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Chapter 3

Wufei is in the lounge, waiting for Trowa to show up on stage, when a familiar voice comes up behind him.

"Wufei?" A voice asks.

Wufei turns and sees Heero, along with Duo and Quatre.

"What are you guys doing here?" Wufei asks as the guys sit down.

"We got bored at the other clubs, so we decided to come here." Quatre says. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here with Trowa…" Wufei says.

"Oh really?" Duo asks. "A date already?"

"No, not really…" Wufei says. "Trowa works here, so I decided to take him here."

"Really, what does he do?" Heero asks.

"You'll find out sometime soon." Wufei says.

Just then, the light goes dim and the light goes down onto a piano player, not Trowa.

Trowa isn't on stage; Trowa comes running up to the table; back in his normal attire with his duffle bag at his side.

"Wufei, the time on the clocks here were wrong." Trowa says. "Can you take me home now?"

Wufei looks up at the clocks and notices that they are all fast forwarding to 9:37.

"Alright, but before we go, let me introduce you to my friends." Wufei says.

A takes only a moment and the both of them are out the door.

"Boy, Trowa seems nice." Heero says.

"Yeah, but he's shier than me when it comes to meeting new people." Quatre says.

Duo chuckles.

On the ride home, things are quiet so far; so Wufei tries to strike up a conversation.

"So Trowa, is the neighborhood you live in nice?" Wufei asks.

"Yeah, it's safe and the people are kind." Trowa says.

"It might not be any of my business and you don't have to answer if you don't want to." Wufei say. "But who do you live with?" He asks.

"I live with my big brother, Zechs." Trowa says. "My father died when I was only three, so I don't know much about him. My mother died a little over two years ago and from there Zechs took me into his care."

"I'm sorry to hear about your parents." Wufei says. "I sort of know how you feel since I also lost my parents; but I live with my big sister, Sally."

"I'm also sorry to hear about your parents." Trowa says.

"Is he your only living relative?" Wufei asks Trowa.

"Yes..." Trowa says.

Wufei and Trowa don't know what to say for awhile; until Trowa asks when Wufei was born; Trowa's surprised to find out that Wufei stands five months older than him. After that, Trowa sees that Wufei is near his house.

"Where do I turn?" Wufei asks.

"To the right…" Trowa says.

In about three minutes, they finally pull up to Trowa's house. The house is nice, it has a nicely trimmed lawn, the house looks recently painted, the colors are white, blue and green, and everything else around it is in topnotch condition.

"Thank you for the ride Wufei." Trowa says as he gets out of the car, before he walks off he looks into the window at Wufei. "I'll see you at school tomorrow." He's just about to walk away when Wufei calls on him.

"Trowa, how do you get to school?" Wufei asks.

"The city bus." Trowa says.

"I can drive you to school tomorrow." Wufei says.

"Oh, you don't have to; I don't want to trouble you." Trowa says.

"It won't be any trouble; you live about fifteen or twenty blocks away from me." Wufei says. "I'll have no problem driving you to school."

"Thank you…" Trowa says.

"You're welcome…" Wufei says. "And goodnight…"

"Goodnight…" Trowa says as he backs away from the car.

Wufei winks at Trowa before he drives off; leaving Trowa blushing on the sidewalk. He turns and runs to his house.

When Trowa enters the house, the grandfather clock in the living room chimes ten o'clock.

"Home just in time." Zechs' voice says from the living room.

Trowa goes into the living room to say hello to his brother. He walks into the living room and gives him a kiss on his cheek as he sits down next to him on the couch.

"A friend gave me a ride." Trowa says.

"Treize lend you a ride in a limo again?" Zechs asks.

"No, a new friend I made today." Trowa says.

"You made a friend at school or something?" Zechs asks.

Trowa nods with a smile; but that smile turns to a frown when he sees Zechs' eyes darken and he scowls.

"Are you sure he's a good friend?" Zechs says.

