Chapter 23: All That's Come

Raven felt herself being slammed backwards. She shielded her eyes and attempted to discern what the large and looming shape heading towards her was. Trigon. The monstrous demon plowed towards her.

"RAGE WILL CONSUME YOU!" he shrieked. Raven set her jaw and prepared for impact. Release your power. Take him back. Raven heard the faint and fading whisper of her mother receding in her mind. The empath felt herself reliving her mother's death. Her eyes glowed ominously, the prelude to her immense powers cracking in the blinding air. Raven brought two fingers in front of her forehead and her ashma chakra gem began to shimmer. Black magic fizzled at her finger tips. She drew her hand down before her chest and stretched her other hand out to the side.

"Azerath. Metrion. Latsiere. Zinthos!" she hissed the words with dark conviction. Raven's powers swelled out from her hands as she snapped her arms out, bird-like, palms up. The aura danced ebony from her finger tips but simmered into brilliant white. Trigon hurtled towards her and the white power shot from her body and combated Trigon, pulling him in. Raven felt a rush of pain flow through her as the demon was consumed into her. She felt as if her body was breaking and tears flew down her face. "I LOVE HIM!" she cried.

Then Raven felt it. The pain dissipated abruptly… but she felt the familiar disconnection to the world fill her. The light surrounding her faded and she dropped to the ground. Raven stood silently. Her mother's dress was gone. Raven was in her usual black leotard and navy cloak. Her breath caught as she gazed towards the alter. She heard a soft groan.

"Beast Boy," she rushed over to him. Beast Boy opened his eyes and looked down. He jerked his head back, repulsed by all the blackened blood caking his body. There were no wounds, though. Just blood.

"Capria!" he said with a start as Raven came to his side. She shook her head. He frowned. "What?" the empath stared at him without a hint of emotion.

"Raven. Just… Raven. You're… ok?" she asked tentatively… hopefully. Beast Boy rubbed his head.

"Yeah… is… everything over? Did you already release Trigon!" he asked, obviously distressed. He hadn't been there for her!

"No. I'm not releasing Trigon anymore, it's… not right," she said quietly. Beast Boy's eyes widened.

"But Rae!" he started.

"There are… more important things than feeling," she said quietly. "Or showing feeling. I could always feel, I guess," she murmured. Beast Boy hesitated.

"But… I thought… are you going to die?" Raven shook her head.

"No. But I… can't show my feelings still. I never will be able to." She stared at him apathetically. "But that doesn't mean I don't love you." She said firmly. Beast Boy nodded silently. Raven's dream had always been to feel. It was all she'd ever wanted. Now, she realized the truth. She had always been able to feel; she always would be able to feel. She would never be able to show anyone that, but Beast Boy had seen her love. He had felt her love. And that was all that mattered. "Do you… wanna go home? There's nothing… left." she asked. Beast Boy just nodded again. It was strange, after all that had happened… here they were, sitting in silence, wondering if they should head home or not. He sighed.

"So… this whole thing… we didn't do anything?" he asked in disbelief. Raven bit her lip. That wasn't exactly true.

"No, we did do something. A lot of things, actually. I might not have gained the ability to show my feelings, but you saved my life. If you hadn't come… you'll never fully understand how much you've done for me. Saving my life, that wasn't even half of it. You showed me love… trust… forgiveness… sacrifice… We did a lot, Beast Boy, you just don't see that. And you don't have to. You don't have to see something… to know it's there," she said quietly. Beast Boy stared at his hands. Raven held her breath. Leaning over, she laid a soft, short kiss to lips.

"I love you, Rae…" he said quietly.

"You know how I feel." She replied stoically. He sighed and brought his eyes to meet her own. "Let's go home," she said again. Raven carefully picked up her bag from the ground. Placing a hand on his shoulder, her eyes closed and they left Latsiere behind, a soft ruffle of breeze picked up the pages of a lone black spell book lying on the silver alter…

"FRIENDS!" Starfire shrieked, flying out to meet Beast Boy and Raven, who had landed in the front yard. Raven stared on quietly, her eyes showing no attachment to the overjoyed alien. "You are undamaged! You are well! Friend, Raven… your life… is not in danger any longer! Beast Boy! Are you wounded? You are covered in the blood!" Starfire fired off questions, darting between the two anxiously. Robin and Cyborg came jogging out to meet them.

