Crystal Hearts

We can grow only once in our lives. As our love crystallizes and grows, so, too, do our hearts…they are a manifestation of our love. In time, they are given over to the one who inspired them…who wished them happiness. You at least…I wish you happiness…

Chapter 1: Evil Rising


The thief smirked as he dodged the incoming energy balls, "What's the matter Krad? Old age getting to you?"

The white figure growled and prepared another one.

(No! Don't hurt Niwa!)

((Satoshi-sama…not now!))

(I won't let you kill Niwa!)

Dark smirked watching the demon struggle with his host.

/This is the perfect chance./

-Perfect chance for what? I won't let you hurt him and you know it!-

/Don't worry, I won't touch your lover boy./

He felt his host blush and grinned, "With!"

The white creature hopped up, transforming into wings and carried the thief and the piece of art away.

((Satoshi-sama, you let the thief get away!))

(You were going to kill him!)

Krad paused, an uneasy feeling swept over him.


The hunter didn't answer, he unfurled his white wings and lifted off, but the feeling didn't go away even as he went further away.

((We'll discuss this another time.))



Dark looked back, something didn't feel right…


/Something's coming…/

-What's coming?-

He shrugged it off. /It's nothing./


The next day the boys met up after school, "Dark's been acting all weird since yesterday."

Satoshi nodded, "Krad too, he's been acting like he's expecting something to come…"

"Let's just wait a few days…maybe it'll pass…"

"Let's just hope so…"

But it didn't, the entities grew more restless everyday, Dark was pacing back and forth in the redhead's mind driving him insane and Krad was more jumpy than a kangaroo. Finally, they decided to go back to the museum to check it out.

"I didn't really expect to see you here Krad."

The blonde ignored it, "It's growing…getting stronger…"

"You feel it too don't you?"

"Of course, it's impossible to ignore…"

"What the hell is it?"

"I don't know…"


Krad turned away, "Well whatever it is, it's bad news, nothing but bad news…"

"There's nothing here…maybe it'll show up in a couple days…"

"Imagine how strong it'll be by then."

"You're paranoid; I'll just kick its ass back to where it came from!"

"Right now…I'm having my doubts…"

He grinned "My, my, Krad, I never thought you'd care about me, but like I said, you're paranoid."

Krad shot him an ice cold glare, unfurled his wings and flew away, leaving the thief behind, a hint of sadness showed in his eyes.

-Dark…what's all this about? What's coming?-

/Honestly Daisuke? I don't know…/



(That was new.)

((What was Satoshi-sama?))

(You not trying to kill Dark.)

((He is not the top priority at the moment.))

Satoshi was surprised with the answer, (And what is the top priority?)

((That thing…))

(That thing?)

((Never mind, it will show itself soon.))



The two entities seemed to have settled down for the next few days, the trouble seemed to have passed, but then…

/Daisuke! Get up!/

-What is it?-

/It's here!/

The ruby eyed boy sat up sleepily, -What's here?-

/Not sure but we have to get there, soon! I bet Krad's already there!/

He was right, the blonde demon was looking around anxiously, he looked up momentarily "You're late."

"My bad, Daisuke wouldn't wake up."

Krad whirled around towards the museum, "It's here."

"What is it?"

The blonde closed his eyes, "An art of the Hikari, unsealed, something has disturbed it from its centuries of sleep." His eyes opened, "It's awakened."

"Do you know which piece of art it is?"

Krad shook his head, "I've never felt this piece before…it's different from all the other pieces..." he shuddered, "there's nothing but pure evil inside it…"

"Well that's reassuring."

Golden eyes widened, "There's two of them!"

Dark smirked, "Well that's fair then, we'll bothget one."

The hunter hissed in annoyance, "You foolish thief, do you have any idea how strong they are!?"

"Nope, no idea, are you afraid?" He snorted, "The great hunter's afraid of a couple pieces of unsealed art."

Krad clenched his fists, then at that moment the museum shattered, a large shadow appeared, "It's them…"

The thief's eyes widened, wings unfurled ready to evade, "I thought you said there were two!"

"There are!" The shadow drew closer until they could see the figures clearly, "The other one's on its shoulder!"

"What the crap!? It looks like us! A fucking kid with wings!"

The blonde frowned, "That one…is the stronger one…"

Dark started at him in disbelief, "What!? You've got to be kidding me!" But the worried look on the hunter's face was enough to tell him to shut up. He turned and smirked, "If you're afraid, the big guy's all yours."

