This is a Gundam Wing story. Warnings are AU, Yaoi, possible Yuri, OCs, OOC, more warnings might come. This story is based on the movie, 'She's All That'.

Summary: Wufei Chang is the Wing High School's star; he's the captain of the soccer team, a top student, grade A student, and a whole lot of other things that parents wish their kid(s) is. His enemy, Malik Eves, makes a bet with him; change the person he chooses into one of the Senior Prom's Royalties. Wufei accepts the bet; but who is Malik going to choose?

Pairings: Wufei/?; Duo/Heero; Trieze/Zechs; more pairings might come.

Chapter 1

Wufei Chang drives into the parking lot in his new fire red Ferrari, the car has silver stripes going across each side and painting of raging flames on the hood. The car is so cool everyone's heads turn as it goes by (AN: All I have to say is that, I want a car like that!!! Only two problems, I'll never have enough money in this life time to buy one and I sort of have a fear of really fast cars.).

As he parks his car, he notices someone he really doesn't want to see bothering Heero. Wufei quickly locks his doors and runs up the steps to the patio. The guy he doesn't want to see goes by the name of Malik Eves; he has short dirty blond hair that's spiked along with a pair of ice cold eyes, his body is well built and he stands about six foot three.

Wufei has known Malik ever since he was in kindergarten, even then, he didn't like Malik.

Right now, Malik is flirting with Heero and Heero doesn't like it. Wufei and Heero have like a brother to brother relationship; ever since they were babies they have known each other, since that time, Wufei has been protecting Heero the best he could. Now that protecting instinct is kicking in.

"Eves!" Wufei yells.

Heero's head snaps up from his breakfast and he smiles at who he sees; Malik is glaring at Wufei, his eyes are flashing.

"What do you want Chang?" Eves asks coldly. "Don't you see that I'm hitting off with this little beauty?"

Heero snorts.

"I can't believe that you haven't noticed that this little beauty isn't interested." Heero says as he gets up; but Malik pushes him right back into his seat.

Wufei almost starts a fight with Malik when he runs over to him with a raised fist; Malik has a grabs a firm grip of Heero's hair. Heero whimpers at the pain. Wufei stops what he's doing immediately.

"I'll leave him alone, if you take my bet." Malik says.

Wufei smirks, he never backs away from bets.

"Let him go and name it; I accept." Wufei says.

Malik lets go of Heero's hair and Heero jumps off the seat he was sitting on and runs next to Wufei, rubbing the spot that Malik was grabbing.

"Well, it's simple." Malik says. "I choose someone for you and you have to makeover that person. The person you make has to be good enough to be a Senior Prom Beauty in order to win the bet."

"What happens if I loose?" Wufei says.

"I'll think of something." Malik says as he smirks.

Wufei glares at Malik; he knows that if he looses, that Malik is going to make him do something that he isn't going to like.

Heero looks at Wufei worriedly; he doesn't like where this is going.

"Meet me at lunch; we'll decide who you'll be making over." Malik says as he walks off.

The school bell rings and everyone heads off the class.

"Are you coming to class or are you skipping?" Heero asks Wufei.

"I can't skip." Wufei murmurs.

Heero sighs and drags Wufei off to class.

During class, Wufei and Heero meet up with their friends; Duo Maxwell, Heero's boyfriend and Quatre Winner, good friend.

"Hee-baby, how are you doing?" Duo asks when he sees Heero.

Heero sits down on Duo's lap and kisses him; Wufei lets his body drop right into his seat next to them, then lets his head fall into his arms.

'What have I gotten myself into?' He thinks; suddenly, he feels someone poking him. "What do you want Duo?" He asks without raising his head.

"What wrong?" Duo asks.

"Nothing…" Wufei says.

Duo looks at Heero.

"Honey, do you know what's wrong with Wufei?" Duo asks Heero hopefully.

"He accepted a bet from no other than Malik Eves." Heero says.

Quatre speaks for the first time that day.

"Why?" He asks.

"To save me…" Heero says sheepishly.

"Save you?!" Duo says. "Did that jackass do anything to you?!"

"He didn't do much." Heero says.

"Yeah, he just tried to pull a patch of his hair out." Wufei murmurs as he sits up in his seat.

