cause he's a rock,"

"And they say I'm bad…" Beastboy announced rolling his eyes.

"Shut up!" Robin snapped, "Teen Titan's GO!!" Robin commanded.

And 'GO' they did.

Except for Raven and Starfire, who had for some reason, lost their powers and became completely vulnerable and helpless, went careening down the soft grassy hill to their doom.

"STTAAAARRRRFIIIIIRRRREEEEE!!!" Robin yelled all helpless and dramatic like, using his birdarang grappling hook thing as he ran and jumped in slow motion to save her.

"Um…" Beastboy stood their stupidly for a moment before turning to Cyborg, "Hey can you uh, take care of that while I hasten all to save my foil, complete opposite and one true love," Beastboy jerked his thumb to the area where Raven and Starfire had fallen.

"Fine…" Cyborg sighed.

"Thanks dude," Beastboy gave him the thumbs up.

"STTAAARRRFII--- oh damnit… I mean, RAAAAVVEEEENNNN!!" Beastboy cried as he began tumbling down the hill as well.

Cyborg looked down the hill, to the left, to the right, and up toward the sky. Finally looking back at Cinderblock.

"Prepare to be vanquished heathen!!" Cyborg shouted pointing fiercely at Cinderblock, "Hot damn, That sounded kick ass!" Cyborg grinned to himself and began charging his sonic cannon.

A whole bunch of exciting fighting and stuff later…

"Okay, it was romantic and pretty cool the first forty- six times, but for cryin' out loud Raven, it's only the first five minutes of battle and I've had to save you at least forty-eight times in dramatic and selfless acts of undying love," Beastboy announced, none too gracefully dropping a pathetically vulnerable Raven to the curb.

"You know what Beastboy, when you go and say stuff like that it just… it hurts… right here," Raven put her hand to her heart with tears glistening in her eyes.

Nearby a lightbulb and or lamp exploded because whenever Raven was the slightest bit emotional, those were the only two things that ever exploded.

"Don't tell me you're gonna go on one of these fits again because I said something stupid," Beastboy groaned, "I thought you had better control,"

"It's not my fault I have to act like this to get you to realize your deeply hidden and rooted feelings for me!" Raven sobbed, exploding another lightbulb and or lamb. "I'm going to go throw myself off the Tower again because I'm just so shattered over this ordeal!"

"Fine by me!" Beastboy shouted.

Another light bulb and or lamp exploded. And Raven began stomping off.

"Raven!" Beastboy called after her. She turned, "I'll be around to save you and say something completely sweet and heartwarming in a few,"

"Same time as yesterday?"

"Yeah, maybe later cause I'm kinda hungry, so maybe don't hurl yourself over until like, say five til seven?"

"That sounds good. I can work with that," Raven nodded.

"Awesome, so dramatic make out scene on the roof at seven?" Beastboy questioned.

"No!" Starfire yelled as Robin was saving her helpless form. "Robin and I are scheduled at seven! Please, not until seven o five, I think five minutes is enough time for Robin to get over his emotional angst and confess his undying love to me and then blissfully kiss me."

"Star," Raven reprimanded, "You know you're supposed to schedule this ahead of time,"

"Yeah Star, the roof is the only place where romantic confessions can take place in this whole city, ergo, one must make an appointment. I mean we can't all go up at the same time," Beastboy added.

"I am sorry," Starfire hung her head from her vulnerable position in Robin's arms.

"S'okay," Beastboy and Raven answered.

"Hell—ooooo! Did ya'll forget about me again?! Just because I'm single doesn't mean you have to forget about me!" That one half metal guy on the show shouted, whose name may or may not have been something like Cy-George.

"Hey who's that guy?" Robin commented.


Cy-George, half metal guy, groaned putting his face in his hands.



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