"Darcy's Dis"

by Ennon

A/N- Degrassi:TNG and its characters aren't owned by me and I'm making no profits from this or other fanfics based on the characters. This ficlet deals with an overlooked possible aftermath of 'TSS'.

Toby saw a palm pilot left behind at his MI desk as he started to leave- and couldn't see a name.

"Mr. Simpson, who sits here before. .. ?" Toby started to ask.

"Darcy Audubon, I'll. .." Snake started to say before Toby ran out of.

"Thanks!" Toby exclaimed as he ran outside the classroom.

"Tobes, I'd have. ..Never mind," Snake chuckled.

Toby ran out excited and saw Darcy out in the hall.

"Darcy! Darcy! Wait up!" Toby exclaimed.

"I'll catch up in a minute," Darcy groaned to some other Grade Nine girls who walked off.

"I've got your palm pilot!" Toby proclaimed.

"Thanks for returning it,"Darcy glumly replied with barely any emotion as she took it.

"Wait up! I'd like for us to chat and. ."Toby exclaimed.

"SO not happening," Darcy snapped.

"But. . why? I didn't do anything!" Toby sputtered.

"Yeah, about Rick Murray?!" Darcy boiled.

"Darcy, I never suspected he'd have brought a gun and shot Jimmy," Toby gasped in shock.

"That's NOT what I meant- and you know it!" Darcy fumed.

"What?!" Toby asked.

" Look, it was YOUR biz and choice if you wanted to be friends with Rick," Darcy started to explain.

"Okay but what does. ..?" Toby asked.

"At least you got to make that choice knowing the 411 about Rick putting Terri McGregor in the coma," Darcy boiled.

"How did you. ..?" Toby asked.

"Kendra Mason's in my skating class and she told me ALL about what her brother witnessed with Terri when we talked right after the Shooting!" Darcy fumed.

"But Darcy, I thought Rick had changed and. .." Toby pleaded.

"I asked you point-blank why folks were picking on Rick and you told me there was no reason- a BALDFACE LIE!" Darcy exploded- as she punched Toby on the shoulder.

"I. .I didn't mean anything bad. I just wanted to cheer. .." Toby tried to explain.

"I'm no baby and I'm the one who gets to decide what Darcy needs to know- NOT you!" Darcy fumed.

"I don't think he'd have done you any. .. " Toby tried to explain.

"How can we ever know? Even if that's the case, it should have been up to ME to decide for myself about Rick and the kiss!" Darcy boiled.

"Look, I'm sorry. Can't we be friends?" Toby pleaded.

"No, Toby. You lied and you let me stay ignorant when I needed to know. How can I ever trust anything you say again?" Darcy asked- as she walked away.

"I wish I could turn back time and not lied to you. I really like you, "Toby groaned.

"I liked you,too, Toby," Darcy said to herself in a whisper.