Duo growls; Heero sweat drops along with Quatre.

"Let's not do anything drastic!" Quatre says quickly.

"He put his grimy hands on my baby!" Duo growls as he wraps his arm protectively around Heero's waist.

"What's the bet?" Quatre asks.

"He's going to choose someone for me that I'm going to have to makeover; the person I make over has to become one of the Prom Beauties in order for the bet to be fulfilled." Wufei says.

"What happens if you loose?" Duo asks.

"He's still thinking about that." Wufei grumbles.

"You better win…" Quatre says. "If you loose, the decision he makes can be a matter of life and death."

The classes that morning was the same as usual; math, boring; reading, interesting as usual with Mr. B; literature, snore; physical education, fun as usual; history, double snore; then lunch, finally, a break.

Wufei, Duo, Heero, and Quatre walk to the patio; the place where Malik always eats his lunch. When they arrive, they find Malik eating pizza; the moment he's sees Wufei, he puts on an evil grin.

"Wufei, you actually came?" Malik asks in mocked shock. "Unbelievable!!!"

Wufei glares at Malik; his glare darkens when Malik winks at Heero.

Heero shrinks back into Duo arms; Duo flicks Malik off.

"Let's get this over with already!" Malik says as he heads to the railing and looks over the school grounds.

Wufei stands right next to him; everyone else sits at a table behind them.

"Let's see, you lost your girlfriend to that reality star, so this won't be much of a problem." Malik says.

Wufei flinches when Malik says that; Wufei girlfriend was Relena Peacecraft. She was the most popular girl in school, boys want her and girls want to be her. Before Wufei and Relena were together, she had a little infatuation with Heero; but when Heero got together with Duo, Relena realized she didn't have a chance. Wufei swept right in and took her; from the freshmen to senior year those two were a couple; then Greg happened.

Greg was a star from a show called Surreal High Teens; a show where they take high school students from different parts of the world and throw them into a house together for a few months, one by one they are evicted until one is left standing. Greg Henson was the winner of the first season, he won half a million dollars. This happened in the summer of Junior year and it turns out that Greg Henson is a student from Wing High School.

When Relena found this out, she went behind Wufei's back and started flirting with Greg; soon they were a couple. Once they were a couple, Relena dropped Wufei like a bad habit. This didn't do anything to Wufei's or Relena's reputation; but it helped skyrocket Greg's, now he's the second most popular boy in school; the most sad thing about Greg is the fact that he's twenty-one years old and he's still a Senior.

"Let's see who I can find you." Malik says looking out over the crowds. "No, maybe, defiantly not, too pretty, already popular…" Then a smirk came to Malik's face. "Perfect…" He whispers as he points at one boy.

Wufei's eyes widen in shock.

"Anyone but him!" He yells.

"He's perfect…" Malik says. "He's the one for you."

Wufei groans and puts his head in his arms.

Who Malik has chosen is Trowa Barton; he's a new boy who came to the school a few months ago. He has short brown hair with one bang that goes over one eye, covering it, but some people say he can see through his hair; his eyes are a shade of green, which are probably contacts. Why Wufei and most people don't like about Trowa is because he's so shy and secretive; he has no friends whatsoever. Even though he's like six feet tall, he's weak. He also has an awful fashion sense wearing the same thing day in and day out; an evergreen turtleneck sweater with a pair of baggy acid-wash jeans that have tares at the knees, also, instead of a backpack, he carries a gray duffle bag at his side. Wufei feels that he's going to have a very difficult time dealing with Trowa.

"Can you find someone else?" Wufei asks.

Malik shakes his head.

"If you win this bet, you'll get five thousand dollars; but I don't have to worry, it's not like you're winning it anyway!" Malik laughs as he walks off.

Heero walks up next to Wufei and puts his hand on his shoulder.

"Well, it could have been worse." Heero says at an attempt to cheer up his friend.

"How?" Wufei asks.

That one has Heero stumped.

The bell rings and everyone heads off the class.

"C'mon…" Duo says as he puts his arms over Wufei and Heero's shoulders. "Let's go see if we can get anything from the vending machines."

Wufei nods and he and the others go off to class and on search for a vending machine.

To be continued…

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