"Guys, are you ok! We were worried sick! We haven't been able to contact y'all since we left Tamaran!" Cyborg jabbered worriedly. Robin nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, we thought you guys didn't make it… it scared us all to death. Beast Boy, are you hurt?" The leader of the Titans inquired. Beast Boy shook his head.

"No. I'm fine. Nothing wrong here…" he trailed off, looking at Raven quietly. This whole time, all he'd wanted was for Raven to end up safe and happy. But now… she was safe and all, but happy? If she was, he'd never know… although he had the feeling she was far from happy.

"Yeah. I'm fine. Just… tired. Really tired," she murmured. Starfire squeaked.

"We must get you to your bed chambers immediately! Robin! Help friend Beast Boy!" she cried, protectively helping her empath friend into the tower. Robin immediately responded and Cyborg went back inside to warm the shower water for Beast Boy.

"Can she…" Robin trailed off.

"No." BB responded quietly. Robin nodded and helped Beast Boy into the restroom. He quietly left with Cyborg.

Raven sighed as she dropped onto her bed with a light thump. "Thank you, Starfire. Would you mind… giving me some time alone? Please?" Raven asked quietly. Starfire nodded and hastily exited. She met up with the others in the hall.

"Shall we ever know what has happened in their absence?" she asked her boyfriend softly. Robin's lips pressed into a thin line.

"Someday, I hope. For now… they need to recuperate and have some time to themselves. They'll tell us when they're ready," he said quietly, nodding to himself. Robin drew his arm lightly about Star's waist and led her out to the rec. room, Cyborg following behind.

Raven tugged her mirror from her bag and stared at it quietly. It began to swirl and shift and she was soon gazing at all her emotions. So… the mirror was working again. She sighed. The empath gazed critically at each. Logic, Jealousy, Happiness, Morbid, Rage, Sadness, Timid, Bravery, Passion, Lazy… each stared curiously up at her (except for Disinterest). "Where's Love?" Raven asked quietly, her eyes narrowing. Wisdom tilted her head.

She's part of you. She doesn't need to be in Nevermore.Love is stronger than Trigon. You can do as you wish with her...your father cannot stop her... he cannot hurt you.Wisdom said simply. Raven's eyes widened. Beast Boy… The mirror fell forgotten to her bed and Raven darted out, rushing down the hall towards the bathroom. Beast Boy emerged back in uniform, looking the best he had in three weeks. His eyes darted up to meet Raven and they flashed with slight sadness.

"Hey, Raven," he whispered. Raven ignored it and threw her arms around him. The changeling's eyes bulged out of his head in shock and he tensed, waiting for something to explode. "Rae…?" he asked. Raven looked up at him.

"There's an exception to my situation," she breathed. His eyes widened further. Raven bit her lip before laying a gentle kiss to his lips. "We did plenty back there… plenty enough for me," she murmured. Beast Boy stared at her and a slow smile spread across his face.

"I guess we did," he said. The boy nodded to confirm his thoughts before capturing her lips in his once again.


Cry to Me

Rest your head,

Never fear

The tears that sting your eyes.

Let them fall,

It heals the soul.

I wakes the fire inside.

Let me kiss your fears away,

Let me know your lips,

And hold this close,

My single wish,

Is to have you cry to me.

Author's Note: Don't worry... I'm already banging my head on my desk and inflicting other forms of self torture. But, hey, if you feel like throwing some rotten fruit at me, I don't blame you. I suck at endings. I swear I about died when I reread this. It's just sooo messed up. I'm thinking of rewriting another ending and replacing this chappie. But, I don't know. I hope you didn't hate it too much. If you did, I offer gifts of clorox bleach that you may cleanse your eyes of this terrible writing. Still... please review! hehe.


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