"I'm not absolutely sure…" Trowa admits. "But if anything goes wrong, I promise I'll tell you."

"Promise me?" Zechs asks to make sure.

"Cross my heart and hope to die…" Trowa says with the gesture.

Zechs kisses his little brother's forehead. When their mother died, he automatically become Trowa's legal guardian; ever since then, he swore that he do anything for his brother's happiness.

"I want to meet this guy." Zechs says.

"Alright, he's coming in the morning anyway." Trowa says.

"Good…" Zechs says.

The next morning…

Trowa wakes up at 6:50 to get ready; normally he wakes up at 6:20 to get ready to catch the bus. He takes a shower, brushes and flosses his teeth, combs his hair, and dresses up. He rushes down stairs and finds that the time is 7:27; school starts at 8:45.

"Morning little brother…" Zechs says as he sits down at the table in the kitchen.

"Morning Zechs…" Trowa says as he walks to the refrigerator; he takes out a pair of chocolate chip Eggo's waffles and puts them in the toaster.

"Are you sure that boy is coming to pick you up?" Zechs asks his little brother. Zechs' knows that Trowa isn't good at making friends and that he doesn't have any; all of a sudden Trowa has a friend who drives him home, Zechs is just getting a little curious as to who this person is and is waiting to find out if that boy is just playing with Trowa's feelings.

"I hope so…" Trowa says.

Zechs sighs and takes another sip of his coffee; the waffles pop up and Trowa grabs his breakfast and walks over to the table taking a seat across from his brother.

"What are you doing up so early anyway?" Trowa says. "Normally at this time you're still asleep."

"I got another room to design, also a new design for Trieze's lounges." Zechs says. "And of course, to meet your little friend." (Zechs works as an interior designer; it's better than being a pool boy, right?)

Trowa sighs and there's a ring at the doorbell.

"I'll get it." Trowa says as he gets up eating the rest of his breakfast.

When Trowa opens the door, a smile comes to his face when he sees Wufei.

"Morning Trowa…" Wufei says.

"Morning Wufei…" Trowa says.

"Hi Trowa!" Three voices yell from Wufei's car.

Trowa stares with wide eyes at Duo, Heero, and Quatre; all three of them are in Wufei's car waving at him through the open windows. Trowa smiles again and waves back.

"Morning!" He hollers.

"Care to introduce me to them?" A voice asks behind Trowa.

"Yes…" Trowa says without turning around, he knows that Zechs is the one behind him. "Wufei, this is Zechs, my big brother." Trowa says, then he points out to the three others in the car. "The one with the long braid is Duo, the one with short brown hair is Heero, and the one with short blond hair is Quatre."

Zechs waves to the ones in the car and they wave right back.

"Nice to meet you Wufei." Zechs says as he holds his hand out for a handshake.

Wufei almost doesn't know what to do at first; Zechs is one of the most beautiful people he has ever seen in his life. He reaches forward and shakes Zechs' hand.

Trowa reaches behind the door and picks up his duffle bag.

"Zechs, I'll see you later." Trowa says.

Zechs kisses Trowa's forehead.

"See you tonight little brother." Zechs says. "And since it's Friday and if you want to go out somewhere with your friends, you can come home at two."

"In the afternoon?" Trowa asks.

"No, in the morning." Zechs says.

"Morning!" Trowa freaks.

"But if you're going out, you know I'll be home, so come and tell me first, okay?" Zechs says.

Trowa nods and Zechs goes back into the house.

"My brother must really trust you." Trowa says.

"Why?" Wufei asks.

"Because the latest he let me stay out was at eleven thirty." Trowa says. "I've never been out past midnight."

Wufei chuckles.

"Maybe he's testing me out…" Wufei says. "I won't be surprised if he pulls me over one day for a little lecture."

"I won't be surprised if he pounds you…" Trowa murmurs.

The two walk over to the car to their friends for school.

To be continued…

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