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Our Last Breath Together

It's just him and her, too early in the morning, too late at night… too early to taste the hidden fruit of pain. Too late not to. It's just him and her, silvery eyes staring into the depths of emerald-green ones, emerald-green eyes staring right back into silvery ones.

"Who are you?" she whispers.

"Nothing more than a shadow…" he answers. "… a shadow with no rights to fall upon your life."

Tears fill her eyes. He takes her hands in his.

"Don't cry. The tears won't help. I can tell that now."

Her hands slip out of his, only to slowly be placed on his shoulders. He puts one arm around her waist and with the other arm he gently pushes her head closer to his lips. He gives her a warm kiss on the cold forehead.

"I don't care you're a werewolf…" her voice trembles.

"Neither do I…" he smiles.

"Why are you doing this, then? How can you leave it all behind?"

"I'm not leaving it behind. I'm not leaving you behind. Only things that could happen and haven't happened yet."


"Because I love you. Because I need to know you're always there, always smiling, always throwing books at James, always… safe."

"You said you didn't care."

"I don't. I don't care I'm a werewolf, I don't care I have to lock myself in a deserted shack once every month, I don't care if I hurt myself. But I care if I hurt you, in some way or another. You're too precious to be hurt, Lily."

"And are you saying this, this end, the end of all we used to have and all we used to be, are you saying this won't hurt you?"

"It will. It does hurt me. But pain is nothing to me anymore. I'm worn out already. But you aren't. I have yet thousands of torturing days ahead of me. You have a life. And mixing suffering with living will bring collapse. More pain. More tears to your eyes. More torture to me."

She can't see his face anymore. She can't see the regret in his eyes, the words still unspoken. She stares blankly at the blue curtains and she refuses to see.

He leans even closer to her. His lips touch hers, but he doesn't kiss her. She ceases to breathe, hoping he will give her a last taste of his bittersweet scent. He doesn't. She takes a deep breath. So does he. They breathe together, at the exactly same time, in the exactly same way… for the last time. They breathe. They breathe together… only once, forever.