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Batman – Murderer?

Nothing was broken. Batman knew that instinctively. He had never been hit that hard before, not even by Bane. He opened his eyes. Gravel. Gravel tinged with red. His blood. He was getting double vision. His lens was falling out of his mask. He ripped the lens out of his mask and rolled to his feet. Killer Croc, a seven-foot tall gangster with green scaly skin and sharp teeth was leering at him.

"What is wrong with you Bats?" Said Killer Croc. "You falling asleep on me already?"

Batman tried to talk but his mouth was full of blood. He spat on the roof of the building they were fighting on and spoke again. "Your going back to Blackgate for the murder of those security men."

"There ain't no man can take me down now boy," said Croc. "You recognise this stuff?"

Killer Croc pointed to a small green capsule that was tied to his arm. Tubes were leading into his arm. "I got this from a guy called Bird in Blackgate. The same stuff that Bane used to break you. This is a new product line though,it's notaddictive and twice as strong."

"I know what Venom is and what it can do."

Killer Croc lunged at Batman. He took a step back and kicked out at Croc's arm with a Ju Jitsu kick. Croc lunged at Batman's foot and grabbed it and held Batman upside down with one arm.

"Bane was a wimp. He didn't you hit hard enough." Killer Croc threw Batman off the roof.

Batman relaxed his body and waited for the impact. Aaah! He landed awkwardly on a fire escape the side of the building. Damn. That felt like a rib going. He got to his feet. The fire escape was shaking? Why was that? He looked up to see Killer Croc pushing the fire escape out of its moorings.

"Hey bats," said Killer Croc holding up Batman's utility belt. "This belong to you?" He threw it down into the streets below. With a screeching sound the fire escape left the wall and started falling down towards the streets below. Batman leapt from the falling fire escape onto the wall. There was nothing to grab hold of! He fell from the wall and with one hand grabbed hold of a passing window ledge. His shoulder screamed out in pain, but better that than landing on the sidewalk hundreds of feet below. With a horrendous clattering sound the fire escape landed on the sidewalk below. He clambered onto a window ledge and threw himself onto a drainpipe and quickly climbed up to the roof. Killer Croc aimed a kick at his head but Batman was waiting for it and pushed back on his foot making Croc fall over.

"You'll pay for that short stuff," said Croc and clambered to his feet. He ripped an air conditioning unit from the roof and threw it at Batman. Batman threw himself to the floor and the unit flew harmlessly overhead.

"Hey green boy," Robin landed on the roof next to Batman. "You trying out a new aftershave? Let me guess essence of sewer?"

"After I kill Batman, I will rip you apart."

"I bet you tell all the heroes that."

"Stay out of his way Robin," said Batman. He didn't need Robin getting in his way. This creep was dangerous. Robin threw a grappling hook at Killer Croc that wrapped him in high tensile steel wire. Croc grabbed hold of the wire and yanked it pulling Robin off his feet. "I said to stay out of his way. I can take him." He picked Robin up from the ground.

"Yeah right you can take him. Have you seen a mirror recently? You look like the centre fold for Boxers Most Beaten."

"Your getting old Batman," hissed Killer Croc. "Maybe you should think about retiring?"

Killer Croc ran at Batman. Batman span around letting him pass him and then aimed his best Atemi-Waza striking technique on Killer Croc's knee.

"Aaaah!" Killer Croc fell to the floor and tried to get up but his leg wouldn't support his weight. "You'll pay for that!" His clawed hand tried to grab Batman but just scratched at thin air. Batman aimed another kick at Killer Croc's chin this time throwing Croc to the ground.

Batman was shaking with tiredness and pain. He sat down on the side of the building. "Put the cuffs on him Robin and let Gordon know where he is."

"No problem Batman. Jeez I hate to tell you what you look like but you could get a part in Cinderella as an ugly sister." Batman glared at Robin. "Hey don't kill the messenger. I'm just saying you should get Alfred to check you out."

"I'm fine," he hissed at Robin. He stalked off to the edge of the building.

"Batman... Bruce, you need to get checked out," said Robin, starting to look worried.

Batman whirled around, flecks of blood span from his mouth. "I've got to fetch my utility belt and I need to do some thinking, I'll see you back at the cave." Batman grabbed hold of the drain pipe and lowered himself down to street level.