Krad snorted and dodged chunks of what was left of the museum, "Very well, don't come crying to me if you get killed."

"Awww…Krad, I never knew you cared."

-Dark…I really think you should listen to Krad on this one…-

/And what? Either way we're going to have to fight one or the other, he doesn't look that tough…/ He leapt up evading the boulders that were raining from the sky.

Krad glared at the two, the larger of the two reminded him of a dragon, a mutated dragon, it was carrying a long sharp knife, horns sticking out of his head and wings too small to lift it off the ground and murky green all over. The other one jumped off its shoulder landing gracefully on his feet, smirking at the thief. He turned around giving the dragon-like creature a wave, "Have fun, try not to kill him too soon." He turned to Krad and smirked. "Have fun Krad."

((How does he know my name?))

(No idea, you really plan and leaving Dark to the other one?)

((It was his choice.))

(What if he dies?)

((Then that's too bad.))

(But Niwa's going to die!)

((Like I said, that's too bad, and I'm too busy at the moment to even consider saving your precious Niwa. The thief brought it on himself.))

He avoided the incoming knife, Satoshi panicked, (Damn it Krad! That was way too close!)

((I know Satoshi-sama!)) He dodged another swipe. ((He's fast for his size.))

Dark looked at his opponent, smirking he waved, "Oi! You're facing me! So stop staring at Krad!"

The smaller of the two turned and looked at the thief, he had long spiky silver hair that defied the laws of gravity. Wearing a tank top with baggy jeans, he looked like any other normal person with wings. What stuck out the most were his eyes, a swirl of red and gold,he grinned, "Very well, you're my opponent eh?"

"Got that right, you better remember the name of the person who'll be killing you tonight. Dark Mousy."

He smirked, "Is that so? Dark Mousy will be defeating me…I'm Aku, pleased to meet you."

-DDDDaaarrrkkk! Why the hell are you provoking him!?-

/It's no fun when they're all dull and sluggish…/

-You're going to get us killed!-

/I swear, you sound like Krad./

-But this guy's strong! He might be able to kill us provoked or not!-

/That's the fun of not knowing!/


/Don't worry, we won't get killed…I don't think…/

"Are you going to start fighting or will you be talking to yourself all night?"

"Don't worry, there'll be fight alright." Dark took out a feather and started chanting incantations, the demon just smirked and let his wings lift him off the ground, hands in his pockets.

"You're going to have to do better than that Dark Mousy, little spells won't be able to defeat me." The thief just smirked and continued his spell, he shot a wave of energy out at the demon, the silver haired demon grinned and with a wave of a hand, dispersed the energy wave. "Like I said, you'll have to do better than that."


Krad stole a glance over, Dark seemed to be having a friendly conversation with the demon while fighting him. Applying pressure to his bleeding arm where the large demon had cut him. None of his normal spells did any damage to the dragon creature; he stood there gathering all his energy into the palm of his hand, shaping it into a sphere. The demon just watched him, Krad bit his lower lip, ((Almost there…))

As though the dragon had heard him, it raised the knife like an axe and swung it at the blonde. Krad watched as the knife came swinging closer, finally he had gathered enough energy, he raised a hand and shot it at the dragon just as the knife hit him.


There was a loud growl of dismay, both entities turned around in shock to see a large energy ball destroying the dragon, Dark stared in horror as the blonde flew back with blood flowing out of him. Krad landed on the pavement, unmoving, the blood flowing out onto the floor.



The silver haired demon watched as the dragon disintegrated, "NO! Brother!"

Dark turned to stare at him wide eyed, /Brother!? There's no family resemblance at all!/

Aku let out a low growl, "Don't worry, I'll kill you soon enough." He turned his glares to the fallen hunter, "Just you wait, I'll be back for revenge." Angrily, he jumped up and flew away.

The thief watched him until he disappeared from sight, only then did he rush to the blonde's aid. He gasped in horror as he saw the wound that was inflicted on his counterpart. A deep clean cut marred his delicate features, the sword had made a line across his eyes, "KRAD!" The demon didn't respond, Dark tried again, "Concentrate on healing okay?"

Krad let out a soft groan of pain but soon the cut disappeared. He opened his eyes slowly, staring blankly at Dark, there was no light in them, and no light reflected off of them, "Dark?"

Dark was baffled, "Yea?"

"…where are you?"



((S-Satoshi-sama…I can't see anything…))



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