The street was quiet save for a coke can that was rattling as it rolled down the gutter. The darkness was broken only by a streetlight flickering. The bulb was nearly at the end of its life and it was not the only thing. A girl was running down the street. She was whimpering with fear. They were getting closer! Why did she walk down this street? She should have waited for a taxi, but no she thought she would walk to another taxi rank. She looked over her shoulder. They were getting closer! Maybe they just wanted money? No. The way they had looked at her as she walked past. They wanted more than money.

"Oh no!" She whimpered. A dark shape left the doorway in front of her. She was trapped. She turned to face her two pursuers.

"Give us your bag," said one of them.

She threw it at them.

"Ooh temper, temper," said the one with a baseball cap. He leant down to pick it up when a batarang impaled his hand. "Aaaah! It's Batman!" He pulled out a gun from his pocket and started shooting at the dark shape that had left the doorway. Another batarang took him in the neck and he fell to the ground choking on his blood.

The girl gasped in shock and the thugs companion turned to run but was cut down by a batarang that took him in the back. He fell to his knees blood pouring from his wound. "But Batman doesn't kill!" He gasped before falling to the ground.

The girl turned to face her rescuer. He was dressed in an ebony cloak that flared out into batwings. On his chest was a yellow embossed bat symbol. "Thanks but you didn't have to kill them."

"All who cross the path of the Bat will die," he said. He got a grappling gun from his utility belt and shot it at the nearest building. He swung away leaving her in the pool of light from the streetlight and the rapidly increasing pool of blood.

The car's headlights pierced the darkness. The lady in the car wound down the window to look at a road sign. Ah. Wayne Manor was this way. It had been a long time since she had last been here. Too long. The car pulled into the drive way and, the gravel crunching beneath the wheels, carried on the long drive to the house. What was it about the Wayne's and their desire for solitude? If this had been hers she would have sold the place and bought a penthouse suite in Gotham's theatre district. Still the house looked cheery enough from the drive. The lights illuminated a nicely kept, though sparse garden. She parked the car outside the house and pressed the button on the dashboard to open the boot. Hmmph. There was a time when she had a servant to do this for her. She opened the door of the Bentley and walked to the front door of the house. She pulled the bell rope. What was the name of the servant? Alfred? Adam? No Albert that was it. A slim man with a pencil thin moustache opened the door.

"Aaah Albert, take my cases."

Alfred opened his mouth in astonishment. "Hello madam, we haven't had the pleasure of your company for some years."

"Stop dithering Albert and let me in. It is bitter out here."

"Certainly madam, where are your cases?"

She glowered at him. "In the car and I would like a cup of tea. Where are your manners? Where is that no good nephew of mine?"

"Master Bruce is taking tea in the study madam. I should warn you he hit his head on the…" Alfred looked thoughtful. "door madam."

"Go and tell him that his Great Aunt Celia is here man and are you just going to leave me standing in the door way?"

"Sorry madam, please follow me. I will fetch your cases shortly." Alfred was speaking a little louder than was strictly necessary. Alfred adopted a light tone. "How long will you be staying madam?"

"Don't be impertinent man. As long as is necessary." The class of servant was really appalling nowadays. He would be one of the first to go. Up ahead she saw Bruce Wayne and a boy leave the study. What had Bruce done to his face? He had a black eye and a swollen lip. Judging by the way he held himself he had hurt his side as well. She started smiling. "Bruce, wonderful to see you again. What have you done to your face."

Bruce looked to his left and said, "I fell down the stairs this morning, Aunt Celia."

"Fell down the stairs? Did you hit every one of them on the way down? Your servant Albert…"

"Alfred." Corrected Bruce.

"Said you hit a door?"

"I hit the door on the way down."

She walked up to him and started sniffing. "Have you been drinking?"

"Not yet," said Bruce trying to smile.

"You haven't introduced me to this boy?"

"Aunt Celia, this is Timothy Drake a neighbour and a friend of mine. Timothy this is Great Aunt Celia the sister of my Grandfather. She normally lives in England."

It's not surprising he was still single with a child as company. She hoped the relationship was purely professional. She didn't want a repeat of her sister's husband. They certainly didn't talk about him in polite society.

"Of course it is always wonderful to see you Aunt Celia, but may I ask what your visit is about?"

The rudeness of the young generation! Still he would have to find out soon. "The Wayne family will die out if you don't marry. I've come here to find you a wife."

Authors note - I hope it is not too heretical for Bruce Wayne to have a Great Aunt? I hope you enjoy the story. It is planned for about 5-6 chapters. All reviews welcome!